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  1. Ok so I'm actually annoyed. Apart from the general gameplay that makes you crash even on random (the bike controls are hard but I could manage without the AI making you crash - but not them somehow - the random moments that I'm steering left just to go right, and the fact that if you even just touch something at whatever speed you torpedo into the opposite wall with no means of recovering) but I just completed the first invitational event as first (after multiple restarts), in the end had my time completed and others' still running, pressing continue to move on, and suddenly got second place with almost 30 seconds to first - WTF!! (was a mass start, not a time trial) Seriously, what's the point of being able to finish 1st if I'm not supposed to win it...and can't restart those by the way. Edit: didn't know it was a two race thing, manage to win the 2nd and win the event, but still, that was some shady stuff...
  2. To be fairly accurate, it would go like this: You get the medal for running the 100m sprint, but then they tell you, go run another 50m, so you do. But then they come up again and tell you 'You know what? Run another 50m' πŸ˜… --------------------------- Now, we all know there are all kinds of DLCs, from those that are clearly there for money grabs, those that are to complete unfinished content (which shouldn't exist...don't care if you got a timeline, if you can't deliver, just don't), and some gems that sometimes are even better than the base game itself. I don't think the issue is having or not DLCs, I'm all up for it when there's a reason to make them. But I do agree with OP's general point of view, I'm not a completionist but I do like to try and complete games I own, but I can't do that if I don't own them but yet being accounted for, doesn't seem logical to me (let me stress that, to me). We have seen a couple of examples of DLCs having their own separate lists, I'm all for implementing this for all additional content, it will please both the base game completionists (finally getting those 100% without fear of any DLC ruining their profile) and the hardcore completionists (they even get two S ranks). And what if it gets too long on PS, regular players don't even care about their list. You could still hide it (like any game where you haven't earned a trophy yet). I can't see any downside to that. --------------------------- Just wanted to add, @DaivRules mentioned: 'So someone could have 100% on a game by only getting through part of the whole game by getting the Platinum, but someone else can get 100% on the same game by playing the whole game through the Platinum and all the content that is downloaded?' Well yeah, it's not that bad either, they both have 100%, but the latter will have more trophies showing. In the end, it's all for personal show, let them both be happy haha (and technically, it's not part of the whole game, it is the whole game - when released; you are not to be expected to get/pay for any future content when getting the game) Still pains me to have platted Tomb Raider and just have less than 50% πŸ˜– --------------------------- To finish, I would be all up for a change, but I'm not heartbroken either. The important thing is I'm playing games, getting trophies, and trying to enjoy myself.
  3. Sorry to bump this up, but the AI on your own riders is just plain retarded...I mean on my last season I got the rider with the best stats, fully upgraded bike, and he can't even get in the points once (in very easy for that matter). I don't care if he is 'not ready for GP yet' he still should be able to at least pick up some places.
  4. Thanks for that, those trophies are so messed up...either badly coded or way inaccurate description
  5. In those cases, I do think timestamps are in order though, like if you get a trophy for completing (x) level, and it pops up a minute later after finishing the next level, it will still show before said completed level. That is my take, otherwise it would mess up too many lists, and would actually be used so much more often as an excuse. I think it's more related to a trophy popping order 'bug' kinda like the Uncharted examples. CRT team should check on other profiles if getting exactly those three (Gifted - Completist - Platinum) may mess up the order.
  6. Ahh great, thanks for the response. What I was expecting anyways but thanks for the confirmation.
  7. So I'd like to get more specific on what goes and what stays, so I know if I can 'abandon' my first playthrough or not (mostly for reducing time for trophies). - Easiest one would be skills - I know you keep them, would just need confirmation that if you're missing some, you can continue level up on the new game+ and get them (which would me the logic) - About collectibles, I've read you keep them, was wondering how this works though, are those found inexistent from the 2nd playthrough, existent but don't count if already found, or existent and add up to total (the latter one being mostly improbable) - Same as above I guess for the rocks you kick - I've seen you also keep encampment trust, but are those available to go to from the start? (at least the north ones) Thanks for the heads up
  8. Just finished the game (not sure about that secret ending though - maybe need to get all storylines at 100%), please do enlighten if possible without spoiling πŸ˜… Haven't played too many games like that so far, but I was really impressed! - The world is amazing (love the dynamic weather and how it shows on everything), - The story is not something special, but is good(not worse than 80% of movies anyways...), it made me want to know more and watch the cinematics - did prefer the bromance over the romance to be honest - Many complained about the voice acting but I did like it personally - Gameplay is great, has its issues sometimes (didn't run in any game breaking glitch or anything, yet, still have to do the 2nd playthrough - just the casual slow button input regarding ) What somewhat put me off was at the beginning with the few available materials at the time how easy you'd full up, making it obsolete to actually go around and search, which felt a bit disappointing. Of course, as you go on and unlock more storage through passive and get access to more materials, scavenging makes more sense. The item wheel sometimes got frustrating, specially when in the heat of the battle and trying to get the right item but it just doesn't want to. Hordes are something else!! Sometimes it's a small one, sometimes you get an almost endless wave, never know what to expect, makes up for some interesting encounters - Trophy list is amazing, and straightforward, this is how I like them for open world games. And the cherry on top, 75% of collectibles, actually letting you immerse in the game and don't really giving a hoot about them I don't know if I'll enjoy it the same the second way around, but the first one was amazing, definitely was worth it!
  9. Seeing that Platinum trophy is still at 0% but bumping just in case it got forgotten, and check if there is any fix/patch or something. Seems coolish regarding the art-style but if this is the same and only beat playing throughout the levels, just omg... πŸ˜–
  10. Loved the game, funny announcer (although he indeed gets old after a couple of maps - but there is an option to tune him down), amazing graphics, nice gameplay, good coop (unless you get the guy that just decides to leave horde at wave 15 as a host just because πŸ˜‘), loved the puzzles (!) - good game all around and worth buying it on sale definitely. Seems it got under the radar a bit unjustifiably, for me. But I do agree they were throwing a bit too much, I think was about 3 different enemies on each map, they could have spaced it out a bit more. Well, technically you can get 3 weapons if you buy the extra upgraded ones that appear here and there. Wasn't phased out by the lack of diversity to weapons, it felt ok for a game based on just a campaign (gems helped give some 'diversity')
  11. Oh my god how annoying this level is! It's not hard, and I actually like it compared to others but fml dunno how many times I get the autosave just when the alarm is sounding and having to do it all over again...and another time got stuck on top of a ladder after a checkpoint reload, wouldn't move. Just wanted to rant a bit...
  12. Recently just platted this one, and was kinda disappointed by the game itself in the end, and went from "damn, this is cool" to "I just want to get it over with" quite fast. Many different things went into this and I'll break it down (this is my personal opinion): Story: As mentioned on another topic, story is pretty bland (followed cinematics for the first quarter or so and then just went to skipping them, nothing to really keep me interested) Gameplay: I know this is a second game, but in general, it still is an original concept, and I give them that. And at first it seemed great. But when you're pushing for 'perfection' to get those 3 stared dashes, you find out a lot of issues, especially in the moves. It doesn't feel good when you're inputting moves but for whatever reason it just doesn't do what it is supposed to. You can actually input the same move over and over again and get different results somehow. On one instance, had a wall in front of me, Faith's high, quite large and nothing on top, just went face forward and jumped and it actually did a wallrun, which ended up doing it in thin air. Went and tried again, same thing. Had to go three times to make the simplest jump. I mean... Yes, it's not that perfect in consoles in general and yes, even AAA similar games (like Uncharted or Tomb Raider) have those kind of 'issues' but not that much, and not when you're game is revolved around just that, platforming. Game design #1: It's bad design when there's an unlocking progress (opening up the map and discovering new missions) but you go unlocking things that you actually can't complete. I don't know how many must have lost much time on that second dash just to find out that it can't be done without the upgrades. Same goes with the deliveries (although they are more flexible and some might have been possible). Since you already go into a design of slowly unlocking things, or unlock them when each of the upgrades becomes available (it's on you if you want to buy it or not), or make the ones that unlock actually doable without them (so what if by getting the upgrades you make it 10 seconds sooner, leave it to the leaderboard to matter). Game design #2: So by doing the flaw above, you want to finish all story related missions to have everything unlocked and go about your extras and collectibles. But how can you do that when you are being harassed every other building by KrugerSec forces. It is immensely annoying!! And there is no real way around it, you either kill them and go hide (noone ever), you kill yourself (which may make them disappear but is not a guarantee), or you pass through them while they shoot you in the back. Who thought this was a great idea?! At least get some variations. Some groups will call for back-up, some you just kill them and nothing happens (kinda like interventions). It's not that hard to do it. I get that some deliveries must have them (I think with the eye icon) but passed through a group of them and nothing happened so yeah, don't even think they are working as intended when they should. GridLeaks: I must admit those little things were fun to collect, even without the upgraded map. I just saw one and wanted to get it. But, I wasted so much time going after some that were showing on the map but weren't actually there because they hadn't been unlocked from finishing the last side mission. Just why would you show them if they aren't there...badly designed again. I did like though that if you pointed close enough to one of them on the map, more often than not it showed you the way to it precisely. On the plus side, the Gridnode missions were quite original and enjoyable (was interesting to see that there were different pathways but some are just there to mess you up, wish there was more of that). In general, it could have been a great game (just feel it as mediocre), it feels great when you got some flow and getting the moves, but alas that feeling goes away quickly.
  13. I highly appreciate you checking πŸ™‚ Yes, last comments about this were mentioning 1.08 as last version, but it was still glitched anyways. Unfortunately, a lot of those kind of devs around here, but yeah, I think I'll skip for now.
  14. Damn that one will get me a 3rd playthrough... πŸ˜–πŸ˜– really thought I could get them by myself with the regular+challenge but some are really sneaky (like the green tentacle on the train or the dead shark version). Oh well, another couple of hours just for that, yay
  15. Yep, last video is a good spot, on Rilgar. Also a good one to get to *20 multiplier. Grinded some 'not so used' weapons here for half an hour or so and moved on. But yeah, last planet warbots give some nice xp, so you shouldn't have a problem.