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  1. well not gone lie the maps aint as cool, very detailed and is large in fact but long distance shots you can say good bye to. some medals will be to get 500 meters shots and they will be really hard to find. Mission 3 has a nice distance from the spawn to the castle so you can farm some distance shots, however max you will pull is 450 to 500 meters.
  2. Correction, it does work. if you kill someone by hitting them or shooting you can quickly restart the checkpoint and you still get the trophy.
  3. can I use last checkpoint to reset if they start to shoot at me or i killed them by hitting the enemy with a gun and not take down? will it still count or not?
  4. JUST DONE MINE. what i can say is look at his feet more than hands as hands are easier to defend. also if you keep him in far distance he will more often do the heavy 3 combo strike after you defend that punish him and go back to distance. as you mentioned before you dont want to hear just keep trying but this is the point of the game repetition and learning his moves.
  5. will have a try and see thanks for the tip
  6. yeah i dont even have a button to invite anyone or join anyone. each time someone sends me a invite it just doesnt let me join weird that
  7. does anyone else have a issue on joining coop or inviting anyone to their game? I am playing on PS5 and it says Network disconnected but I am connected to the ps network and my internet is fine. like what is going on, any idea how to change it?