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  1. If people are removed from the leaderboards, it affects the rarity of trophies in that game
  2. For now I'll label it as the "Rereleased Version"
  3. Modern games journalism does a copy and paste job of their own articles all the time, and they all now label a rumor as a "report". I'll wait to see the announcement
  4. Lol even though this is a rumor, would Activision really be that dumb? The highlight of MW2 by miles is the actual multiplayer. It's Activision though, so even if it did get multiplayer they would trash it a month later with loot boxes and pink guns like they did with the MW1 remaster...
  5. Forgive me, I'm late to the party this week!
  6. That’s something @Sly Ripper would have to fix
  7. Because it was a wikihow link posted with nothing else presented about why you created the topic - If you're making a topic you need to explain why you're sharing a link or maybe it would be better as a status update
  8. Hey BlindMango, would you check my Yakuza Kiwami Trophy guide and see how i went. I still got a few more pieces left and it should be good to go.

    1. BlindMango


      It looks like it needs some more detail for a Yakuza game, I would spend a good amount more time on it before you resubmit it. I should note that you also can't copy and paste content, lists, and guides from other places such as this site or this site.


      Also, it looks like ManaFear withdrew from the guide at a certain point and you can't publish the guide with the things they've typed on their own before you started adding your own edits to the guide around 8pm eastern time before hand such as the list they typed under "The Strongest Fighter". The guide team doesn't care about the drama that surrounds the guide and why you decided to go separate ways, it has to be published in your own words in this case and the time tags can all be seen on our end. 


      Please don't rush the guide in an unpublishable state if you intend on publishing it. Again, the guide team does not care about drama surrounding this guide, we can see all time tags and edits and so long as the entirety of the guide is in your own words, it will be able to be published as long as it has a lot of information and detail.

    2. Nexuds121


      Whoa calm down. Not like everyone in this world is perfect at anything, not you, not me, not anyone else.  

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @Nexuds121 I think you are the one that should calm down. Mango simply presented you with reasons why the guide cannot be published. He neither attacked you nor was rude in his statement. As a leader of the guide team, he has a duty to preserve the quality of PSNP guides. And with game like Yakuza, if Mango says it's insufficient in terms of content, I would back up that 100%.
      If you are doing guide for Kiwami, it should in my opinion be at least as full (content-wise) as Y0 guide.

  9. Check your hidden game checklist on all your consoles (PS3, PS4, and Vita) and make sure the game isn't individually hidden on any of those consoles. Sometimes it's checked off on one of them and it prevents it from truly being unhidden
  10. SPYRO
  11. Thanks, all fixed and linked!
  12. Yeah I've heard they've been having serious issues with ads recently... Needless to say stuff like this is what got me to finally just get Adblock a couple of years ago after holding back for so long, it honestly just has gotten out of hand
  13. The fact that they didn't correctly format the acronym in the platinum trophy is bugging me lol (Each letter needs a period behind it, including the last letter).
  14. Rules and information regarding custom servers will be added to this section of the forum soon.