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  1. I'm torn about this as well, got a back-up end of 4th loop with Lucky Pants IV and going into 6th loop to grind the Office Assisthaunt (soooo grindy....) and wondering if just to play on repeat the Ghost Dimension or just go on with the loops...also missing the boombox somehow....ahhh it's a neat game but damn this is getting too grindy and repetitive 😬
  2. Wasn't expecting too much (seeing the huge changes between this and the original - and I loved the original series) so wasn't too disappointed or too excited. It is a good and solid game, but to be honest, could have been a stand-alone game and not a GOW title, with a new character, and would have made exactly the same impression to me. No real sense that this had to be part of the GOW series... guess they were just trying to get more attention and sells just by using Kratos. I mean until I got the Blades of Chaos it didn't feel too GOW, but damn once I got to use them, I did get some of the old rush again! - Kratos has matured and everything but has lost a lot of edge from the previous games, in no sense he is greater now. I'm not here to avoid fights, but to kill Gods, let me have it!! 😅 - Father/son relationship is so basic, dunno why you all praise it haha. Kid is an introvert because his father pays no attention, then his gets angry for not getting attetion, then once he learns he is a god he just yolos and then suddenly he becomes mature and understanding. And damn if I here another "boy" - great script. - Secondary characters are mostly interesting, both Freya and the head were solid. Baldur was just ok. Alas, the dwarves were to be forgotten....gotta be the worst side characters in any game. - Map was indeed bad. Feels better knowing they rushed it so was not their real intention but it's still on them. Mostly annoyed in the fact I couldn't zoom in more to actually check the zone I wanted, and that there was no real way when you were underground to check how it is connected to the above areas (for example if I enter an underground area in the mountains and go deep, is there an exit from the other side or do I need to backtrack?) - The rest was pretty good, gear as it was along with upgrades was not too basic nor too complicated. The special moves were a nice touch and interesting (and giving Atreus one as well). Though would have hoped we could have upgraded Atreus' gear a slight touch more than just buying an outfit and bye. Enemies do needed more variety as mentioned. Amazing graphics, but as all other in its kind, so no surprise there. By being a GOW title, it fell short for me.
  3. Guessing this is still broken, right?
  4. Don't mind it being tedious and grindy, just looking up all the Ps Plus library games and knocking off all those that are unobtainable (and making sure of it)
  5. Thanks for the quick update. Shame then, up to the next on the Ps Plus list then 😅
  6. So in the current state, only "Leader of the pack" is glitched, or more?
  7. Hate that some titles are country/region locked.... would have loved to try Afrika but tough luck unfortunately. Will have to check all of these, but in the end there are even less than those listed
  8. Ahh, saw buy the ps3 version and automatically went to disc 😅 my bad.
  9. Guessing that now it is part of the premium pack, it would be the same, but can someone confirm it is still unobtainable unless buying the disc version?
  10. Bought it on 2010, hunted for a couple of years and then it just remained on the shelf of my old room. Finally going back this summer and it's a good opportunity to get it back to try and boost those horrible % on it, dunno if it would still work after so many time it was AFK but I hope I can at least upload the save files of everything there 😬
  11. Hmm...even worded like this it actually means the same. You will pay a fee for x amount of time you have remaining to the level of the selected plan (basically the difference between both plans for x amount of time) . If that is the case, those with multi years actually either stay on the basic plan, or need to upgrade all the years, can't upgrade just one year (might suck a bit, but would make a lot more sense that whatever is posted here...)
  12. Doesn't seem something like that would ever go live. People have years and years of ps plus subscriptions accumulated, they can't expect them to be able to pay all of them on one go... and if not, what? So in other words, on one side Ps Now subscribers get a free upgrade and on the other Ps Plus subscribers get fucked over...yeah, not buying it. What is the point of proposing a discount to what you offer if next year you will be asking it back?!
  13. Haha yeah, had the same issue with the first race in Suzuki's special if I'm not mistaken. First of all, I don't get why in a event promoting a specific motorbike not all have the same one, doesn't make sense. Anyways, was a rainy one so didn't have the usual easy grip on the corners where you can make up tons of time, but still, even changed it to very easy and yet the guy in front of me just wouldn't come closer to 1 second ahead...surely they have messed up on the data or he had a top tier moto (because the rest were way back), which makes me wonder if you restart the event from the menu if motos are randomly assigned or they will have the same one. But didn't need to try it, had my tricks at my sleeve, just went full throttle into him on one of the corners to get reset together and just didn't let him pass again haha. Otherwise was solid, good thing the DLC cuts up a lot of time on the Plat, in the end I did feel the grind.
  14. Was about to write as well. The other glitched ghost is long gone so need to find another one if any. If anyone has any idea and can help, please. Though it can be said there is a possibility that n59 or n43 can have a glitched ghost, so need to check them all...will try a couple ones each day but holy fuck this trophy is impossible with these retarded devs that can't make basic programming...
  15. Seems like a neat topic, let's try this 😅 might go less and less now while awaiting the new PSplus+now January - 57.99€ February - 67.10€ March - 121.05€ April - 2.99€ Damn, March was a fuckin fiesta 😅😖