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  1. Full interview of Kitase:
  2. Jason Schreier experience with the demo and some details from the developers. Jessie, a member of Barret’s Avalanche eco-terrorist group, has more dialogue in the 30 minutes of footage I saw today than she does in all of Final Fantasy VIIon PS1. Wedge and Biggs have more personality. There are cut-scenes around every corner. It feels like a completely new game. The combat system is also brand new. Here are the basics: As Cloud, you can slash, evade, and block with button presses. With every attack you’ll build up your ATB gauge, and every time you fill up an ATB bar (to a maximum of two in the demo), you can use it for a spell, ability, or item. This version of Cloud was equipped with some skills like Braver (formerly a Limit Break, now a regular ability) and a triple-slashing ability that sends him spinning from enemy to enemy. There’s also a stagger system reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIII in which you can build up an enemy’s “staggered” gauge. When it fills up, you’ll do bonus damage—160 percent, in the demo. As a result of this system, it doesn’t feel like a hack-n-slash action game. It’s got a very, very different vibe than, say, Kingdom Hearts III. Just mashing the square button doesn’t seem like an effective strategy in Final Fantasy VII’s new combat system. You don’t do a ton of damage with standard attacks. From what I watched and played, getting through fights requires frequent use of abilities and swapping between your characters—in this case, using Cloud to take out short-range enemies and Barret to gun down sentries from a distance. As you play, the music swells in and out, transitioning between enhanced versions of classic Final Fantasy VII tracks based on your current state. The combat music weaves in and out naturally rather than following a hard transition the way it once did. The framerate isn’t great, at least in this build. Square says that Remake is coming to PlayStation 4 “first,” and I must confess I really want to play this one on PC. The demo I played centered on Guard Scorpion, the boss of Mako Reactor 1. No longer is this boss fight over in 30 seconds of button-mashing and waiting; now, it’s an elaborate spectacle, complete with different phases and barriers. It’s very, very cool. During one phase you have to circle around back and attack the core underneath its body; during another, Cloud and Barret have to duck for cover under some nearby debris while it uses its powerful tail electricity attack. (“Attack while its tail is up!”) So yes, this is all promising. Especially the expansion of personalities. The lingering question is: what is this game going to be, exactly? How are they going to expand Final Fantasy VII’s introduction into an entire game that Square says has to be on two Blu-ray discs? Is all of Midgar going to be explorable? Are we going to get a 10-hour version of the Honeybee Inn? Guess we’ll find out in March.
  3. Here's the pre order PS4 Theme you receive by going digital.
  4. Updated the OP with the new trailer. Adding some images on a moment.
  5. Here's a new official screenshot of Aerith. Once the Square Enix trailer drops, i will update the OP and rename the topic tittle to reflect the changes.
  6. A new trailer dropped during the FF VII concert and the release date was announced to be March 3, 2020. I suppose the exaggerated release date comments did not age well here. The new trailer should be available tomorrow, when that happens a new topic will be created.
  7. You can now share your feedback regarding Nioh 2 closed alpha by clicking on the purple kodama on the Nioh 2 UI.
  8. US and EU codes have been sent (just got my US code). If you were selected for this network text check your email.
  9. Doesn't really bother me but i suppose it should be an option for those that don't wanna display their previous name. Maybe 30 days like on PSN.
  10. When i try to link the Trophy Card #2 (the one animated) on the "About me" on my profile the following messages pops: "The link could not be embedded because the image is not in a supported format."
  11. I recorded the OST of the world map for those interested. Expect Team Ninja to have the feedback survey ready in 1 - 2 weeks.
  12. No rewards during this phase. I suppose because this is a closed alpha they don't want people to miss the rewards as not everyone received an invite. I suspect that rewards will be offered once the alpha/beta is public.
  13. Just completed the Twilight mission which is the last thing i needed to complete during the alpha. Like i previously said the enemy bosses have too much health (or at least the first one has too much health) other than that i feel the game is pretty balanced.