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  1. What you said is exactly how I feel on Sony. I am a biggest fan of PlayStation since childhood BUT now I started don't like PlayStation anymore. I decide to move to Steam/GOG when I finish all PS3/4 games and get all Platinum. Because No Online Subscription, More Games And Stores (No Ban Games), No Shutdowns, Easy to Stream within Camera, No Backwards Compatibility Problems, Very Supportive and Play Everywhere You Want (Laptop, etc.).
  2. Yes, I think it's possible to change your PSN ID in your EA Account. I never did it before, but you can try. If it's not working for some reason, you can link your EA account back to your PSN.
  3. Do you guys know what is more bullshit than 'cannot upgrade FF7 Remake to PS5'? In PlayStation Arabia, the post said 'In Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar, Final Fantasy VII will be replaced by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.' And I already got 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons; in PS3 Plus on 2014. So yeah, that's really bullshit.
  4. LoveUMarie and I found them in friendly free roam. The first glitch was on Mcfarlanes Ranch. Then second glitch was on Armadillo.
  5. May I ask? Is your game is the GOTY or just the original game (without DLCs)? I have the original. Just want to be sure before I keep checking every single day.
  6. Just ignore the toxic players. Turn off the mic and don't reply to the chat back if there is a toxic message. After the match, report on them. Just be sure that you play at the right time. I made a lot of good friends in that way. Every time when I played with a toxic team, they always called me 'noob' or 'bad team' while I played well enough (I scored a few times while they scored zero). It's just they knew that they were so bad and didn't want to make themselves look like a noob, so they started to bully on me and pinned on me.
  7. I got the PS3 platinum and when I looked at PS4 list, they are all exactly the same trophies. Honestly, I don't see the point to buy Remaster since they didn't improve much from PS3 (in graphic and all). PS3 game is so much cheaper. To answer your question, it's pretty easy to get the platinum. BUT be aware "Getting gold on all events can be hard if racing is not your usual gaming style, some time trials require some clean racing."
  8. No, I do not like to pay Plus subscription just to play online. Yes, there are free games every month, discounts, and online storage. BUT I never use any of them. I never buy any Plus discount games in Store, never use online storage, and most of the month games in 2020 are super suck (only few are good).
  9. Same here, I have the game in PS4 but I need to know if the server will shut down or not. If yes, then I will pause some PS3 online games and work on this πŸ˜’ Also, there is another page about Upcoming Server Shutdowns, it's pretty good and you can ask it there. Known Upcoming Server Shutdowns - PlayStation Network - PSNProfiles
  10. Your story is similar to mine 😍 I haven't play a lot of PS3 games and I made a very long list of games to play (without online trophies). And I am so shocked that there are still more games to play! So I am happy to share my list to you πŸ™‚ Some games I already platinum and some I haven't play yet: Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Prototype 1 & 2 Infamous 1 & 2 X-Men: Destiny (not open world but great game) Sly Cooper collection, including Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Just Cause 2 Mafia 2 Spec Ops: The Line (not open world but great game) All Final Fantasy games God of War collection Heavy Rain (not open world but great game) Bioshock 1 and BioShock Infinite (Don't play Bioshock 2 because of online trophies) Borderlands 1 (I think Borderlands 2 have online trophies???) Puppeteer (not open world but great game) Murdered: Soul Suspect Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight Dead Space 1 & 2 (3 have online trophies) Alien: Isolation (not open world but great game) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (have some online trophies but can be done in solo) Metro: Last Light (not open world but great game) Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments The Saboteur Sleeping Dogs Bionic Commando Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 (3 have online trophies) Dragon Age 1 & 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition Deus Ex: Human Revolution Enslaved The Evil Within (not open world but great game) South Park: The Stick of Truth TinTin: The Game (not open world but great game) Dark Soul 1 & 2 Demon Soul Dante's Inferno (I think there is one online trophy???) The Darkness 2 Kingdoms of Amalur Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen The Bureau: Xcom Declassified LA Noire Dishonored Vanquish (not open world but great game) Valkyria Chronicles Fallout 3 (Don't play New Vegas) Resistance 3 (not open world but great game) Silent Hill Downpour Tomb Raider collection Splinter Cell collection (Blacklist have some online trophies) Deadpool Ni No Kuni Catherine Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Yakuza collection Nier Shadow of the Damned Mirror's Edge This is my list of games πŸ˜€ *whew* I'm so happy to share this, hope it helps you and guys.
  11. Hey guys! I just read this forum about Global Warfighters because... oh boy I remembered I was having a hard time to get this trophy. I asked EA support to delete my account so many times, and they never did their job. Then I had finally found a new solution to unlock this trophy in an easy way. I even helped CS-Sovereign (he posted on this forum), but when I read his post... I have to say that he went through a lot and in bad processing. Yes! You can unlink your PSN ID on your EA account BUT not in CS-Sovereign's way because it's wrong πŸ˜• Here is my method that I unlocked a glitch trophy and it's 100% working! 1. Create a new EA account with a new email. 2. Go to this link Contact EA Login your original EA account, search 'Origin' > PC > Manage my account > Transfer between accounts > Write your headline 'Unlink my PSN ID' 3. Then you start chatting AND when they say why you want to unlink your PSN ID? You answer them this exactly answer (you can copy and paste the answer)! 'Because my PSN ID is linked to the wrong account, and I want to link it to my actual account (the correct one).' 4. When they finish unlink it, open any EA games and do the login (to link your PSN ID to the new EA account). I did it in PS4 'FIFA 20 Demo' and it worked. 5. Then you can play in online and get the trophy with no problem (be sure to pick the third option, Korea Soldier). 6. After you get the trophy, login to your new account in Contact EA and ask the support again to unlink it. Same as Number 2 and 3. 7. Do the same thing as Number 4. To link your PSN ID back to your original EA account. So that way you will have all your statistics of other games. 8. That's all πŸ™‚ I know it's waaaaaaaaaaay too late now, but it's better to give a new solution than nothing πŸ˜‰ I hope you guys find this useful and helpful!
  12. Hey guys! I found a really cheap game: Worms Bundle in PlayStation Store only $7.50 (this game and WMD)... Before I buy it, I'm wondering does this game have enough players? How many players are there and how long you have to wait for a match? Are they nice and have a mic and talking and having fun? What is your experiences in online? Or maybe it's much better if I buy it in Steam instead?? Let me know your answer and experiences
  13. My first game is Metal Gear Solid 4 (one of the best PS3 games) and my second game is MotorStorm
  14. Most fun platinums: 1 - The Walking Dead 2 - The Last of Us (both PS3 and PS4) 3 - LittleBigPlanet 1,2,3 Most grindy platinums: 1 - Max Payne 3 (level up to 50) 2 - Medal of Honor Warfighter (level up to 70+, and get all weapon pins) 3 - Assassin's Creed Black Flag (level up to 55) Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Batman: Arkham City/Knight (collections, riddles, and challenges) 2 - Lone Survivor 3 - Call of Duty: World at War (grenades... grenades are everywhere) Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Erica Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Mercenaries 2 (online problem) 2 - Bleach: Soul Resurrection (found it in online shop, but very expensive) 3 - Fall Guys (Got Infallible and Platinum!!!!)