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  1. Yeah I was trying to find this one, I like your color scheme and label from this thread Also I remember recommending a screentip which says why it's unobtianable when mousing over "Currently Unobtinable"
  2. Previously it was just playing a single round (not match) with all 20 original operators, though given the new description Ubisoft seems to have made for this trophy, they may have changed the requirements. I would try just winning a round (not an entire match) with all 20 as it's likely still that, but if it does end up being an entire match now for whatever reason let me know so I can update the trophy guide P.S. I've updated the description on the site to match PSN.
  3. Thanks for everyone who nominated and everyone who wrote all of the amazing guides this year Time to get down to business with finding winners!
  4. Ehh I might keep those separate, it's not necessarily because it has a different name, and while it's virtually the same game World of Nubla apparently includes the demo as the first chapter or something like that, so it's a slightly different version. The names don't make that any easier to understand for people looking at the game either, lol If anything I'll look at it again later and see if they should be merged or not
  5. Ah the wonders of Google Image Matching
  6. Sly would have a more solid answer but the hope is that PSN will push out an ID number for each name, otherwise the site would just draw the new data from the username and somehow link the data - as usual PSN never makes it easy or organized
  7. At the moment you'll have to hide those game to get back on the leaderboard, follow the directions below for how to do that
  8. @Sly Ripper ^ That same thing is happening to the "Related Guides" box on the right site of a guide with other multiple guides available for a game
  9. Or better yet (Sly), if a game has linked variations maybe only show the same DLC pack once or format it like "Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis (5)" or something like that, clicking on it will show all versions Either way duplicate DLC's are always getting dumped here lol
  10. I'd say if you'd ask any other guide writer on the site how their first couple guides went to be approved, you'd undoubtedly get the response "tedious". Some of our formatting rules can sometimes be weird and seem pointless, but we require those things because it is the benefit to the reader, because no matter what guide they use on the site they know that every trophy mentioned to the guide links to that trophy within the guide and pushes them up or down the page with a simple click, the symbol in front of the link shows it's an internal link within the guide rather than an outbound link to another website at a quick glance, and so on. Every weird formatting rule we may have is there for a reason, it's not to mess with guide writers or make it seem like we're making them go in circles or anything The reason our feedback is so tedious on your first couple guides is because we simply don't have the time to correct the same formatting issues over and over with each submission a guide creator makes, so the goal is to let you know about it the first time out so that future submissions are a breeze for you (Having it get pushed through immediately without waiting for feedback with each future submission). All the feedback at the front is a benefit for you in the future. Sometimes that kind of thing isn't for everyone, and of course it's not always simple, and that's okay if ultimately it's not worth your time. A persons time is valuable, I always recommend spending it on something that's meaningful to you. All the best
  11. I'm having a blast with it! I didn't expect it to be so funny at times and have such neat scenarios. It's been a while since I've played a game quite like this and it's really fun!
  12. Please put a cap and charge for it Sony, I don't want all 300 of my friends changing their name every week
  13. You got this!
  14. I actually wrote the guide for this game I give some tips here, basically getting on Trico and pressing + three or more time will almost always get him to jump. Before you have access to those commands you'll always wanna run to the location you want Trico to jump from and press and so on
  15. I typically suck with games but I found this game mostly easy. I think it's mostly just having the persistence of playing the story a few times and keeping track of all the collectibles along the way, which I actually had a lot of fun with. Also yeah, as said above the hints are a little buggy but they do carry over through multiple playthroughs. Everything like the speedrun are really lenient as I remember for like the first half hour of my 5 hour speedrun I was pissing around finishing up collectibles and still got the trophy, it seems a lot more lenient than ICO (Which I still don't have the platinum for, lol)