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  1. Today 2 more characters were revealed to appear on Nioh 2. Nouhime (Yuki-onna on Nioh 1) Imagawa Yoshimoto
  2. I have yet to play the beta of Resident Evil Project Resistance but i have been watching the live stream and the game looks quite fun honestly. Controls are the same as on RE 2 remake from what i have seen, each character has their own abilities and can acquire new ones by leveling up (how that works is yet to be seen). The game might some adjustments as the mastermind can spawn enemies right in front of you and one player can screw the whole game if they don't exit the area. This is a beta after all so i expect things to be adjusted before release. The OST is far better than the one found on RE 2 remake which is imo is the only flaw on the remake. Besides Daniel you can control another mastermind such as Annette Birkin and she can summon William instead of Mr. X. I suspect classic characters and other mastermind are gonna be a thing on this game.
  3. Trophy list just went up. I haven't played an Atelier game in years. So far this trophy list looks more of the same from the previous games, unless i'm mistaken.
  4. The official website has been updated with some new screenshots. Here's some of them.
  5. More Nioh 2 gameplay footage has been upload. I believe this is pretty much everything for this conference until Team Ninja shares more details on another date.
  6. This sounds better. If the campaign is decent i might buy the game as i enjoy playing co op RE games.
  7. It was confirmed that all of Nioh 1 weapons even those that were added via DLC will be available on Nioh 2. Here's a video of the Famitsu journalist clearing the stage and some images.
  8. Resident Evil Project Resistance is a 4 vs 1 game after all. Here's the gameplay footage. There will be a closed beta for next month.
  9. Gamestop just announced a pre order bonus.
  10. The game is coming early 2020. We should have more details soon.
  11. Countdown to the new FF VII Rmeke trailer is now available on the Japanese website. The trailer will be available tomorrow during the morning.