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  1. Official article of the game.
  2. With Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, it’s almost time to celebrate the amazing creative contributions of the Japanese game development community. And it’s also a perfect time to kick off another State of Play. State of Play returns tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13, with a new live broadcast at 3:00pm Pacific Time / 6:00pm Eastern Time / 11:00pm BST. You can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube. For tomorrow’s show, we’ll have some great updates from our amazing Japanese partners, along with a few other surprises from developers all around the world. Expect about ~20 minutes of reveals, new updates and fresh gameplay footage for 10 games coming to PS5, PS4, and PS VR2. See you tomorrow!
  3. Just some additional hints that the game is coming to consoles. PS4 version being listed too. Originally it was only for PS5.
  5. Updated the OP with the teaser trailer that got revealed today. Here's some additional wallpapers released by Kuro Games.
  6. Not much is known about the game. Other that is coming to PS5 and is rumored to be an MMO. Below is some additional info:
  7. A Tale of Origins and EndingsAcquired all trophies. As a fan of the Nioh franchise this game was worth it for me. The dialogue doesn't take itself seriously and having that type of variety on this age feels fresh.
  8. PVP beta is PC only
  9. A new State of Play is upon us! Join us this Wednesday March 9 at 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern / 11:00 PM CET for new reveals and eye-catching updates for PS5 and PS4 titles. Note: We won’t have any updates on PlayStation VR2 titles or hardware in this broadcast. The show is clocking in around 20 minutes, give or take, with a special focus on highlighting great games coming from some of our beloved Japanese publishers, though we’ll have a few updates from other developers located around the world, too. You can of course watch our broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. See you Wednesday!