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  1. I refreshed these, however no new information appears to have been retrieved for these lists The PS4 list scanned in but not the PS5 list yet
  2. While the developer originally named the trophy list "Kill Team" it appears the name of this game is "Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team" everywhere I look such as game storefronts and the official website, and it also has the full name on the image thumbnail for the trophy list. In the PS3 days for some reason, developers would often abbreviate trophy list names (such as "GTA IV" or "AC Brotherhood") and we've changed them to the full name in cases like that
  3. This is definitely a leak for the history books - I honestly can't believe this! It looks pretty good from what I see (obviously it's still fairly early in development), hopefully the writing isn't garbage and it may end up being great!
  4. I feel the same man, if I could go in and fix it myself I would ... But sadly I can't. The reason I bring up alternate workarounds nowadays is because I know these things just most likely won't be fixed =/
  5. Hmm, I think this might be getting created by the same company that was going to make that "Press X For Trophies" game, or whatever it was called. I was pretty sure that was actually going to be a parody and was curious to see it until Sony shut it down, wonder if this game will also be a parody. I think the 70 bronze trophies are a hint that it might be
  6. Hmm, that's strange - I assume the developers messed up the regional name at one point when we scanned it in. Anyways, I rescanned it and it looks like it's fixed now!
  7. Maybe someone got to it before me, but whenever I rescanned it just now none of the descriptions changed
  8. Looks like a bug related to someone removing their profile from the site, so the site doesn't know what user it needs to unban now. To fix this, you'll basically have to start a new session. I'm able to end and edit sessions and all sorts of stuff, but can't do anything with this one. I imagine that even if Sly was to tinker with this individual case, it would also be too much trouble than its worth with how session pages work. He'd have to fix the issue overall in the code for this situation with any user that removes themselves
  9. Hang on, I'm receiving a message on the status of this feature... * signal incoming * ... What? This doesn't make any sense Anyways, in all seriousness this was supposed to get added a few years back, but sadly it hasn't yet Hope to see it get added too
  10. For the past couple years I've found it depressing seeing the people at the top of the leaderboards spending each day of their life playing a ton of shovelware they don't enjoy playing... just to stay at the top
  11. I tried to re-scan this one, and sadly the thumbnail doesn't update I think we've tried this in the past with no luck either, I'm thinking the developer updated the thumbnail at some point, but didn't do it for all regions so whatever version the site is scanning is still stuck with the original one
  12. Meanwhile at Sony HQ: "Does the game run when you launch it? It's approved!"
  13. An Assassin's Creed game that doesn't have terrible RPG-style mechanics and doesn't have a big empty map that's 4 times bigger than it should be?? I can't believe it, but I sure hope so, I'll be following this one!
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when we rescan these lists the DLC list names won't update to English, this typically means the developer probably didn't also make the "Default" list name in English so until they do that, it won't update on the site either. Sadly we're not able to rename DLC lists either Tried rescanning again just now, but no luck
  15. They messed up the second trophy list, it's supposed to be called Set 2 (similar to Train Sim World 2's situation) and was previously called Set 1 accidentally We typically don't make a series until there's at least 2 main games (like a first game and a sequel), it appears Commander's Challenge is more of an expansion to Red Alert 3