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  1. Sly informed me everything’s coming into place on the backend and you should start seeing things merging today, starting with forum accounts! I don’t believe you can do this, even if it’s changing your own name form uppercase to lowercase using the same letters - it’s still the same name to PSN =/
  2. Yep @Sly Ripper I'm getting these again when visiting virtually any page on the site at any time while not logged in on Safari on iPhone
  3. I've ordered a new keyboard from Amazon for having to maintain trophy lists that are repeated into infinity because it's getting a little tedious wanting to keep quality up for the same list repeated 40 times over, because I have to do the same 8 things on the backend for each list repeated. Even bigger though, we still don't have everything elegantly connected together on the site for repeat trophy lists because the site was built with the expectation that 1 game = 1 trophy list, mind boggling I know. Try using features on PSN with these list like doing a trophy comparison if you live in America with your friend in Europe, can't be done. Sony broke any future features like that they may have had in mind My issue isn't with their games either - Seriously their games all look pretty decent quality-wise, but it's just the constant dumping of the repeat lists man - you knocked that down to one single list for all regions and made the platinum like 2 hours to get minimum, the trophy system may actually be saved at that point lol - Honestly Sony is to blame for their lack of phenomenal trophy list quality control like they had during the PS3 days - someone with a great sense of OCD and organization skills must've left Sony around the time Sound Shapes came out and all the trophy list organization and guidelines just completely fell apart. Trophy lists like these are simply following the rule of supply and demand - trophy hunters keep demanding 40 lists for the same game, all which take 10 minutes to platinum each, and that is met with a supply devs and publishers are willing to give. Enjoy the result of that demand and watch the value of trophy systems tiered structure burn lol
  4. Dang you're quick, I just screwed that up a couple minutes ago too! Fixed!
  5. From what it's looking like, your login from the old account should link right up with the new one.
  6. Oh I'll be sure to be on the lookout
  7. Did you change your name? If so you'll need to type your new name in the box on the homepage of the website to see the full profile Then after a week your account you log in with should get merged with the new profile after a site update releases - - - If you didn't change your name then it looks like your account is displaying as completely private on PSN - I would make sure the information in the red text on the first page is followed in that case
  8. Sly tells me beta testers should be fine, but we shall see!
  9. Nope! Well during this week you might, but once accounts re-link to each other then they are automatically off the boards again After a week the old one should automatically be removed and replaced with the new one
  10. From what I understand the PSN name will just change automatically on PS4, PS3, & VITA without having to do anything And yes SiDima is correct while all your earned trophies will transfer some online multiplayer in-game stats in some games will not carry over
  11. Your new and old account should merge together here on this site a week from now, until then you’ll have to use your old forum profile More info here
  12. Your trophy progress from Vita & PS3 will also carry over, they are still tied to you account
  13. Hi, I've just changed my Online ID and now I can't update the "About Me" section for close my old account here. I need to close it because I want to use my old mail for the new one. May I contact an admin who can help me?

    1. BlindMango


      About a week from now all information (including your login) will move from your old account to the new one


      More info here:


  14. If I remember right it wasn't posted anywhere officially but Sly was telling me the system made it appear as though it would be that way during the beta last year - but anything could change from a beta, so there's that
  15. It appears as though it's always tied to you and you're always allowed to revert to any past name, which is quite odd. During the name change beta last year Sony seemed to make it appear as the old name would be allowed to be taken by someone else after 6 months, but that doesn't seem to be the case now