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  1. Hey, nice to see these back! Congrats on getting an interview Wdog!
  2. Okay, Sly set a limit to 10 sessions created per person lol
  3. Telltale used to work on The Walking Dead and like one other franchise, now that they work on 8 million different franchises at the same time, they're a little... slow lol
  4. So I deleted all sessions that didn't have any people in them and that reduced it from 74 ... to 30. Okay when Sly gets back hopefully he can put a cap or something, but anyway I messaged the guy and told him to stop. He keeps it up let us know here!
  5. Yeah please message me or a forum mod if you guys see any weird sessions in the future please - we don't want spam like this on the page lol. I'll probably just go through and delete these
  6. Are you referring to the sessions made by this cesar_v23g guy? Holy crap, lol Yeah we might have to do something about that because how is this dude setting up all these sessions, some at the same time, and expecting to do them? @Sly Ripper ^ And this is just a snippet of a time period on a Sunday, lol - I would go through these one by one and delete them, but uhh maybe you have a more efficient way of doing this? Edit: I deleted all the empty sessions from him. More specifically though, maybe you should set some kind of cap like 5 gaming sessions created at a time per user or something
  7. It used to be similar to how it is now about a year ago but when the visual site update released it was made to only show when you update a lot in a day
  8. Sly usually puts it up when he's dealing with bots/unusual traffic. It should hopefully go back to normal after a while
  9. The 'Sales & Deals' section has been added to the forums, enjoy! =D

    1. Mesopithecus


      You sir, deserve a box of cookies 🍪

    2. BlueFireReaper


      Yeah, I would have never thought of the idea of adding a section for that.

  10. Done!
  11. Try using the PS3 or Vita if you’re hiding PS3 or Vita games, PS4 is buggy at the moment
  12. Update 5.0 bugged trophy hiding on PS4 specifically for Vita & PS3 games as it just shows 4 PS4 games. For now until Sony fixes it you'll have to use Vita or PS3 to hide those games.
  13. After being annoyed in the demo by being rear-ended by kids in Sport mode and getting a 10 second penalty each time for that, I’m so happy to see most (if not all?) of the trophies are not for sport mode
  14. Hmm, that's a good question - it doesn't look like privacy settings for games can be edited on the app though
  15. Yep they have changed this up a bit with the last update, and I updated the main post to reflect that the other day. Hiding/Unhiding PS3 and Vita games from the PS4 seems buggy now and actually just shows your last four PS4 games, they’ll hopefully fix it soon. In the meantime you’d have to use PS3 and Vita to hide/unhide games