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  1. I dunno, I watched 5 minutes of that. I mean, good attempt at making a game. But I don't think psn should be putting up people's school projects or practice runs out for money. Unless it's under 1 dollar I suppose...I'd totally play this for 50 cents. Although, I do love me some dumpster games...I'm on the fence. =)
  2. 50 cent: Blood on the Sand Only the Japanese version has trophies for whatever reason. Dunno if this counts.
  3. Third day in a row. Never touched the Daily run. And apparently, the leaderboards say I beat it In 39 minutes with a score of 13,667. One other person here said it happened to them, but anyone else?? Getting annoyed that I can't actually do it myself. Either it's a problem with the game, or there's a serial psn hacker specifically targeting Binding of Isaac players and doing their daily runs. I highly doubt it's the latter....
  4. Glad I'm not the only one, but sorry to hear that at the same time. It did it again today, only the leaderboard says I got a score of 24,103 and beat it in 20 minutes. And the Daily run is The Lost going to Mega Satan on Hard. As much as Id like to brag about this, I Doubt I'd do that in 20 minutes. Somethings goin on
  5. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. So since Novemver 4th, I've been doing the Daily Challenges. And today when I go to load it up, the "start" option is grayed out and I can choose to practice or check the leaderboards. I DID NOT start this or even look at it for today and it says I tried and failed. I'm on the leaderboard. It says I have a score of 2224 and a time of 3:38. Guarantee, I never started it. Is this a rare occurrence or what?
  6. Except for this guy right here! *points to myself* Despite it being an easy platinum, there is a decent amount of writing and creativity in these. I like it, and shouldn't be lumped in with the halloween church rpgs or breakthrough gaming games.
  7. Yeah, true, but that's more of a technical issue with like purchasing. As opposed to having all the content and no way of unlocking a trophy.
  8. I thought the face mcshooty quest was a part of tiny Tina's role play. Its been a few years since playing this dlc but I can remember Tina shouting " shoot this guy in the face to continue!" I'd be surprised if a trophy list launched with a literally impossible trophy.
  9. Yeah, I just did this earlier. You start up a game and before leaving the starting room, the second player hits start and then can select a character and continue from there. Also, completion notes are given to both characters For example, beat moms heart on hard while playing as eve and my friend was Cain. And after, both characters had the completion mark for my save file.
  10. For Ain't Got Time To Bleed, I got the trophy with Jason, Eric, and Salim getting out. I did have Nick, but I messed up the breathing segment while planting the charges and he got seriously disemboweled. So Nick did die and I still got the trophy.
  11. I also submitted a complaint to Bandai-Namco and got the same canned response you got. I suppose it's a wait-and-see at this point.
  12. I'm also experiencing this. It's not just you.
  13. Maybe I'm just a dumb-dumb, but what is the point of using a second account for downloading the trial? Wouldn't the timer be tied to the console, regardless of which account downloaded it? Or if you do that, would you have the full 5 hours on your primary account? Cause I thats the case, I would imagine you could start the trial on your primary and when it's up, download it again with a secondary and continue another 5 hours on the primary. Hope that makes sense. Regardless, I like the idea. Been wanting to check out biomutant but didn't want to buy it if I got bored 3 hours in.
  14. As the previous poster said, it's not hard necessarily. I have the platinum, and I DID use a guide for most of it. Which made it easy. Although I still did enjoy the gameplay, I just get frustrated with these kind of "puzzle-stealth" games. I'd imagine if you didn't use a guide it would be a lot of trial and error. So With a guide-- smooth sailing Without a guide-- not hard, yet patience is required.
  15. Adderall. That will help tremendously with the monotony of completing every zone...and having ESO plus. No point in playing without it in my opinion. I have 300 hours I think, and 50 some out of the 140 some trophies. And I was pretty much focusing on trophies. (I combined my ps4 and ps5 trophies for that 50ish total, considering in continuing the same character)