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  1. ok..thanks a lot! ☺️
  2. Ok Thanks I already thought that I need another run! Ok to make that clear again, 1. killing normal enemies (skeletons, reaper etc.) 2. dying in non-human form has no effect on World Tendency?
  3. Hi Guys, for the trophy "Worthy of the Sword" i need pure white world tendency in shrine of storms! So my question is: i beat all Bosses in this Area, my actually World Tendency is neutral white. Is it right that know the only way to get on pure white tendency to Defeat Black Phantom Player!! That says the Demons Soul Wiki to me. Thanks
  4. Ok i don't know why..but i deinstalled it again and know the throphies are there..sorry for the rage..
  5. Are you f$$king kidding me Cyberpunk!!!.. i play this buggy Game over 80 hours to do all the trophies.. my last trophy was "10 out of 10".. i reached lvl 20 for handgun...the trophy dropped.. and after them the platin dropped.. i look at my progression 98% ..both trophies didn't count..i reload a older safepoint and make the last lvl again.. nothing dropped.. WTF!!!.. sorry i´m so f$$king pissed..
  6. It works! Thanks
  7. i try on the weekend ;)
  8. Hi Marty, ok no hits with shots to reduce the enemies hp. only use skills from the start ?! Ok i try. Thanks
  9. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I'm new to the game and have noticed that it takes some time to build a base. Do you have a good base spot for me or does it really matter where you build? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I read on the internet that for the trophy you only have to finish opponents with a red skull with your skills. But I have certainly done this more than five times. But for me it says 0/5 in the trophy list. What am I doing wrong. Thanks
  12. Hi, i´m new in Rocket League. The trophies for collecting stuff only online possible? or also offline? Thanks
  13. Hi b-ernii, at least I'm not the only one. 😁 Unfortunately, the link doesn't say when he posted it. Because there was already an update. In any case, yesterday I tried 3 hours with her favorite food (green salad) and a simple dish (cheese) to create an ecstastic mood. I am always so close but then she loses most of it after sleeping. Aaaaaaah 😁 Thanks for reply
  14. Hi, my last two passengers are Buck and Elena. I am working towards the trophy "The happy dance". My problem is Elena. I heard that she got along well with Gustav, but he's not on my ship anymore. I also upgraded her cabin for the trophy. Can I somehow get to full estatic at this point? thank you