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  1. In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, do i need to be the one to enter the bomb code or can a teammate be the one to enter it. Also i've seen people saying it works and other says it doesn't work, so i want know from a person who did it recently.
  2. I’m trying to fix this problem where I’m signing in my psn account but it keeps giving me this C3-14974-5, I’ve already restarted my router and reset my access point but nothing changed. Is there any other method?
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  5. Anyone able to make a video of how to beat the 40 levels of Tetriminos? because nobody as done that and it would really help a lot.
  6. If I play the trial version of this game, how much time left do I have before it ends?
  7. If I play the trial version of this game, how much time left do I have before it ends?
  8. I already platinum this game, but before buying ps now, i noticed there was Lego Batman 3 in it, will i be able to play all the dlc or do i still have to buy them?
  9. I want to try playing this on my Switch so i could do the trophies on my Ps4 afterwards, but is it possible to cross play this game through different consoles, if yes, would the trophies pop up automatically as soon as I login in my ps4 apex legends account like Rocket League or Rogue Company.
  10. I have spend hours and hours playing this games and even have gotten every trophy except the platinum. I counted 100 (minecraft) days playing in my tutorial map by skipping the nights, after I’ve created my own map and played about 30 (minecraft) days and stoped because i lost count of always going to the nether and ender world. I’m now playing in a new world where i am always afk and i don’t skip the nights, but sometimes i lose conection and go offline. Is playing in an offline map could screw up this trophy? Because i don’t know what to do anymore and it’s really pissing me off.