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  1. Yeah that’s basically what it’s doing, I’ve actually never told @Sly Ripper about that bug either Basically Sly, when trying to add trophies in the Roadmap stages it lists random trophies until refreshing the page
  2. In the Roadmap? Yeah that ones a weird bug, refreshing the page should do the fix
  3. You can have a game in more than one series, such as VR Games series and also Call of Duty series as a hypothetical example I also hope to see a console tag for VR in the future, but until then we’ll have to use series
  4. Yeah so this is definitely something me and Sly have talked about not too long ago, essentially the guides are linked together now but not all the way in sync in all areas yet. It's a little more complicated then it seems to do the right way, but seems like it's doable. Sly's working on a few things at the moment, but I'd say this is definitely on his radar I for one can't wait to see this, but it'll probably take some time Edit: Since guides are linked now and they can be further synced in the future, we don't wanna do ports because it will make things more complicated with this down the line
  5. You remind me of me, you're a completionist! Except you do a lot better job at it than me Be sure to only play games you love, never make it a chore and never try to maintain 100% overall completion because doing that will break you - 95% and above is always really impressive. Basically set realistic goals though, like mine are minimum 60% for each game, try to reach and maintain 95% overall completion, and so on and the long game of reaching those goals are fun. If there is a trophy that is just completely ridiculous, I don't go for it because it's not fun. Keep it fun, and again don't try to maintain 100% overall, it's not fun. Remember though this is video games, and if you're starting to question what you're doing, there's nothing wrong with changing that to make it enjoyable for yourself - it's your profile and your way of playing, so have fun with it and don't make yourself go crazy
  6. Uhh we’re getting there Also it seems like the game that never released is an official developer template for base PS4 games and then VR games
  7. For most of the trophies, the game is pretty simple. That being said, the gold trophies are what's extremely time consuming and they ask that you play and master the game quite a lot. Those gold trophies require you to get many, many first place wins in ranked multiplayer which pits you against equally skilled players. It also requires you go get pole position (first place) pre-race warmup times when matched with other players. It's pretty tough, though some have slightly less trouble than others because maybe factors like skill and luck.
  8. Hey, there's no guide for Crossing Souls and it doesn't look like anyone is working on one at the moment for that game
  9. I'm not sure if it's been said already, but huge thanks for the E3 announcement banner that you kept up-to-date! It was incredibly useful for me especially in the EU where I had to catch up on most of it :)

    1. BlindMango


      Glad you liked it, thanks! :) 

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Agreed. This was awesome! Helped me out a lot.

    3. Teslacron_Prime


      Seriously man, you're a machine! Props.

  10. Sometimes they let a few build up and it takes a few weeks for them to verify what they have in the queue, which is normal. But if nothing ever happens they may have marked it legitimate. @AndresLionheart - I don't see yours in the queue so it may have been marked as legit, you could message MMDE about it and see why they determined that
  11. Updated the original post with PlayStation's interview of Spyro from their stream today
  12. During Nintendo's E3 event, they showed off the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game is massive detail They also shared the release date: December 7th, 2018
  13. Thanks, done!
  14. I was contemplating getting a Pro and ultimately deciding it's not worth it... Then they announce this. Crap
  15. Remedy's new game unveiled at the Sony PlayStation press conference Here's a gameplay demo shown on PlayStation's interview stream, thanks to ziggypossum for pointing this out!