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  1. Having to defeat Maria on Way of the Enlightenment difficulty on Nioh will be a nightmare.... this better be a Gold trophy.

    1. Shiki


      I do not own the game, but it sounds interesting to see it because of your comment. You give me give envy to buy this game. :o 

      And also, I wish you good luck in your achievement in the game. Do not give up :) 

  2. Upcoming firmware update beta sign up.
  3. New trophy was added to collect all collectibles on a new DLC stage. So yeah the game is back to 100%
  4. The Tragic Kingdom Collect all the items on "The Tragic Kingdom"
  5. Promotional poster of DLC 2 is now available. It seems the moth girl will be an obtainable Guardian Spirit.
  6. My order from XSEED Store arrived today. I was only missing the Gessen & Crimson Squad sets. I kept all the cards sealed so they have more value.
  7. Yeah completing the whole game on Way of the Demon was too much. Beating Okatsu and Hanzo at the same time on that difficulty was extremely frustrating. I just hope we have to beat the new DLC stages on that new difficulty and not the whole game.
  8. Umbrella Corps. I knew from the beginning this game was pure trash and everyone who boosted the trophies with me also knew what they were getting into. This game is not fun at all. Unbalanced multiplayer, outdated graphics, bad animations, poor single-player experience..... i could go on and mention a lot of bad things about this game. I had to boost 10+ hours daily to obtain this platinum. The trophies cannot be boost on private matches so we had to find an empty lobby and tell the other people on party chat to start searching and see if they could find us (the population on this game was already poor so it would take us like a 10 mins to find an empty lobby and start boosting for hours). The grind required to obtain the trophies on this game is just brutal and since this game is not fun at all that made things worse. No one who platinum this game enjoyed it (and i boosted the trophies with pretty much everyone on the top 50 platinum achievers). The only reason we all boosted to obtain the Umbrella Corps platinum is because our dedication to the Resident Evil franchise and the poor single-player experience offered on this game is canon. I deleted the game immediately after i obtained the platinum.
  9. I'm not sure if i will purchase this DLC mode. Tekken Bowl was fun but i'm not sure if i will play it that much. Achieving a perfect score seems likely if they decide to add DLC trophies for this mode.
  10. Exclusively available on the Japanese store like most of the Senran Kagura PS4 Themes.
    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but it isnt letting me use the theme. When I go to select it there is a lock symbol and it says I cant use the content and to use it I need to purchase it. Afterwards it directs me to the Crash game page on the store 

    2. Aranea Highwind

      Aranea Highwind

      Turn off & off on PS4. Works most of the time

    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Yeah that worked, thanks for the heads up and the fix 

  11. Casual trophy hunter here, bought the game and obtained the platinum yesterday. Not ashamed at all for spending $0.98 cents on this indie game just for the platinum and certainly won't judge anyone who bought it just for that purpose.
  12. I prefer the scrolling option so i vote for that one.
  13. Nah, unless you share your private information with them. 😛 If you want extra security on your PSN account i'd recommend to enable the 2-steps verification system.
  14. The bug on which you stop receiving notifications can be triggered by anyone (obviously not going into details as we don't want more people doing this type of stuff). The person who created those bots just have the knowledge of how to trigger this bug and is abusing it. For a couple of weeks this issue was fixed but now is affecting people once again. If your account is affected by the no notifications bug, changing the settings to only receive messages from friends won't stop the problem and you won't be able to receive any type of messages from anyone (not even from your friends). Once your account is back to normal (able to receive notifications) you can change the settings to receive only messages from friends to avoid having another bot triggering this notifications bug.