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  1. Expect them in 2048 at the earliest Error: VR tags are scheduled for 2048
  2. @Sly Ripper - Hey, checking in again with this - Is this being worked on at all?
  3. The main list has been fixed since it hit the site but only @Sly Ripper can fix the forum section titles
  4. The Wired article was a great read! It's definitely an interesting way they're choosing to tease the console this time around, but I like it - Kind of like the way games and consoles were teased back in the day Here's hopes "Holiday" 2020 is the first holiday of that year - New Years 2020, Amirite?
  5. *Completely Unorganized Yeah it's North America lol
  6. I've rescanned it but it doesn't look like the DLC came with any trophies sadly
  7. You'll have to log in with "A10-CrewChief" as the username on the main site, and if that's failing to work I would clear the site cache on the browser you're using
  8. You may have also just simply updated your profile here when PSN's servers were acting up - If you don't have any hidden trophies, I would just earn a new trophy in any game, sync it to PSN, then update your profile here on the site by typing your name in the box on the site homepage and it should get fixed
  9. Only 3 stacks, and "only" 6 gold trophies and 25 total trophies? Color me shocked, must've been a mistake
  10. Done! I think the new trophy for Killing Floor 2 is "Money Mania" which seems to already have gotten scanned in somehow. Also I've Train Sim World hasn't added anything new since your post unless I've missed something, just rescanned it again with no luck And oops, I dunno how I managed to tag that PS4 POWGI list as Asia but managed to missed the Vita one right next to it Thanks!
  11. Man, I really hope The Last of Us 2's story isn't just some long drawn out revenge story all over some character you'll probably only interact with for like the first 30 minutes of the game

    1. iGGTheEnd


      I honestly doubt that was her girlfriend getting killed, my theory is that was Joel and they just mismatched the scenes in the wrong order.  But then I think about the Spiderman trailer and how sony decided to spoil the second half of the game in the e3 trailer for whatever reason.  Also it could be someone from the previous Last of us trailer.  I trust naughty dog to tell an amazing story either way.

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Charizarzar


      I hope Ellie isn’t totally joyless throughout the game either. I loved her goofiness in the first one. 

  12. Hey, your premium membership and viewcount will carry over once it's all said and done
  13. You'll need to earn another new trophy, sync it to PSN, then update your profile here. It may say there's a 24 hour waiting period to merge accounts properly but after it's all said and done it should work properly
  14. Hey, for a list that didn't originate with English it depends on if the developer decided to add English to that lists languages later on, and then we would have to manually rescan the list in that case. For the most part, a developer won't add English to a list that wasn't originally English unless they (very rarely) actually organize their trophy lists and share it among all regions and platforms. We can only have show whatever languages here which are on PSN for a list. Either way, I've rescanned the ones you've linked and sadly it appears no English languages were added to them
  15. Oh this is gonna be a cool one! Congrats on the interview Daiv! Okay my question is what game or series have you really wanted to play but haven't gotten the time to get around to playing yet?