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  1. Yep, lol sadly it looks like shovelware is starting to split lists already, so Sony didn't do anything to organize the trash
  2. I currently see games not listed here like Kingdom Hearts 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider for like $15 - $20 each on the NA store
  3. Here's where I posted information on the differences between PS5 lists and PS4 lists. So far we're still trying to see if there will be a game that proves it wrong, but at the moment it seems consistent across all the PS5 lists so far:
  4. At the minimum at least you can say this game is self aware that it’s blatant shovelware, owns it, and has fun with it. It still shouldn’t have a platinum trophy though lol
  5. It looks like they've reworded this from Trophies to 'Gaming History' in the latest PS4 update. I went ahead and fixed the PS4 directions as well
  6. I went ahead and updated the original post for the PS5 Since the PS5 asks everybody to choose their privacy preferences when setting it up, some people are choosing a preference that is not allowing everyone to see their games/trophies, which then makes their profiles blank here. Looks like you can only hide/unhide PS4 and PS5 games from the PlayStation 5 privacy settings too.
  7. I'm not sure which numbers you mean - You can see PS3, Vita, & PS4 trophy lists on the PS5 though. Percentages and everything show up correctly too
  8. It's up to the developer to add trophy tracking support to the trophy list, and at least at the moment not a requirement from Sony unfortunately
  9. Hey all! Just wanted to list some more changes Sly has been making since he made the first post: Trophy Progress: Some PS5 lists will now show your progress towards getting a trophy (if the game developer added that functionality) Leaderboard: The PS5 leaderboard has been added (and the long awaited VR leaderboard too!) Platform Filtering: You can now filter by PS5 on the games page, your profile, trophy log, etc Also here are some interesting observations I've noticed about PS5 trophy lists: The PS5 trophy lists appear to run off a completely different framework than PS4 and older lists, it's why you can't see PS5 trophy lists on your PS4, Vita and PS3. This means Sony may have 'gone back to the drawing board' to fix certain issues the old trophy list framework had (a couple I'll detail below). It appears that PS5 lists can't be shared with other platforms. If the game is on PS5 it must have its own list. So you can't have a single trophy list that is PSV, PS4, & PS5 for example. PS5 lists solve the "total trophy limit" problem the PS4 and older lists had, where there can't be more than 125 trophies in a list, as seen by the Dead by Daylight PS5 list which blows past that and has 149 trophies without the need for an "additional trophies" list like the PS4 version of the game did. I'm still not certain about this, but I'm definitely hoping for this as it would reduce shovelware trophy lists: It may be that repeated lists can't be split off anymore for different regions. There is already a PS5 game list that is already published that would typically have 3 lists minimum on other platforms, but only has one right now. The only thing is that the Sackboy game has 2 lists, but nobody has played the second one yet, and it could have just been a test list. Only time will tell! Nevermind! Shovelware games have already started to split PS5 lists sadly
  10. Looks like he's trying to make sure all the essentials for PS5 lists are all running in good shape before he looks at the thumbnails again, but I'm sure it won't be too long
  11. Leave it to EA to not even spend an extra 30 seconds to paste a square logo for their game as their list thumbnail
  12. I remember hearing something was coming like maybe two or more years ago, so I bet the regular members there are really happy the day has come! It looks nice and modern, a much needed breath of fresh air for the site, and right on time for the PS5 launch. Looks like they will be getting something along the lines of automatic profile updating from what I'm reading too. Some things seemingly aren't quite finished yet so it'll be cool to see the upcoming updates
  13. You better believe the PS5 will be filled with easy plats sooner or later, get your shovels ready! This one doesn't necessarily seem all that bad though, looks like a Japanese game with not-so-great English descriptions. But probably not your usual 15 minute platinum
  14. Sly mentioned to us he was looking into either using square images for all games using the images from the PlayStation Store, or switching to rectangular images for the PS5 games like all the other games use, but it may take a little while before he figures out which and puts it in place
  15. I noticed that too, it will be nice to not see those dumb "additional trophies" list (at least for now). Glad Sony did something about that