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  1. took me two years but can be faster just think carefully before spending gold.
  2. will the new patch 1.28 help? or maybe not...
  3. I failed the prison three times after escaping in the plane. twice people died at parachuting once a guy kept becoming idle after reaching the beach / mountain area. When you think the jail / jets part is the hard one and fail at something completely trivial instead.
  4. the game is great but was already technically outdated on PS3, it would need to be a PS2 game to have a chance to become a PS4 game (and with a $15 price tag, not$40-60).
  5. the last times I tried I couldn't even find / enter a game...
  6. is this really useful anyway? I mean, the online is rather dead since a while, isn't it?
  7. indeed the topic of my previous post is fully detailed in a specific thread I just saw:
  8. I had the issue with Grim Fandango after GTA 5 both on PS4, then on Assassin's Creed II (PS3), so it is not a matter of multiple systems or not.
  9. for 2 weeks in a row when I update the profile my latest trophies are detected but it doesn't change sorting of the games listed (by last played order) and badge picture still doesn't display the rights one. 2 weekends ago I finished Grim Fandango but it was displaying GTA5, this weekend Grim Fandango finally popped up as last played but the trophies I just acquired in Assassin's creed II didn't make the bagde or last played order to display ASII in first row!?
  10. Indeed I do not want to transfer my character from the ps3 but start a new one on ps4...
  11. So I started gta 5 on ps3 years ago and I just bought it again on ps4 yesterday ($30 for the ps4 game + a 3.5 millions shark card). But I am afraid to use the shark card erroneously as I want the money on the ps4 game not the ps3! any advice how to proceed?
  12. only some easy stuff ken fist of the north star the walking dead season 1 tales from the borderlands
  13. you cheaters I didn't change the clock (yet) so I am obviously still very far from 100% though I have a question: If I put the clock in 2100 year or whatever, why do people who cheated still have trophies displayed in 2016? Is it the server time when synced that does matter? my PSN was offline from Feb to June and the trophies I earned during this period display March, April, ... confused.
  14. Well it is buggy but not blocking. each first time I start it it crashes, then second time works like a charm. If I feel like annoying support/devs I submit a report, hoping when Sony will get tired of receiving same problem reported they will push pressure on devs to fix their game.
  15. I finally got it, I guess it's just a matter of patience...