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  1. Did hard mode before time trials. I think it took me 2-3 hours just to beat Crash Cove. Felt impossible at the time, but with a bit of practice and better learning of the mechanics everything went the good way. Just had a bit of trouble with Dragon Mines TTs in the end.
  2. @Ferro_DG thanks for the guides, both pretty doable with some practice, "just like bowling" instead is just luck-based...
  3. The game is not that hard, but a massive grind. It's doable with 2 PS4's, but that's gonna be very long. My advise is to find a bunch of people to boost it in the snooker tournament, that will considerably cut the time needed.
  4. That could be a problem related to the AI move then
  5. Are you playing on ps5? Because I did it on the ps4 and didn't have a single problem with any of the trophies
  6. Nice! I agree that it's not that hard of a game, except some trickshots and puzzles, but chalks are there to help. I enjoyed playing the game except all the boosting section, pretty boring. If anyone wants to give it a try, just to let you know it's not that hard, just time consuming. I would say 10-20h for all the boosting-related trophies if you do it the right way, and 15-20h more for the rest of the trophies. Anyway it won't take less than a month as you have to do 30 daily challenges, so doing like 1-2h of boosting per day should not be extremely boring.
  7. Only trophy that can become unobtainable is Welcome to the League. Usually they close the Weekend League after a while as they focus on newest games. Can't tell you if it's the case because i don't play this game anymore. Try check it
  8. Backups don't work with online trophies. Try changing lineups, use a more suitable one. Do you use custom tactics? Player instructions?
  9. As far as I know, it shouldn't affect other games. Advice: pass coins only if it's your last option. And if you do it, don't use "buy now" price. Just put a lower one and bid for it, that should prevent you from a market ban or at least decrease the risk a lot.
  10. Yes it is. Actually people use this method to boost wins as some of the servers are pretty dead.
  11. It should respawn normally. If not try to replay Sequence 6 - Memory 1 through the DNA menu.
  12. don't know in another modes, it may work personally i just wanted to get rid of it asap
  13. I write this topic so more people can know about it (legit Infallible archievers will hate me I know). There's an exploit going on right know through custom lobbies. All you need is 4 people and create an Hex-a-Gone Trials lobby, let a player win 5 times in a row, then all he needs to do is restart the game and the trophy will pop. Be fast as i think that will be patched soon!
  14. May count towards a certain direction, made a few tries, trophy finally popped, can't remember though wich direction i jumped to.