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  1. 8-8 Steelers and 9-7 Rams... It's matter of time and the 7th seed will be a sub .500
  2. And now the #1 seed will be extremely important. I wonder which division will be the first to bring all four teams on january football
  3. Meanwhile... We are aware that many of our fans experienced issues watching Super Bowl LIV on NFL Game Pass last Sunday, and apologize unreservedly for this service outage. This was due to a technical issue and we are working hard to ensure this cannot happen again. We do not take your fandom for granted, and appreciate all your support as fans of the NFL this season. With your current subscription you’re entitled to a partial refund. Please note your refund will be processed in the next 14 days. Please see the table below for the refund you will be receiving in the currency you paid in: Payment Currency Refund Amount USD 10.00 EUR 10.00 GBP 8.00 AUD 15.00 JPY 1,100.00 DKK 70.00 NOK 100.00 SEK 100.00 BRL 50.00 MXN 190.00 KRW 12,000.00 You will receive confirmation once your refund has been processed; please allow up to 14 business days for funds to be returned to your account. Thank you NFL Game Pass
  4. I like talking too... It's just that I like the statistics to determine who is best in a season-long reward like the regular MVP, while in a single game might be too "unfair". That's no doubt that Mahomes did better than Garoppolo in the final, but again, I don't think it's good to let a (very) little portion of a game been enough to give such a reward. This is why I don't think it's (all) Shanahan's fault. He mismanaged the end of the first half for sure, but then was the players not delivering. The defense did only 2 mistakes the entire game, and costed 14 points. Garoppolo didn't see Kittle wide open in the middle, and then missed Sanders in a could-be TD, can't blame the coach for this.
  5. While your arguments are good, I feel that sometimes stats aren't all. Take Kittle as example: he did "nothing" as receptions and yards on all postseason, but he is undoubtly one of the reason niners run is so good. So yeah, Kelce had "only" 43 yards, but he was a threat to give attention all the game. As for Mahomes, again he may had the best 5 minutes of his career, but I can't give an MVP for 5 out of 60 minutes of game, not to him, not to anybody. I admit I named those two 'cause I don't know every KC player, so after reading you Williams could have been a better choice.
  6. I wonder if these people saw the right game... In the second half KC loaded the box and started to blitz heavily. The field goal and touchdown in the 3rd Q were made with 8 passes and 4 (short) run. Shanahan HAD to change the calls and worked well until 4th Q. Mines are Kelce and Mathieu, Mahomes played bad for like 50 minutes and got picked twice, no MVP material for sure.
  7. Talking about "what if"'s... What if Miami didn't do it against NE? I have lost last 3 mins of SB due to game pass problems, but I don't get how Mahomes is MVP and defense calls themself "the best in the league" while he played bad for three and half quarter and they where trailing all postseason. Kansas City won with offense, not defense for sure. I wasn't happy too. Mahomes struggled in the first half so a conservative play there wasn't good. Niners got to the championship game the year after losing to Baltimore, so I'm not too worry... Yet the West is one of the better division (if not the best) so who knows
  8. I'm INFURIATING... the game pass stopped work from 20-24 and still hasn't recovered... I don't care how it finished, I PAY for this subscription and it's 4 AM here so I'm really pissed of
  9. Here we go... it's game day! Hope will be a great Super Bowl, GO NINERS!!!
  10. That's why I wanted Seattle... a tough game but an interesting one. But, you know, I'm glad to be back in the grand stage after 8 years
  11. It's SuperBowl time baby!!!!
  12. My picks for tomorrow: 49ers over Packers: hope will be a great championship game! Chiefs over Titans: I got wrong twice on Titans, so I know for sure if I pick them, they will lose :-/ Plus, I think Chiefs-49ers will be a good matchup for SB
  13. A good point, or maybe teams cant' pick the right guy and prefer a bust 😂 Reality is in the middle: everyone be in a hurry with QB and go with "pick & play" while history told us that majority of HoF developed years before taking charge
  14. I may be wrong but I recall that good to great QB from draft were all picked far from first round in last 5+ years. Only exceptions should be Mahomes and Watson
  15. Three of the five lower ranking can't get 10 wins, LOL!