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  1. They can't beat a winning team, nor a .500 and still talking about SB... LOL I know that Jones is all about paying media to pump his overrated team, but how in the hell can he thinks that a coach who never saw a SB game (nor a NFCC) in 10 years is a good coach and their best shot at it. Oh yeah, 'cause he's a yes-man! With a 83-76 record as a coach in regular season (and a "one and done" in playoff) there's tons of coaches better than him
  2. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/awards/players-of-the-week.htm Seems the only one (since '84)
  3. It was a hell of a game, but Gould need to be traded (or let go if he's in his final year) 'cause he clearly is not on the same page of the team...
  4. Last year Cowboys and Seahawaks had the same records (just showing how bad is the East). I really doubt this year would end the same way, as a record and as a wild card game. But hey, someone is still speaking of them as a SB contender 😂
  5. I'm not sure but if they end at 1st and 5th (whoever), they should meet ad divisional playoff (unless the 6th win his wild card game). They should end something like 2nd and 5th to end up in the NFCC. I don't think 2010 Seattle ended 0-5 against winning team (and 0-1 against the Jets)... And yes-man-garrett is all but Carroll (and Elliot all but Lynch)
  6. Whoever get the 5th is going to have the easiest wild card game
  7. With all due respect, a 6-5 team, 0-4 against winning opponent, and with a sorry-yes-man-coach, has much more to prove than every other team in NFC right now. The day Jerry drops his ego and hire a real coach, maybe he starts to win again since '95
  8. I 100% stand what you said, unfortunately there's still people and even "experts" who are not yet in the second question and debating if the're for real. After years of drowning, even if SF ends at 10-6, they're better that most of wannabe-SB team that always win on summer and suck when football begins
  9. I wonder how long a 10-1 team has to prove if he's for real 😒
  10. With all the injuries we have, I'm glad we managed to win going 9-1. Watching the game it's clear that you can't man coverage against Shanahan, he's too good as playcaller!! Now we have one of the tougher remaining schedule, I will be extremely happy if we manage a .500 ending the season at 12-4
  11. 2007 Giants From wiki: The 2007 New York Giants are the only NFC East team to win a Super Bowl as a Wild Card team, and the only NFL team in history to win the Super Bowl as a 5th Seed in either Conference
  12. Consider that they flexed SEA-PHI so they can put GB-SF... Now consider that every time they play on Night I have to watch the game the next day (I'm 9 hours ahead so it's too hard for me to watch live), we lose both with that decision
  13. What a game... Strong D game on both side and kudos to Wilson, he's a legit MVP... Maybe with Kittle and Gould in, could had finished the opposite way... However was clearly an NFC Championship caliber game!
  14. Considering the short week I'll take the win as it is... Now focusing on the toughest game so far against Seattle, hope will be a great game just as good ol' time.
  15. I want to say "Hi!" to all the "experts" on nfl.com and around the league whom wrote how Panthers were gonna win or schedule was a factor on niners' D... What will they invent now that we took a 5-0 QB with no INT and picked him THREE times?