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  1. And to top it all off Square Enix still hasn't figured out how to organize everything into a single trophy list, like they used to be able to do with all past entries in the series
  2. For me the 3 is typically slightly taller than all other characters I've always found the number 3 to be oddly mis-sized on a lot of sites though
  3. I've always hated the word "toxic", I've always found it to mean the following: "Someone is saying/doing something I personally don't like/agree with" Gaming communities have always been the wild west, with good and bad players, and everyone always has their own personal definition of what "toxic" means
  4. As hard as it is for me to do, I think I'm gonna wait until I put the disc in to see this one - I've always been excited to see the opening movie when I start the game. The time is almost here though! Nothing can stop this train! Except for another delay
  5. Looks like this one is an image for Pinball FX 2
  6. The PSNProfiles Logo gets its Santa hat back! Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas :awesome:

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      Yay, I was wondering when the hat would be back.

    3. Spyro


      @Shadiochao I'm on Firefox and I see it.

    4. BlindMango


      I told Sly about how it looks on Firefox and it should be fixed now :) 

  7. Hmm, it's possible they may be hidden so nobody except for you can see them, take a look at the following thread to check and see if they are
  8. Yeah it sucks for sure - The owner of the site is trying to get our ad provider to fix this, I would recommend going to this thread and add what instance you get the ad
  9. That may happen rarely when you update your profile here while PSN's servers are briefly acting up. Earning a new trophy, syncing it to PSN, then updating your profile here again should fix that
  10. My greatest disappointment this year is developers like DICE and Bethesda losing focus on games as as fun interactive artwork where they use to push things such as story, sights, sounds, lighting, immersion, and graphical fidelity to incredible limits, and instead now shift focus on lousy, generic, and "safe" multiplayer trends and political agendas. This video for example covers when DICE was firing on all cylinders in my opinion, when their focus on the fun in gameplay was incredible. They wanted to make a game to the core and push every aspect of it to the absolute limit, and EA gave them time to do it.
  11. He's good when he speaks about gaming, in fact I typically watch Jimquisition each week. Though he's definitely had his faults where he's said things or made arguments that have made me roll my eyes. Sometimes he'll regurgitate a line or two that your average low rent games journalist would say about the industry or gamers, but it is what it is. Mostly he's a good entertainer that rants about crappy games or industry practices, basically you won't find an in-depth analysis video from his channel
  12. Hey that’s awesome news! Guide updated =D
  13. Have you changed your name on PSN recently?
  14. Thats perfect! Thanks