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  1. I am not 100% sure, but i believe there are are only two potential missable trophies in this game. -Memories Of Future Past -PersonaL Connections Both relate to the in between dungeons/town section. You have a list of activities in the town that will earn you an item for completing. You can choose only FOUR between dungeons. And after one is chosen, it usually pops up again for another reward. Furthering its individual story. You'll know what I mean. Well For the "Memories of Future Past" trophy, im not sure if you will get this regardless of choice. But i got it by choosing the "beach" every time it showed. Then after the third of fourth time, this NPC named "Umi" appeared and the trophy popped. For "PersonaL Connections", If a party members name was listed as an activity, I always chose it. After the Fourth (i think) Belsnickle one, the trophy popped. the end dialogue says something like "you've formed a R'lyehtionship with such and such". i saw the same text for Crystal and Baba. So you can focus only on one of them if you want, cause Belsnickle was the first for me and the trophy popped. Maybe itll be obvious to everyone when you play, or maybe they arent missable at all, but I dunno, I always like a heads up before playing an rpg type game. My playtime to platinum was just about 9 hours also. either way, it was a quick and fun game.
  2. So, out of curiosity. I've never played the Witcher 3. But the complete edition is on sale for $10 right now. So theoretically. If I bought it now, would I essentially have pre purchased the ps5 edition for only 10 dollars?
  3. I understand the dilemma. But all I have to ask is What's the point in having an upgraded ps5 version of something, if youre not going to really play that version? At that point, all you have is a fancy ps4. Personally, I find it fun to play through a game and get the trophies twice, with a year or two in between. But again, I do understand.
  4. I'll start by saying, I love playing a game over again for trophies. I prefer to not have them automatically popped from an old save file. I dont hold anything against people that do, you do you. But this game is different, obviously. And it seems to be that they won't auto-pop and any progress will have to be done twice for 100% completion on ps4 and ps5. So my question is. Do I make a brand new Ps5 specific character? Or continue with my old Ps4 character and hope for a patch to sync up trophy progress? Personally I have about 300 hours and 45 trophies for my current character. Just want to know what others think.
  5. For 1 million percent? Yes. For sure. All secrets. To get all items you gotta do all secrets pretty much. Which means beating every boss, every mode, on hard with all characters. Before Repentance (obviously as its only on pc right now, but for futures sake) 1,000,000% "Collect every item in the game, unlock all secrets and endings, and complete the bestiary"
  6. I dont know about time. I only got about 15 or 20 hours in before I left Nioh in the rear view for something else... So sorry there. But! I can tell you it's a mission select style. So you have a world map with main missions and side missions and each one can take up to an hour. And I think there are 70 some missions. Maybe more. I really didn't like the mission select style. Hence why I left Nioh in the dust. Other than that, it's a pretty damn solid game.
  7. Songbringer for sure. I just looked it up, 808 owners. And apparently I was the first to achieve the platinum. Didn't know that til now! It's akin to the first Legend of Zelda.
  8. If anyone else does try this. I can confirm that if you have an armor point, or whatever extra health thats not the base red health orb; and you get hit. It DOES negate you from the trophy. You have to NOT get hit no matter what kind of health it takes away. I dont know if you can't get hurt during the boss. (Because the Burried Tunnels goes -lvl1-boss(the library)-lvl2-peculiar room-lvl3) I got the trophy while not getting hurt during the library. But because it's named as a different level, im thinking it's ok to get hurt then. Again, unconfirmed.
  9. So, I bought this game with excess psn wallet money. I can be a sucker for game descriptions that entail "souls like". While it has hints of the FEELING of the combat. And somewhat similar in general ways to the "experience" and items. I find this to compare way more to binding of isaac. Like The Binding of Isaac mixed with Demon's Souls. I couldn't help but notice, im one of 5 people on this site whom has played this. Thats the EU list and NA list combined. But I'd highly recommend. Its quite addicting. And in the midst of combat I feel a similar adrenaline and rectum clenching as the souls games and Isaac combined.
  10. Yo, I need one of the experts of this trophy to tell me if im still eligible or not. Roughly a month ago, someone sent me a psn message asking me super politely to help with this trophy. I was confused on why he reached out to me. But he told a bit about it, and said to look this post up. Which I then realized his polite message was practically a copy and paste from the example given in the steps. I thought it was pretty goofy. Still more than happy to help him. Anyways, I ended up successfully helping him and another friend of his, back to back. A few weeks later some one else reached out to me. And after accepting my friend request. That person said they didn't see me on the challenge wall. To note 1) I did originally play it on the physical launch cartridge, I then sold it a few years later (probably for something stupid as hell like a pack of ciggies.....) so, when the first dude asked me to help, I had to re buy the game. And I did so through the psn store-digitally. 2) I did make sure to follow the specifics of never launching the game outside of airplane mode. I already always have my vita on airplane mode as its a launch vita and the battery sucks major D***s. Also, ever since I re bought little deviants, the only times I started the game was to help these two guys via the challenge message in the messages app. 3) the only thing i can think of is, while helping the first person, I did unlock a trophy for beating rolling pastures with full health, i think it is. Yet I was still able to help the second person after unlocking that trophy during the first dudes challenge run. 4) also, Im almost certain that, I have NOT synced my vita tophies since a few weeks or so before re buying little deviants. I could totally be wrong about that. But either way. I did technically unlock that trophy while being online, cause it was during the online challenge. So! If I friend someone on psn, and they don't see me on the challenge wall to begin with. Does that automatically mean I lost my ability to help others? Or are we just doing something stupid and wrong? Regardless. Big ass shoutout for those who have helped double digits of people. And to the creation of this thread. -Profeelgood