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  1. Perfect, thanks!
  2. Just saw the game is on sale and thought to give it a go. Bit bothered that can't 100% for 2 trophies, but the deluxe edition is also on sale, so I'm wondering if any of the standard or deluxe edition have those trophies or it's something that I'll have to buy separately.
  3. If anyone could give a heads up when next invasion is up so I can start with those, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks
  4. Actually, think I've found the best way to get this one. It's highly advised that you do it this way after getting both championship trophies (that you should get on first season), as well as getting the development one, or if going for the second one in a new championship. - Get yourself to the lowest team (with the required attribute) and do the qualifying. Since you're overachieving you're guaranteed an interview, and 9/10 of the time there'll be a one question letting you boost the attribute, and rarely two (specially when it rains). - Simulate the race to save yourself the 5 laps and a possible waste of it if you don't get an interview. - Repeat. The balance with getting first in Q and last in the race should be enough to keep you within contract levels. Edit: after some more testing trying to get the second trophy, to guarantee an interview you need to skip practice. if you simulate, you only get one every other race
  5. Ahh true, the reputation trophies. But still..
  6. I guess games like Defiance 2050 [PS4] that got a server shutdown last April should be added right? Just to get the feeling of which games go to the list or not.
  7. Yep, everything was in coop. Got Mega Rocket about one in every 15/20 games, so yeah, might take a while. It's all about how lucky you are in how often you'll get it.
  8. Well damn! Don't get how this could be though, since it is the same list. Feels pretty retarded from the developers as well... Thanks for the link though, nice to have for future instances 👌
  9. Would be interested in that one but being in EU, I'm a bit hesitant. Is it possible to check the game version before buying it? And if so, how? Thanks.
  10. Finished this one recently. To be honest the grind wasn't as bad as expected or as other games...could be the augment of xp gain helped as well. If I could recommend something and how I went about it, was play a couple of games with everyone (to get a win with each and get a feel of all characters), and then play all games with the main one (which is going to level 100) except the rocket bot attack (with the 30 enemies). The reasoning behind this is on all other modes, depending on the AI difficulty you may get from 7/10 KOs to 0/1 (yes, it happens), whereas on the 30, you should come out with an average of 10/15, which makes it more consistent. By the time you get to 100, you might still have 2 or 3 characters to finish, you may then just play all modes with them. It should save up quite some time. Also, was missing the Mega Rocket Time trophy as last. If it happens, or if you want to get it out of way, I suggest getting Flux, you can use her invisibility on the point to gain about 5/6 seconds each time, which adds up nicely.
  11. Only 55 owners??! (at the time of writing) I'm really surprised. This is a neat game. The concept is well known yes, moving puzzle game, but the delivery is really original with the spherical approach (to me at least), the graphics are really on top, and the gameplay is interesting. Difficulty wise, it is not that hard; some levels will need some practice to get the 3 star rating, but it's doable. It's a shame a good game like this ain't got the recognition it deserves.
  12. Indeed, you need to complete it for the Bestiary, but as well to get the reward to be able to dive and get the Explorer trophy. In other words, go for it in your 100% run, you can skip it on your other(s). Edit: just got in my head it's 2 months later...facepalm, but in any case, could still be useful for someone (answered somehow above, but giving the full details)
  13. I'm really annoyed! I'm not really too much interested in LB, but after having finished the first long run, I see I'm around 4h in, so 2 fast runs of about 1hour each (along with the grind for 50km) and should be good to be high up. Did the fast run, all good. Going for the third, arrive at the last stairway but still haven't gotten the walking one, so I'm just going up and down. It pops, go ahead to finish....and nothing. Credits roll, animation goes on, and nothing! Had the 3rd fastest time... Played it a 4th just now, nothing... FUCK this game, FUCK this stupid company. If anyone has a solution to this stupid game, just want to get the plat and delete it from existence! Don't even know if it's possible now, since I've completed it 4 times...ffs
  14. Not gonna lie, was addictive 😅 kept on going till I got to level 100 haha. But yeah, super disappointed that the trophies weren't on par with the feats, I mean the list was already sorted... although for some reason the level 100 one didn't unlock, was saying something like 59 or so, possibly jumped a level. Was a bit weird you could still spend money on critical even though it was on max...
  15. I don't really care it's a too high % plat for the elitists, it's a good game. Great graphics, nice puzzles and in general all looked good. I'm glad they got back to the original style though, the 3rd one really didn't get on par with the rest of the series, probably more so because it felt too short and incomplete. I'm glad they at least kept the chapter checkpoints with collectible info. Yes it makes it easy, but it also makes you look for them, instead of looking to a guide, which is much better for the experience. Not all games need to be try-hard, or grindy. This is one of them, and I fully enjoyed it from start to end. p.s. for those concerned, I don't know which would be more frustrating, not having hard/hardcore, or having them but without trophies for it...