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  1. Eh, video games are art. Art evokes all sorts of emotions. Not all art is of good quality. Some people enjoy the frustration. I sometimes enjoy the satisfaction of completing something frustrating. Everyone is capable of difference.
  2. Not unobtainable The response from the Dev is legit. You will ONLY unlock it on level 9. That is; you have to complete each level without dying. And on the stinky sewers, there is an obvious/not so obvious secret. What I've been told gotta pay attention to the pays homage to the grand daddy of all platformers. Utilizing this, I just got the trophy and subsequently the platinum trophy. I've never made a trophy guide before. And to keep this somewhat a secret for another four weeks, I'll publish a trophy guide for this game on Christmas eve. Revealing the level 8 secret that the dev and I have hinted towards.
  3. I feel like you can't judge a title of something until you finish the story. Cause it might make way more sense after some point in the story, but sounds weird or mysterious at first. I mean of course you CAN judge something right off the bat. But its a little to quick and rash.
  4. Oh no I'm just talking about the various game trials on ps plus premium in general. I figured that's what you were talking about. My bad if I misunderstood. I never paid much attention to what's on the premium tier trials list. I pulled a dum dum move and assumed this game was one of them. My bad, I wrote that out quickly without specifying.
  5. Yeah, I believe you can earn trophies and carry over save data after the trial ends. From what I read, the trial is the full game as if you bought it, but with a 2 or 5 hour time limit depending on the game.
  6. Never mind what I Said. Perhaps it is unobtainable at the moment.
  7. Dang, you're 2 second platinum is taking more than 5 minutes? Sounds like you got ripped off for that 1 dollar.
  8. I have no idea. Cause the issue is. Let's say you start level 2 with 6 lives. And you lose all those and have to restart level 2. You restart with 6 lives. If you get to level 3 and have 2 lives. And you lose those 2, you restart level 3 with 2 lives. So the life count is continuous throughout each level. So it seems at some point, if you die too much, you have to restart the whole game to get the max life trophy. Which is why no one has it yet (well the 5 to 40 people who's played don't have it yet) I started over making sure not to die. And I got up to 12 lives so far by level 3. And I'm having a hard time getting through it without dying. Maybe you can lose 1 of 2 to get to maximum. But I don't want to take that chance of having to replay it a third time. It's a fun hour or two long game but I don't want to replay it three times.
  9. So i did totally buy this. And I am loving the stupid ass dialogue and obvious fart jokes that go on. I'm at level five. It has an obvious level pattern. But at the same time. The dedication to making a dumb little game with a challenge; does exist. Which I really appreciate. Alls I'm wondering if, does the maximum life limit entail beating the game by getting all the extra lives without dying. Cause if so. It's gonna be somewhat difficult. Mainly because it seems you can't press the direction button and the jump button at the same time. Resulting in death if you fall off a ledge. Which kinda sucks. But a lot of classic platformers have this so. Whateves. I'd recommend it for 5 bucks.
  10. Nah they did ditch it. It's kind of unfortunate. The battle trophies in 4 were wild. But I liked the ones in 5 for the most part. Like, I enjoy the battle trophy system. And they could have had very awesome ones that creates incentive to play with the other characters. I'm like 66% of the way through (according to my ps5 dashboard) and I've never put Midas or Albaird in my party unless it's forced. Perhaps (or mayhaps, ha) I'm missing out on powerful battle skills or something by not having them, but I just don't like them as characters.
  11. I don't think it's a racing game. I think it's more of a party trivia/quiz game based on the genre description.
  12. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. The key word "please" in the title is more of a request than an obligatory demand. Besides. No one is forcing you to read and reply in this thread. With that being Said. You're forcing me to support these games just to spite you. Nah I'm kidding. But like I said, imma check one of them out eventually.
  13. I did watch the trailers. And despite being aimed at 5 year Olds. It made me laugh a couple times. I might check out the spy fox one for the hell of it.
  14. To be fair. The spam crap more than deserves the insults.
  15. Woah, it's even got a final boss level. And he wields a cute old man cane. I'll support these guys, thanks for the website link!