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  1. Capcom has begun to show the costumes in real time.
  2. Sony is passing the blame on the publisher when they are the one who blocked the intimacy mode. Someone on Twitter asked them why the mode was removed and this is what Sony has to say.
  3. This same topic got closed and the people mentioning the mode that got removed is an existing feature that was available on previous games got banned (i suppose you can already tell i'm talking about that joke of a forum).We live on really weird times when Nintendo actually releases a game that is dedicated to the intimacy mode found on the Senran Kagura titles. Censorship sucks and this will affect small developers. No way Sony would dare to do this type of stuff to someone like R* as they would lose a lot of money.
  4. Indeed.
  5. New RE 2 remake gameplay footage were you can see the Lickers in action for the first time.
  6. Here's an image edit that someone posted on reddit that shows Ada Wong eyes.
  7. Saw the news earlier. Good to see FF XV is still receiving additional free content.