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  1. I spent over 4 hours today trying to grind this one out. I made sure to kill the FT at the end of each run to ensure the progress was being saved. This is the kind of trophy that makes me wish a tracker existed for PS4 games.
  2. You can grind out the 1000 claims in a private lobby solo, but you can only get 4 claims per run. If you have one other player and you use modifiers in a private lobby, you can get 33-34 claims in every match.
  3. Apparently there's a patch coming tomorrow. Hopefully we get a fix...
  4. I'm not entirely sure how many came with the season one update but I know there were a few. Have you noticed your trophy tracker going up? (if you're on PS5)
  5. Something people should be aware of: The cosmetic trophies aren't broken. However, any of the cosmetics that came with the season one update did not count towards your overall tally. This means that if you haven't unlocked the emotes trophy at 22 emotes, it's because some emotes dropped in the season one update and they didn't count towards your progress. Annoying I know, but still obtainable in the same way the cosmetic trophies were before.
  6. I've been having trouble with Boom. My guess right now is that enabling the volatile barrels modifier messes it up because I've blown up so many at this stage.
  7. Why they didn't just leave the weapons be, I'll never understand. I know there was a problem with weapon stats at max rank (not all weapons were performing as if they were 2, 3, 4 stars etc.) but I've no clue why that meant they needed to max them all.
  8. They're really sitting on their hands with this one...
  9. It'll be fixed soon and the trophy completion percentage will shoot right up. Next patch, I'm guessing.
  10. The one and only 👻
  11. Weren't you lucky you found fun, good and chill people? 😜
  12. I absolutely would recommend the game, but you should of course have some reservations: 1) The AI are not fun to play with, at all. If you're relying on your bot teammates to help you out when you're struggling, then forget about it. Even on Standard difficulties, there are moments when they will straight up cost you a mission. If you plan on playing on Intense difficulty or above and don't have a squad, don't even waste your time attempting it with bots. 2) PS4 has a number of issues that have been addressed before. Really bad framerate issues, regular crashes and poor load times (in-game, not loading screens) are all reasons that should concern you. 3) Matchmaking is not ideal. There's no option to play a quick match, so unless you're using this site's boosting page or the game's Discord, it's actually very difficult finding a squad. Unnecessarily difficult. Otherwise, the game is an incredibly impressive homage to the Alien franchise. Guns are excellent to use, the classes are fun to experiment with, there are no dull moments in each campaign as it's always balls-to-the-wall with action, especially on higher difficulties. The aesthetic of the game, as well as the music, could not have been perfected more in my opinion. I've sunk a lot of time into the game and will happily return to help others out and to explore future content when we get some.
  13. @enaysoft I personally find any of campaign 2 to be quite easy. 2-3 you can kind of speedrun the end since all of the Wardens spawn in the same locations and you won't even need to deal with the Incinerator guys. Honestly though, to avoid feelings of burnout I would try to find a like minded squad who'll play with you. The bots are far from ideal when it comes to having fun.
  14. I got the Gruppa from a random Intense mission but players on Discord have reported receiving it on a higher difficulty. My only guess is that it's RNG on Intense or above so it could be worthwhile running a mission you're familiar with over and over. There should be 34 weapons since season one update for standard players though (35 if you have the Heirloom season pass weapon). It seems you unlock one cosmetic for completing the game on Extreme and another on Insane. I got a weapon Colorway for completing the game on Insane. I can't recall if I got anything for Intense though.
  15. @enaysoft there's a fixed amount of cosmetics that come from hidden caches. There'll come a point when you'll stop getting them from there and you'll have to purchase the rest. Before the update, there were 30 weapons for standard players, 31 for those who had the season pass Heirloom. You might be missing the Gruppa which is an RNG reward on Intense or above difficulty.