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  1. Unfortunately there's no way to add DLC trophies onto a base game trophy guide - each piece of DLC will need its own guide. Originally when we started the guide system we had all DLC trophies bundled with the main guide but figured out this was a bad idea because mostly people didn't want to keep up with the game for sometimes years later with the detail that would be required for the DLC trophies
  2. If you don't want to go through the trouble of reverting your name back and all that mess, we can just make your new name the second writer of your guides so you can still work on and publish them until @Sly Ripper finally fixes guide transferring for name changing - just send us the links to the guides in progress if you've like us to do that!
  3. Thanks for nominating! When you're able to, you'll also want to say what your guide of the year was (Any guide from any list is eligible for this, including the one you mentioned) and try to nominate a total of 3 categories and you should be good to go
  4. Great posts so far Keep that nominating going! Haha I also wanted to say as I was compiling this list of all the guides for this year, I was reminded just how many incredibly well done guides were made over the year, a number of them that made me say “Holy crap, I can’t believe they made this” Well done to all of you =D
  5. It will show up as Trophy Crasher in your milestones since the milestones pulls the default name, such as with this persons profile: https://psnprofiles.com/Ulyaoth4k
  6. Sadly the Catherine guide is taking the "default" language from the trophy list, which for Catherine's case it was originally Japanese before it was English, so there's nothing I can do with the toold I have to fix that unfortunately. Hey @Sly Ripper with the old site layout guides pulled the English version and not the default version, any way to fix these kinds of guides to show English for the guide info?
  7. So it looks like the developer for this game set name for the platinum for the "default" trophy list on PSN as "Trophy Crasher" while the English US name is "Crash n' Grab", which is why you see it as "Crash n' Grab" on the main list but you see it as "Trophy Crasher" when clicking on the trophy and visiting the individual trophy page. Not much we can do here unfortunately as that's how the developer has it displaying and that's what we're showing. A few other developers have done this too, such as with Titanfall 2, which is pretty odd that the devs would do that It's no problem, but thanks for tagging me or else I wouldn't have seen it
  8. Thanks fixed! I'll just play musical chairs with the tags until I get it right, or until these developers finally decide to clean up the mess and just organize everything into a single list (one can dream)
  9. It shouldn't be too bad as it's mostly copying and pasting the text over from one guide to another, however you'll have to relink the trophies to use the links for the new guide instead of the old one and you'll also have to re-add tags to each trophy in the new one
  10. No problem! You can also make a new Downwell guide under your new name and just copy and paste the text from the existing one if you'd rather do that too
  11. Hey you should be able to edit it now Sly, the owner of the site, will change the guides to be tied to name ID rather than username at some point which will fix this, but until then your new name is listed as the second writer of the guide
  12. You'll need to let 24 hours pass until everything fully merges correctly, then 24 hours from now when you type your new name into the box in the homepage everything should switch over properly
  13. Try earning a new trophy in any game, syncing it on PSN, then updating your profile here on the site
  14. I'm like the trash man, I try to clean up the place as much as I can then move the rest to the nearest landfill
  15. This is the third time I've had to correct (delete) the word TROPHYS from their trophy list title, lets not stop this amazing quality control Sony