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  1. For now since the vast majority of people who have this list still own the non definitive edition (the original game) and this list is shared between the two versions it will make more sense to keep it as just Mafia III for now. Hmm, so the regular Remnant list had DLC come in with a scan, but the Korean list did not have DLC trophies show up. The JP version of Moonlighter also didn't have any DLC trophies come up when I rescanned it
  2. Yep, I've updated these all recently - Your browser may still be caching the old images so you may have to press Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl + F5 to do a full refresh of the pages
  3. Sounds like a plan haha
  4. It's on the to-do list for Sly to link these guides in the way you're explaining. Mainly it's going to have to be another workaround we'll have to make a fix for on the site here due to these trophy lists being so unorganized on PSN
  5. Looking forward to the day these shovelware lists won't be so pointlessly disorganized - should hopefully be fixed now
  6. If a profile goes completely blank with no trophies, that's what causes the trophy cabinet to get deleted (because there are no more trophies on your profile for the site to display). What Sly did should hopefully cause that to not be an issue anymore unless you ever manually set all your trophies to private
  7. That probably actually would fix a number of other related issues that crop up from time to time lol
  8. If it helps out, it's been doing this kind of thing more often recently, a couple of weeks ago it did it maybe 3 times during the week
  9. Alrighty I've reworded the trophy with this information - should be good to go now
  10. Hmm, it looks to might just be trophy cards in peoples signatures not using an https link causing Chrome to say it's "not secure"
  11. Sony jumped the shark years ago with the trophy system sadly. What I can say is at least this game didn't add another worthless platinum trophy to the pile lol
  12. So instead of just updating the existing PS4 list (that should have just been merged with the original PS3 list in the first place) they instead split it off to another separate list for the exact same PS4 game, then split that list off again for another region. This level of disorganization is just funny to me at this point. I guess 2K Games has been getting trophy list advice from sholvelware list makers
  13. @Sly Ripper is the only one that is able to edit forum section names. I can only trick a name into being created if a non-English trophy list comes in without a forum initially =/
  14. They did so well keeping everything to one trophy list too... Ah well, I guess this game will be unorganized too now
  15. This is a known site issue, but unfortunately there isn't a fix for it yet =/