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  1. Looks like that did the trick! Sony's servers must've been erratic when you updated your profile here. Earn a new trophy in any game, sync it on PSN, then update your profile here and it should be all fixed after doing that
  2. Not a terrible idea in my opinion - That would be an interesting additional leaderboard page to at least have because why not Similar to this topic I was kind of personally thinking maybe a indicator should be added to a profile to address at a glance whether a high percentage of their platinums are shovelware stacks or normal games. Games with a platinum with a normal or rare percentage rate would positively affect it and games with a comically high platinum percentage rate (80%+) would negatively affect it. Unfortunately platinums are getting to the point where they aren't going to be a useful gauge at a glance of the efforts people went through in each list. This may not be a well liked idea though but I think ultimately it will have to be added at some point in a way lol

    I believe is HK (+ Physical), as it shows up on and EastAsia released their own physical-exclusive which as usual means their version goes to the HK store. 




    I tried PMing, but you're not able to receive messages. 

    1. BlindMango


      Yeah I'm thinking you may be right - fixed!


      Oh yeah oops! I need to clean out my inbox xD 

  4. Please start a Gaming Session
  5. Yep, I rescanned the list the other day (See dalailama's comment above). Growing Up is now Blood of Leonidas
  6. Just finished Kingdom Hearts III, and wow. That was quite the incredible ending. Is it worth the wait? I think so! But as always with this series it brings more questions than answers xD Especially with the secret ending.


    You were right @kels_77, I'm practically speechless after everything that happened haha

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    2. Fing3rButt3r3


      KH 3.5? yes please...

    3. LegacyJKO09


      @KingGuy420 that's true.. and cryptic they are. anything is possible, knowing Square they'd want Kingdom Hearts to reach 5 or 6 key games probably. aka Kh4 kh5 kh6. time will tell

    4. BlindMango


      Yeah I've been looking up theories of the secret endings and it definitely looks pretty fascinating! I agree it was definitely easy though - it surprised me I had no issues with all the final bosses. I also agree KH2 Final Mix had all of its content pieced together in a way that was better than KH3, but that being said KH3 still kept blowing my mind haha

  7. Sometimes a random table in the guide will shift the contents section down to the bottom of the page when viewing the guide on a low-resolution screen. It should be fixed now though
  8. Big baller Mango. I saw you took out the trash with that Alicexshy person earlier this month. Great job. Plus I have seen you in many other places over the years.  Good on ya much respect.

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    2. goman21


      Did wha he could do under his own power and banned her from the forums. Since he couldn’t delete her per her request. Lol I don’t get on here often but they were the most recent person to view my profile so I checked this morning. 😂😂✌🏻💯

    3. PooPooBlast


      Was actually a dude. Goes to show how trolly he was!

    4. BlindMango


      xD Glad I could offer my services

  9. This is just a heads up but there's a game coming out soon, called "Awesome Pea" which will be another one of Sometimes You's multi-list and mis-tag cock ups :(.

    1. BlindMango


      :facepalm:  Thanks for the warning, I will brace for impact haha

  10. So when we originally launched the guide system for a short time we had the base game and all DLC trophies on a single guide page - This guide is actually a relic of that. Then we realized the writer of the original guide would be expected to keep up with the DLC trophies as well for as long as they released, which in a lot of cases wasn't going to happen. So we split them, this made it to where anyone can continue writing for the DLC trophies, DLC guides can have their own roadmap, own tips & strategies, etc... We try to combine them together by listing DLC guides in the sidebar of the main guide and within the guides section of a trophy list. But that's basically why we have it that way
  11. Should be all regions of Asia - Japan, Hong Kong, Korea
  12. Oh no... I rescanned it but it looks like that's still how the dev has it on PSN for that list, that's definitely odd wording for sure lol
  13. This is promising! As long as they have the perfect amount of water in this game, I'm thinking IGN might just give it a solid review!
  14. It's possible, but I'll need to see players tied to the list before I can be certain. You got it! Fixed! Hey, for various (sometimes technical) reasons I may not add all the series that are recommended. Or I may take a while to add them or be selective in what becomes a series for now. Just to let y'all know I'm not ignoring the series entirely
  15. The session should remain after you’ve created. The game just needs to be on your profile in order to make the session