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  1. 4 in a row now for Jimmy G and the niners!! And I don't care if Jags had already won the division yada yada... big win for us!!!
  2. I don't pretend to say that now niners is a SB team, hell no. But they went from 5 lose-by-3-or-less to win 3 straight, and that's a huge step up, no matter what. And I prefer this to a 8-6 team whom every year claim to be a SB contender and still chatting about playoffs hope while his division winner is at 12-2 If Lynch will work well in next FA+draft, maybe SF could become an 8-8 team and turn again in a contender in a couple of years...
  3. Doesn't seem to me that niners is a SB team... Prediction were a 1-15 campaign if lucky. So why Bears, Texans and Titans should be considered garbage cause they lost to a garbage team? 😋
  4. Now it's 3for3 for Jimmy G and my Niners! 😀 Someone has to rethink his tips
  5. Now it's almost funny to see my niners play! Hope next offseason GM will settle OL (and some CB) and MAYBE they will be contenders again 😀
  6. Wait wait... is him the same Johnson who was the 3rd string BEHIND Gabbert and Kaep? Man... I think it's more than 5 years that he didn't throw a football...
  7. From a niners fan: RR not only leads in penalty flags, he's also almost a guaranteed WR catch
  8. As long as both stay away from championships, they can do all the yadayada they want 😀 However, I'm feeling like Reigns was able to do something unthinkable... Make people cheer for Cena!
  9. Well, you started long ago with some simple lines, and now you're doing summary of every single show... In a thread where many already knows what's happened, or just don't give a shit... But the top point to me is that you write about the 2 top most hated wrestlers, trying to elevate them. I don't think I'm wrong saying that if both cena and reigns will just disappear in some sort of a wormhole, everybody here will be more than happy...
  10. I have to ask this... You are a WWE employee aren't you?
  11. I hope nobody in the world need to ask Vince before marry someone
  12. OMG something never happened... A 0-21 comeback... first ever SB OT... first ever comeback of a 3rd quarter trailing team in post-season (93-0 before)... OMG!
  13. Yeah he did go 13-3... before one and done. Who expected the Falcons to the SB? Who expected the Raiders to the playoff (and who knows if Carr did not injure)?
  14. Here is the full list of winners: » FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Year: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons; Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys » AP Offensive Rookie of the Year: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys » AP Offensive Player of the Year presented by Microsoft: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons » Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Year: Dallas Cowboys » Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award: Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts » Salute To Service Award Presented by USAA: Dan Quinn, Falcons » Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of the Year: Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders » AP Assistant Coach of the Year: Kyle Shanahan, Atlanta Falcons » AP Coach of the Year: Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys » AP Defensive Rookie of the Year: Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers » Courtyard's "Greatness on the Road" Award: Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers » AP Defensive Player of the Year presented by Old Spice: Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders » Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2017: LaDainian Tomlinson, Morten Andersen, Jason Taylor, Kenny Easley, Jerry Jones, Terrell Davis, Kurt Warner » AP Comeback Player of the Year presented by McDonald's: Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers » Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year presented by Nationwide: Eli Manning, New York Giants; Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals » Bridgestone Performance Play of the Year: Buccaneers wideout Mike Evans' one-handed catch against the Falcons » AP Most Valuable Player: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons Well, I'm ok with most of the winners, but I really can't understand the coach of the year to Garrett... I mean, are you kidding me? One and done, outcoached by GB's staff in that game, did nothing special during the season... Someone like Quinn totally deserved before him.
  15. Say goodbye Dallas, it's one and done!