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  1. @rolltideroll157 I have to take those down, we have to moderate disputes more strictly - you don't have to tell the OP that
  2. I've done styling changes? Also I'm not too sure if Sly updated the forums over the past days, but that could be a possibility
  3. Ah so nice to see actual gameplay THIS is the kind of trailer DICE is known for, and I liked it
  4. I am ready to play They really nailed the feel of this level with how I remember it, nicely done!
  5. Hey, no problem! Glad I could organize Sony's mess
  6. I gotta say... It's been quite a while since I truly loved a Walking Dead episode, but this one was absolutely fantastic. Season 1 was amazing because it had characters you cared about, it had high points, and low points the stopped everything for the moment. Then after season 1 was a lot of randomness, I dunno it seems like when Telltale split into all these teams and made a billion games they lost focus. This episode seems like the first one since season 1 that made me go "wow". Well done Telltale! I kinda like the trophy layout too, well at least at the moment - they let you make multiple save slots in the main menu of the game
  7. No New Game Plus trophies, thank the lord - I've been hating the trend of DLC NG+ trophies being added that are just "Spend 100 more hours in this game annoyed 100% of the time by the difficulty for this gold trophy"
  8. Ah yes, forgot about that one. Went ahead and linked it officially on the site
  9. Hey Phantom! Sorry about that, typically it only takes a few days depending on how much feedback needs to be given to the guide, however 2 people on the guide team are both having computer complications so that's what has delayed it a little longer, I went ahead and left feedback on the guide just now though - you'll see it in your guide comments area
  10. Never been a fan of the word "toxicity", it's extremely vague and I've come to find it just means "I don't like what they have to say" and so on This just sounds like your typical online multiplayer for a larger game, my advice is to embrace the randomness of it, have fun, and expect the unexpected
  11. Aghhhh
  12. I don't understand how they go from multiple repeat trophy lists per console, then they attain maximum organization with 1 single list last season, and now they forgot how to put multiple regions into one list with this final season. C'mon Yeah it's most likely NA and EU though
  13. It's something Sly would have to implement which would take a little time to do it right, and then someone like me would have to manually tag the games. It's something that might come after some other features are added, but also has been pitched for a while now and definitely something useful I wanna see too
  14. Yeah, looks like this developer did a good job and kept things organized with their list
  15. It also bugs me a little too, but I'm unable to actually go in and actually edit trophy titles and descriptions from what it is on PSN Look at the bright side, at least it's not a total unorganized mess like the Sometimes You trophy lists you mentioned