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  1. HuntingFever's suggestion is correct. With multiplayer off, the game has been stable on the PS4 Pro. The PS4 version corrupted my savefile. I suffered at least one crash everyday I played NMS. Then one day, I was stuck with the infinite loading screen. With multiplayer off, it has been very stable. The savefile was successfully converted into a PS5 save. Nonetheless, I'm so uneasy turning on multiplayer on the PS5. Since my test account has no cloud save capability, I have to insert a usb stick.
  2. SOLVED: Mods feel free to delete The game still crashes when multiplayer is enabled. My save file is stuck at 98% loading and then I see a crash report of CE 348780. I have deleted the game from the the external drive and reinstalled it at the main HD. I have also unplugged the PS4 from the electric socket. NMS still won't load my save. Can I join your online session? I have read that joining another session hosted by others will let a problematic save file be loaded successfully. This is my last ditch effort to recover my savefile. It pains me that the effort I put in that savefile will probably be lost.I don't think I can start over knowing that over the last few days, I have encountered the CE 348780 crash at least 3 times not including the save problem. On my main account that has nine plats, I only encountered that error code once. I'm not sure about the trophies on this game and the platinum. Nevertheless, I like the game enough to play "normally". My NMS friend code is X1QT FQA8 NE3KG and PSN name is the same as my handle here. If it matters, this is my test account. Thanks for the assistance.