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  1. Today is Monkey Day to all the monkey lovers out there on PSNProfiles. I made the three monkey trio YooHoo, Lemmee, and Roodee!


  2. A new stack for Twin Robots. I heard it was easy with the guide. What did you think?
  3. Another POWGI game. Looks like an easy and very quick platinum with the guide, I believe.
  4. Same list as PS5's. As well as the first game. What did you think?
  5. Since Today is National Cheetah Day, I made Spotee The Cheetah in the Style of YooHoo.EodJGmXUYAAuNhJ?format=jpg&name=large

    1. x_Sw4ggYDuD3xx


      P.S. I will be posting on the Artwork Thread soon until I have one of the newer fanarts coming.

  6. I'm excited for the western version of P5S!!
  7. Another easy and typical Ardifex Mundi game with the platinum! What did you think about the list?
  8. Same list as PS4's. The list was very challenging and heavily multiplayer grind.
  9. I know I drew so many YooHoo fanarts. I made Han the Tiger in the 2009 YooHoo style.
  10. I know I drew so many YooHoo fanarts. I made Han the Tiger in the 2009 YooHoo style.EoHv8mGVEAYtO3I?format=jpg&name=large

  11. This is going to be the Asian version of Planet RIX 13. Unfortunately, This game did not have a cross buy as other Sometimes You games.
  12. Same list as PS5's version. The list looks pretty straightforward and very easy / medium difficulty platinum for a standard Ubisoft game.
  13. Did you enjoyed this $1 easy platinum game? Is it better than Road Bustle?
  14. Another game from Road Bustle. But with tractors? I heard it was easier as the last game (Road Bustle).