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  1. I know it sounded absurd and silly but the beginning of Resident Evil 3 Remake is a nightmare and I know what is coming but when the zombie appears at the door and the elevator I have a hard time dodging or surrounding it, any advice?
  2. Being honest I am to start this game, once the second game ends which is wonderful, the fact is that I want to be clear about my organized time, so I want to ask those who read this, tips and suggestions to finish the game in the shortest time, and buy access to infinite weapons. But how should I use them on the trip, in hell mode or what do I do?
  3. Good afternoon, I hope and someone can solve my problem, I am in order to have the collectibles, but by mistake and to concentrate on getting Ada's achievement using hacks, do not grab the collectibles with her. Is there a possibility later in the second pass to grab them? or do I start a game from scratch and if I catch them I would skip the achievement? or must be all corrido collectibles.
  4. Believe me that it would be very helpful to know to your liking which are the easiest and the most difficult to make a correct order.
  5. Finally I made a guide for the game if someone here wants to contribute something I gladly want to put it in the guide, but a question How long does it take to be published?
  6. I need to know if there is some kind of trick with fishing for legendary fish, they have me desperate and I do not know what to do.
  7. The game already had an update, you can no longer get any trophy with bots, only with friends, look for someone to give you a hand.
  8. jimi hendrix - voodoo child
  9. Hello, good morning/afternoon first of all I hope this is understandable because my English is not good. I need to know if certain trophies have a solution or will I have to make a second game? I mean, I was quietly playing the red dead when a friend told me how a certain character ends, so I gave myself the task of playing more time with Arthur taking out more collectibles and animals, I know that not all of them will come out with Arthur because I will need to play with marston, but the thing here is that I heard that these Friends With Benefits and Errand Boy trophies could be taken out in the epilogue. That's true? Or I'll have to start a second game, to give the game more time after the online game ends.
  10. Oh thanks bro.
  11. I finished it and in fact it was not so complicated, the one in the tower is the only one that I did not tolerate, but I already have the trophy, now I only need the S rank.
  12. Thanks for the guide, just a doubt, if the queen kills me returns me to the first challenge?
  13. Hello, I have never played the resident Evil games and finally I am going to dare to play the favorite of many people and the most valued by the critics. I would only like advice from this game, What should be the order to get 100% without complicating things and I also want to know Why is it the best game in the saga?
  14. Good afternoon, I understand that getting to hell mode or the highest mode is almost mandatory so that getting materials is not so complicated, however, I am already at a point where it is difficult for me because of my team or my way of playing. What are the best equipment for this mode and what advice can you give me? Which weapons should I give them the most priority in getting and which should I leave for the end? I also look for people who cooperate to make a guide at once so that future people do not complicate them, if they are interested please send tips or tricks so that the game is not so long.
  15. Thanks for the advice, but could you specify exactly which dlc?