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  1. Ok i don't know why..but i deinstalled it again and know the throphies are there..sorry for the rage..
  2. Are you f$$king kidding me Cyberpunk!!!.. i play this buggy Game over 80 hours to do all the trophies.. my last trophy was "10 out of 10".. i reached lvl 20 for handgun...the trophy dropped.. and after them the platin dropped.. i look at my progression 98% ..both trophies didn't count..i reload a older safepoint and make the last lvl again.. nothing dropped.. WTF!!!.. sorry i´m so f$$king pissed..
  3. It works! Thanks
  4. i try on the weekend ;)
  5. Hi Marty, ok no hits with shots to reduce the enemies hp. only use skills from the start ?! Ok i try. Thanks
  6. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to the game and have noticed that it takes some time to build a base. Do you have a good base spot for me or does it really matter where you build? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I read on the internet that for the trophy you only have to finish opponents with a red skull with your skills. But I have certainly done this more than five times. But for me it says 0/5 in the trophy list. What am I doing wrong. Thanks
  9. Hi, i´m new in Rocket League. The trophies for collecting stuff only online possible? or also offline? Thanks
  10. Hi b-ernii, at least I'm not the only one. 😁 Unfortunately, the link doesn't say when he posted it. Because there was already an update. In any case, yesterday I tried 3 hours with her favorite food (green salad) and a simple dish (cheese) to create an ecstastic mood. I am always so close but then she loses most of it after sleeping. Aaaaaaah 😁 Thanks for reply
  11. Hi, my last two passengers are Buck and Elena. I am working towards the trophy "The happy dance". My problem is Elena. I heard that she got along well with Gustav, but he's not on my ship anymore. I also upgraded her cabin for the trophy. Can I somehow get to full estatic at this point? thank you