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  1. New details regarding the free DLC coming this Friday. The Ghost Survivors comes to PS4 on February 15 as a free update for Resident Evil 2. This set of stories provides “what if” scenarios for characters you encounter throughout the main game, providing an alternate look at what things might have been like if they survived the horrors of Raccoon City. There’s a good chance you’ve seen or played The 4th Survivor, a tough-as-nails additional mode that follows Umbrella Security Services (U.S.S.) agent Hunk as he escapes from the depths of the city in order to complete his mission, or The Tofu Survivor, a non-canon gameplay mode which follows a particularly determined block of bean curd doing its best to avoid certain death (and maybe being sautéed with some vegetables and spices). The Ghost Survivors has a similar premise – escape from Raccoon City by any means necessary – but this time, you’ll be playing as three characters that never survived that fateful night: No Time to Mourn features Robert Kendo, owner of the famous (and aptly named) Gun Shop Kendo. Those who have played the game may already know how his sad tale ends, but in The Ghost Survivors, he’s given a second chance when an old friend with a helicopter radios in to pick him up. Packing up what weapons he can, Kendo sets out into the streets to seek a way out from the infected city. On his way, a new type of poisonous zombie stands between him and freedom. Way before the events of Resident Evil 2 took place, the fate of the mayor’s daughter, Katherine, was already sealed. In Runaway, her story takes her down a very different path. Seeking to escape Raccoon City with a certain someone, Katherine Warren must navigate the streets while avoiding a strangely mutated type of zombie that can only be stopped with particularly powerful ammunition. Play carefully, and you might survive. Out of the shadows comes a forgotten U.S.S. agent. Thought to have been wiped out with his squad, the appropriately named Ghost makes his debut in Forgotten Soldier. Deep within the laboratory underneath the city, another soldier (besides Hunk) attempts his escape. Having to deal with hordes of monsters is bad enough, but what do you do when they’re covered in armor? This especially challenging scenario will put even The 4th Survivor veterans to the test. Finish each scenario on its regular difficulty, or give them a shot in the unique Training mode. Unlike other modes, Training will lower the difficulty a bit by giving you additional items and item slots to start out with, and makes a great way to learn enemy positions and routes before you tackle each scenario on their standard, more challenging difficulty. It’s also a great way to understand some of the mechanics of The Ghost Survivors. Unlike The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor, you can pick up more than the items you start with, but instead of finding items in the environment, you’ll find pickups by defeating specific zombies with backpacks, or grabbing items out of vending machines. Choose carefully, though; once you take an item from a vending machine, you’re locked out of the other two items for that run! Plan ahead, and you just might make it through. There’s plenty to do across these three “what if” scenarios. Alongside bragging rights for completing each scenario, you’ll also have access to fun new challenges and trophies specific to The Ghost Survivors. Completing challenges will unlock accessories to decorate your character, including a tiger mask, a cuddly raccoon that sits on your character’s head, and more! Go for the high score, the fastest time, or see how many challenges (and accessories) you can unlock. Three imaginative scenarios await you in The Ghost Survivors, out February 15 as a free update for Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation 4. Don’t forget to swing by the PlayStation Store to grab free ’98 Costumes for Claire and Leon, also available on the 15th. These costumes are just as polygonal as you remember from the original Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation, and make for a great nostalgia trip. See you all in Raccoon City.
  2. Just a heads up the PS4 Theme & Avatars bundle are available for free on the NA & EU PSN store for PS+ subscribers. This looks to be a limited time offer so grab them while you still can. PS4 Theme NA Link Avatars Bundle NA Link
  3. Platinum Games published a similar announcement, in which it specifies that its development contract with Cygames ended and that Cygames will handle development internally going forward. Platinum Games also asked that fans please continue to support the title.
  4. Raccoon City Native Obtain all trophies. Excellent game really. Capcom has proved they can still make horror RE tittles from the third person perspective. I really hope they continue making RE games on this style as i prefer to see my character instead of being a first person horror game. At first i was disappointed with the remake OST but after playing other playthroughs with the classic OST i can understand why Capcom went with atmospheric low volume OST. Really fun game but having to complete the game over 4 times can be an obstacle for some people. So far this is my GOTY and something i'd recommend.
  6. New Japanese TV commercial which contains new cutscenes. Also Famitsu gave RE 2 remake a review of 37/40 which is good but let's not forget that Famitsu reviews are a joke. I have no doubts that RE 2 remake reviews will be good on the west.
  7. Looks the same as other SK trophy list. Probably gonna platinum it after i'm done with Resident Evil 2 remake which will be released soon.
  8. Perfect. My only complain is the new OST is rather bland. Thankfully we have the classic OST as option. Capcom has revealed new images of Hunk and Tofu.
  9. My results after playing the demo.
  10. This is the is the brand new trailer we see after completing the 30 mins demo. The demo is a 8GB file on the PS4.
  11. RE 2 remake demo coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam this week.