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  1. Honestly I like the potential in it. As others are saying, converting every feature and every page on this website into a way that's mobile friendly is a gigantic task. People would expect everything present on a profile or list to be smartly added on mobile resolutions - no features missing basically. However I realize this is mostly a rough draft and a proof of concept. It's got some cool stuff for mobile, such as being able to select anywhere on an entire row for a game instead of just the list title, along with the layout of how trophy lists themselves are arranged. People were right about each row needing to not be too high and stuff and the second version looks a lot better than the first. That being said, it all depends on if Sly would have an interest in it or not, ultimately he would have a say on it.
  2. I guess Ratalaika Games hasn't put the AS PS4 trophy list onto PSN yet for some reason, until then the trophies will only save locally on the console
  3. Parts of PSN have been going up and down today, which is typically the cause of falsely showing your profiles as private on the site today. You'll probably want to wait a few hours to make sure PSN becomes stable again, then earn a new trophy and sync it to PSN, then update your profile here again. After doing that, it should fix the problem.
  4. Parts of PSN have been going up and down today, which means we'll probably want to wait to give it a few hours to go back up, then earn a new trophy and sync it to PSN, then update your profile here again. If you earn a new trophy and update right now, it will probably still show as hidden because of PSN
  5. Just so you know the poll can have multiple options selected, you may want to just make it one choice But yeah it would be nice to see the series system and VR tags finished. As I said in the part 2 post for the ribbon system, that is not first priority
  6. Priority is not being given to the ribbon system, and I’d like to personally see things like this and the series system get finished first.
  7. This game was one of the great games of the PS3 generation, and it has a very unique feeling to the gameplay, physics, and mechanics to this day. Niko and the world crafted around him was quite good with lots of interesting characters (Brucie! Also let's not forget Roman wanting to go bowling!). Online was a blast with friends too. I'm still unsure if it will all age particularly well like the PS2 universe of GTA games did, but it was quite a fun game in the time it was released. It also had great DLC as well, they don't make DLC like that anymore! Oh yeah those online trophies? Wow, that was an unending grind lol. I don't miss that! But certainly happy I managed to nab the platinum trophy for this game.
  8. Hey, only Sly is able to unblock these as far as I know @Sly Ripper
  9. Thankfully Japan isn't in the EU, so they won't have to perform a Japanexit and the trophy lists for this game won't get any more unorganized than they already are, whew crisis averted
  10. Yeah, it looks like the devs decided to lump JP in with all the EU countries, and in cases like that we'll still mark the list as EU
  11. It looks like you haven't earned a new trophy in 3 weeks - 3 weeks ago when you updated your profile it was probably when PSN's servers had some kind of hiccup. Try earning a new trophy in any game, sync it to PSN, and update your profile here on the site and that should fix your profile.
  12. Each trophy list is its own thing, and the simplicity of that ribbon is it simply a reward for 50% completion or below, all else not a factor. Even though a trophy list can be an exact copy of another one, it's a different region with different players and an opportunity to get the ribbon in one case where there may not the opportunity in another case. I understand the idea of linking repeat lists together and have thought about it myself, however ultimately this would make the system a lot more complicated and confusing. What is "If it's 50% or below, it gives you this ribbon" turns into "If you get a platinum trophy with a rarity of 50% or below, you get a ribbon (Unless the list is part of a stack of lists, then if you get higher than 50% you still get the ribbon if another region is lower than 50%)." So it would need to be on a list by list basis rather than grouping a particular percentage from a different region with the same title, because dealing with Sony's lack of organization with trophy lists is already enough of a headache lol. I've thought about mobile scaling, and it seems like it can be fixed by just tightening the spacing between each item on the top bar, changing font sizes, among other things.
  13. I sort of have a rough to-do list for Sly in a staff area of the site, and I could essentially bring it up to a pinned post at some point when I have the time
  14. @Sly Ripper - Hey, are you able to fix this?
  15. Yep, couldn't add more than 3 options