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  1. I always thought The Last Guardian was a game that's rarer than it should be. Sure it takes a couple playthroughs but all of its trophies are fairly straight-forward and the time based trophies have lots of leeway. Its platinum trophy is at 3% rarity! Always figured 6 - 10% rarity or something would make more sense for that game
  2. In other words, "There are now too many 5 minute platinums releasing now and you're getting too much free stuff"
  3. I have legitimate questions about the trophy system and its (lack of) organization. Every new game with over 3 identical trophy lists will get this question until Sony provides a logical solution. I'm certain we will get our answer from them in a very timely manner.
  4. Sly doesn't allow threads or discussions regarding account sharing or game sharing on the site, so that content basically always has had to be taken down by mods since the forums were established, see rule 4 here:
  5. Ah yeah you're right, I wasn't paying attention to that - they already hit the total limit. Wow Geez, whose wise idea was it to include the lists again from the first game? It's probably the same person who decided not to have the platinum trophy. Yeah this list is a complete mess lol
  6. I think the first one may be NA & EU while the second one is maybe Asia? I think by a fluke they may have organized their PS4 lists better for once
  7. Technically it’s an emoticon! Nah but I always thought that was a pointless rule, I personally never enforce it lol
  8. The reason for this is once a developer hits the DLC limit the dev is supposed to request form Sony more DLC trophies and it has to undergo an approval process from Sony (Rocket League and Driveclub did this for example) I guess the devs for this game were either too lazy to do that, didn’t know they could do that, or for some reason weren’t approved and made this mess Lets be honest they probably didn’t know and didn’t care to look into it lol
  9. Story-wise it's a game I absolutely love and the only game I've ever played 6 times over because I enjoyed the story, gameplay, pacing, and overall strategy of all the levels that much. You don't have to play that many times over to get platinum though lol, maybe like 2 or 3 max, but the harder the game gets the more fun it is. Instead of the difficulty spike being shooting more bullets into sponge-like enemies, it's actually a requirement that you know about each level, can stealth well, and can strategize ammo and items, though if you'd rather just stick with easy difficulty it's still a blast to play. I love it and always recommend it just for the story alone. The online trophies for the base game aren't too bad actually, and basically just require you to play online matches - doesn't take that long and is nothing like Uncharted online trophies. I also made a guide where you can read up on what's involved with the multiplayer and it lets you prepare for it too. If you want to get DLC trophies I would highly recommend getting the PS4 version of the game because they're considerably easier and require no boosting.
  10. Yeah I was looking at this the other day Adventure! Epic World! HUNT FOR QUEST!
  11. The link Yuri shared was an idea Sly was playing around with a few months ago but hasn't fully implemented. Hopefully he doesn't, I think Discord is trash
  12. Try earning a new trophy on the new profile, then tying the new profile name into the box and it should transfer over. It may also tell you to wait 24 hours at that point too
  13. Nah, they're not meant to replace Parker and Stevieboy, so basically 4 fulltime forum mods
  14. Try earning a new trophy in any game and syncing it to PSN, then updating your profile here again - you likely updated your profile here when PSN was acting up