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  1. I will add this game to my collection once the localized version is available even though i'm well aware this is an Estival Versus reskin. Hopefully the next game evolve by not re-using the same models and improve the gameplay.
  2. New details for the Japanese version are available (USA edition details should be announced soon). Capcom Japan today announced Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1 and Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Anniversary Collection 1 will include X1 through X4 and Anniversary Collection 2 with X5 through X8. Both collections are due in Japan on July 26th. In addition to the games themselves, both collections will feature their share of extra content. There's a concept art gallery, a music gallery, a merchandise gallery (nice!) and a video gallery featuring various trailers AND The Day of Sigma in its entirety. Various borders and filters will be available at your disposal too. They've even increased the resolution of X7 and X8! To top it all off, the collections will feature a brand-new "X Challenge" mode, where you fight multiple bosses from different games at the same time! In Japan, the collections will receive individual physical editions as well as a physical 1+2 bundle. It's 2 discs on PlayStation 4. For Nintendo Switch, AC1 will be on the cartridge and AC2 will be a download code. The PC and Xbox versions will be digital only (again, this is for Japan).
  3. Hobble Bobble Collect all the items (D.A.R. Bobbleheads) on DieSector Back to %100 the trophy list of Killing Floor 2.
  4. Here's my entry and thanks for the opportunity.
  5. Another quest for a 20% discount code is available at Live PlayStation. This one expires on April 30, 2018.


  6. There's a 20% discount code at Live PlayStation. All you gotta do is watch a promotional video. Code is valid until March 31 and supplies are limited.


    1. Raitandrul


      US only.

    2. PooPooBlast


      And Canada :( people forget we Canadians exist :/

  7. Hack the Planet Hack 15 enemies without dying as Sombra in Quick or Competitive Play.
  8. Pre ordered the digital deluxe edition a couple of days ago. Definitely looking forward this game.
  9. Looks like another simple platinum. One thing i don't like is that each time we get a new game the trophy icons become even worse, world first problems i known.
  10. Voucher codes have been sent out. Once the beta begins you should receive a notification on the PS4.
  11. Those are given for free on the Japanese region for the PS+ subscribers. Gonna post a screenshot showing all of them in a few minutes. EDIT: Here they are
  12. That encounter was just there to steal your FM. The crossover costumes extra battle can be completed by literally everyone. Shin Akuma and the upcoming extra battles such as Shadow Nash and Phantom M Bison only rewards a title. I'd recommend to skip those encounters as the entry fee is too expensive for a random chance at obtaining a title from those characters. From what i have seen, Shadow Nash makes Shin Akuma looks like a joke.