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  1. If that's turned on, pressing the blue up arrow at the bottom-right of the screen will slowly move the page up with elevator music. If you're viewing a profile, I guess sometimes you have to scroll down and load all the users trophy lists before it works for some reason It was an April Fools joke a few years back and Sly kept it as a setting lol
  2. You've all been doing a heck of an awesome job so far! I'm impressed, you get the mango seal of approval for sure
  3. Such a beautiful thing to see, hopefully this opened Sony's eyes on backwards compatibility and they'll look into supporting these consoles or games more in their app and perhaps next gen consoles
  4. Really cool to see your thread featured on Sacred Symbols Podcast (1:27:25), YongYea (8:30), and apparently several other places! This thread has really gotten traction! Glad to see Sony seems to be fixing these
  5. I used to just go in and just delete these spam Discord advertisement sessions kids keep doing, but for some reason I'm unable to edit sessions anymore
  6. I wonder if Sly decided to remove it one day because it's not really impressive anymore when a bunch of people's fastest platinum is from 15 minute platinum shovelware or maybe repeated instaplat lists... Kinda unfortunate side effect of the trophy system over past years
  7. Typically in cases like this where one list is EU and the other is NA/AS, the non-EU list will still be labeled as NA. It happens a lot where other regions may be lumped into others by the developers and we basically choose the larger region among them. It looks like someone else from the guide information team may have removed the tag completely though, so I guess I'll keep it untagged for now
  8. I'm glad they're doing this so they can push the game to the fullest and I'm also not surprised to see either, I'm betting we'll see an announcement for this game real soon!
  9. I wonder if it would turn out like where every single game ends up being rated a 3/10 lol
  10. Well it's basically inconsistent when it comes to finding lists with no players. It finds some at times, but not always - I'm not sure exactly why it's so picky though, some sort of logic it's using, like maybe it doesn't go back and check list ID's that previously weren't showing anything until there are players with an unknown list on their profile... Just a guess though
  11. Nah the lists just come through automatically, then we apply images and fix list info after. The reason there may be some missing lists is probably because nobody has played them yet, which for some reason this site doesn't find unplayed but active lists as well as others (which really isn't that big of a deal though, because they'll come in when people start playing it)
  12. Also earn a new trophy in any game on any console after unhiding the game, then update your profile here on the site
  13. Lol pretty much, detuned was made by the same developer but I never ended up playing that one
  14. I guess so, it was kind of an interesting artsy demonstration experience and graphically really nice for the PS3. It's got a pretty easy trophy list and also is one of the very first trophy lists ever created. It was definitely something people thought was interesting around the time but would probably just seem like a quirky demo today lol
  15. Here are some I can think of: PAIN High Velocity Bowling Super Rub a Dub Unfinished Swan Linger in Shadows Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty Journey Flower Papo & Yo Echochrome Also while the download list isn't going away it may be worth checking it for some gems you may have forgotten you downloaded. For example I had the demo for Driver San Francisco, the original Gran Turismo 5 demos, and Resistance demo and more on my download list