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  1. I'm so glad to hear they're revisiting adding trophies to older games, even if it's just some, this is great news!
  2. On PlayStationTrophies everyone voted practically every game with a difficulty of 3/10 and never understood the entire scale, so it was kind of useless overall every time I looked at a game's difficulty there. I think if it was implemented here, it would have to be done right and encourage people to vote properly on the scale: 1 is shovelware, 5 is an average trophy list (not too difficult, not too hard), and 10 is nearly impossible. Then I think we'd need to give examples of games and a description of each rating as you're mousing over it, such as 1 is My Name is Mayo, 5 would be maybe Grand Theft Auto V, and 10 would be Super Meat Boy, etc... It would maybe stop people from losing their minds and posting dozens of comments that they can't believe that a guide creator had the audacity to rate a game's difficulty as a 7 instead of a 6 lol
  3. We don't have a region in our system for Poland or PL/RU, only Russia. This is one of those cases where we just have to settle with a region tag that we have For Vampire, I'm not sure if we have a good region tag for this situation, so I think I'll leave that list untagged for now. For Saint Seiya, it doesn't look like this one is fully figured out? I think you may be right that maybe it could be PS3 only, but there's a lot of people from North America with this version as well, so it doesn't seem exclusive to Latin America? I dunno, I'm not seeing any clear indicators here - if it's the Latin American version, we don't have a tag for it anyways, we only have a tag for Brazil
  4. Fixed!
  5. Platinum 120 - Horizon Forbidden West


    It's been a little while since I've gotten a platinum trophy, however 120 goes to Horizon Forbidden West!


    For starters, it's nice to see they improved some of the weak points from the first game, like there now being better character facial expressions, way better story missions, more interesting environments, and more! The main story is without a doubt the best part of the game, and while I was playing through it, I loved it quite a lot. The game is also quite beautiful, it's honestly impressive how this game looks graphically and how it has improved since the first game too. It was really cool to see how they re-created a lot of places and monuments from western states for Horizons map. There's a good video called "Horizon Forbidden West vs Reality" that really shows this off, and until watching it I didn't realize just how far they went to do this


    That being said the game also has its downsides. One being an issue many games like it has: the map is just too big and would honestly be better off if the map was half the size. Right now the map size causes there to be a lot of empty space, with a lot of mundane content littered about to fill it in. Another downside is Aloy is kind of a boring character, I mean she's a cool character on paper, but in the game she has no apparent faults to the point everyone calls her "the savior", and I found myself being more intrigued with the characters around her who actually had their own personal stories and faults. Hopefully in the third game these things can be more fleshed out though


    Overall, I think if you stick to the main story and do the side quests related to the main characters, you're in for a treat! If you venture off from there, it may not always be worth your time. I think Guerilla did a pretty good job with the trophies in this game focusing on most of the things that matter, and while some trophies are a little tedious, overall I liked it.

  6. The Jumping Burger... *sigh* Okay
  7. I don't think any changes have been made to it recently, but it's been that way for at least a few years. I would say it's not usually noticed by people because it requires adding one of more 0% lists and not getting any trophies afterwards. Next time you get a trophy in any game though, all of the 0% lists should show here on the site
  8. Yes, the site won't search for 0% lists on your profile until you earn a new trophy in any game. Basically if the site doesn't see a change in total number of trophies, it won't do a full profile refresh
  9. If you hit the Discord tab from the main site, it should take you straight to the server. If you hit the Discord tab from the forums, it takes you to the page to link your account I would maybe try going to the main website and hitting the Discord tab, that should hopefully work
  10. Update: Infinity Ward just unveiled the logo for Modern Warfare II
  11. Riiiiiidge Racerrrr!
  12. It appears the version you got is both EA & NA digital and EU physical list, and the other list is NA physical only. Kind of a mess, so I added "Disc" to the other game's title and tagged it as North America, probably the best that can be done in this case
  13. Thanks, was able to fix this game on IGDB & here on the site too
  14. Checked the recent earners just and couldn't believe my eyes, people are finally earning this trophy! Well that was quite the adventure, wasn't it? It's nice to finally get confirmation on what the heck this trophy actually is. This has definitely been a fun thread to watch as we banged our heads against the wall trying to figure it out - till next time!
  15. It will only end when we get a Simulator Game Simulator