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  1. You are thinking of Kaidan. Tali does not have a medicine tree or neural shock, I'm going through ME1 and looking at her upgrade screen right now.
  2. What!? There's an easy mode!? I spent hours replaying some of the levels! Oh well, at least I got the plat in the end. Yeah it's a good game if you enjoy Mahjong Solitaire. It's very addictive, I used to play a ton on my PC, it's one of those pre-installed games on Windows. I bought this game purely for the easy plat and anime girls, but you spend all your time solving the puzzle before the time limit, you rarely pay attention to the girls at all.
  3. I played the whole game in 4k 30fps mode. Tried one game of baseball and was pretty bad at it, but just chalked it up to it being my first round, didn't think the frame rate was a factor. You can freely switch between HD 60fps or 4k 30fps mode during gameplay, just pause and go into the menu and switch, no need to restart the game. So it's easy to just switch if you feel the frame rate is impacting the mini games. The performance is good overall, 30fps doesn't feel sluggish at all. I held out for months for this PS5 version, so there's no way in hell I'll just play it in 1080p lol, which looks noticeably blurrier.
  4. What the hell? The original looks way better! I hope they cut out those mahjong and chess trophies in the PS5 version so I can finally plat it. Didn't go for the PS4 version because of those.
  5. I bought the game from Hong Kong PSN when it was half price over the New Year. This site is saying it's the European version.
  6. Congrats. Good to know the contracts can still be done solo. I had a look last night and boy they don't look easy, and everything is at 0, doesn't look like anyone else is playing this game.
  7. Just bought this game today and aiming for the plat, that is if this trophy is still doable. Feel free to hit me up if you want to boost in some ways.
  8. Playing this now on the PS5 in Jan 2021. Yup it's still bugged. Story progression trophies that are supposed to be unmissable didn't unlock for me. Came here looking for advice. Turns out rest mode is the cause, which I did put my PS5 into.
  9. It is for dying and continuing, but I don't know for how many times exactly, I didn't count, it just popped for me after doing it a few times. Here's the official hint from the dev: So it's not just dying, you have to "reincarnate" as well.
  10. I did separate playthroughs just in to be on the safe side. I finished one playthrough on Easy first, so the no death trophy is more manageable. Then started a new playthrough on Hardcore. The first few levels can be a bit challenging, but things will get easier as you upgrade your skills (the skill that let you levitate enemies is very OP). It'll only take you an hour or two to finish the game if you skip all dialogues, and you'll know what to expect from your 1st playthrough.
  11. Yes, you will keep your potion and forge upgrades. Pretty much everything carries over, all your upgrades, skills, armors, skins, and mounts, so if you missed any upgrades/collectibles in your first playthrough, you can definitely continue from where you left off in NG+. I think the only exception is quest progression. The quest item menu was empty when I started my NG+, so everything was wiped clean. I killed 3/4 mythical bosses in my 1st playthrough (well I did kill 4/4 but the game glitched and didn't track one kill). Had to kill all 4 again for the trophy.
  12. I believe what he meant was he first finished 1 playthrough on Easy, then use level select to replay all levels on Hardcore in reverse order (from the last level back to the first level), which didn't unlock the Hardcore trophy for him, but he replayed the final level on Hardcore again and the trophy popped. It's definitely glitchy. I also had to replay the last level for the difficulty related trophies to pop.
  13. Decided to just go into NG+ and beelined for the four mythical bosses. Got the plat now. Be sure to make a manual save before fighting the bosses, two of them didn't give me a mythical fragment, I had to reload my save and got the fragment the second time, so it's definitely glitchy. All of them can be done relatively quickly at the start of the game, except Kottos in Ares' region. The boss is inside Ares' fortress, and you cannot get inside (red mist all around the place to drain your stamina) until you've completed the first few missions of Ares' quest line. For "More than Twelve Labours", turns out you can get the trophy by completing any tasks, as long as the total adds up to 36 tasks. The trophy popped for me after I completed the first task in NG+.
  14. Posting this for anyone who came here for advice: If you're having trouble with this trophy or the C-C-C-Combo trophy (80+ combo I believe), don't worry about it, wait till you've defeated all four wraiths and wear the armor set given to you as a reward, which boosts your godly powers by an insane amount. Wear that and just spam Athena's Dash or Are's Wrath, I routinely get 100-200 combos just spamming those moves, unlocking these trophies will take no effort at all.
  15. Not sure if you've found what you need yet. But I was in the same boat as you with 76/80, followed this guide and found the rest: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/12/03/immortals-fenyx-rising-map-all-chest-vault-and-puzzle-locations-2/