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  1. Whoever came up with this Mini Game should be eating all the Darts i've missed. That were 3 hours of my life i'll never get back. What an awfull trophy.
  2. Trophy isn't popping for me, even tho i have 100% on each job in the list. Redid a few in hope it would help. Nuttin'. Anyone got a solution for this?
  3. Exact same thing here. (EU Version). 100% on each job. Redid a few, reloaded. Nothing. I wonder if it has something to do with finishing those on the redo and not on the first try
  4. I tried this 3 Times now, exactly like in the video (and other videos for that matter).Got no trophy so far. And somehow my legacy score seems to be only around 75 after 10 years.I can't figure out what i am doing wrong
  5. - The Pipper App didn't work anymore and therefor the progression bar always was at zero - Had my collaborator study and i got stuck in the finish screen - Stuck on the way to the TV - Since the first patch it's impossible to invite friends to ANY event. Always says i don't have any even if i have 5 -7 in my phone list with 100% bar. Had to start over 5 times's almost impossible to finish one playthrough. This is by far the buggiest game i've ever encountered on the PS4. I'm really pissed i payed 25+€
  6. Took me around 3,5 hours to get all the DLC Trophies. A very nice DLC by the way, enjoyed it very much