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  1. The Hardline DLC was horrendous, 2 weeks after each DLC released it was a ghost town. Not fun with the sometimes tedious DLC trophy requirements that game had either Then they released the 10,000 kill trophies and I was out lol
  2. I wouldn't doubt it. sadly DICE isn't as great as they used to be with their Battlefield DLC
  3. Went ahead and updated the DLC trophies here - I'm not enjoying the New Game Plus DLC trophy trend lately
  4. So I think this thread has run its course and I would guess everyone has had their say on the matter for now? I can’t think of much more that can be said Yeah time to lock it for now, it has derailed itself 50 times over already Feel free to unlock it Sly if you feel you want to, but that would not be a recommendation of mine!
  5. Man it’s barely past noon and there’s been more drama today than there’s been over the past year. I guess the stars have just aligned for a Drama Thursday today Here’s the point if view of flags team: I really wanna stress this to the people at the top of the leaderboards, for everyone in the top 50, each of your accounts have absolutely had dozens of reports towards them and they’re basically all marked clean and not flagged in the background without issues, that’s because the flags team knows a legitimate way to get the trophy and marks it clean, no problem, no input needed. On the off chance there is a report that cannot be explained at all then you may be asked for an explanation, simple as that and that’s really what you should be expecting from time to time if you’re at the top of a leaderboard. It’s not going to happen often, but when it does happen making a thread like this isn’t a practical solution as you can tell
  6. That's perfect! Thank you
  7. Hey, I haven't been able to find a nice HQ image anywhere on the net like the one we used for Word Search by POWGI, do you happen to have one lying around? Like this one, but one for Word Sudoku (Preferably without logos or overlayed text):
  8. Its time to lock it, lol
  9. Yeah tats what it was, I couldn’t get the console tags right because they were wrong on both lists - I’ll check into this later when I can with earlier posts. In the meantime if anyone has played Hohokum and can list the console and region they played on with the list on their profile, let me know here!
  10. Everyone freak out! I'm just gonna try PSN then ... whatdoya mean that's down too??
  11. It used to be tagged like this but too many people have left feedback on the site saying the "North American" isn't linked right because they're playing that version in Europe, etc... If you run through more than just the first and last page of game leaderboards you will see way too many EU and Asia related accounts than normal, so it seems like it may have something mixed with the NA list, like maybe it's the physical version for all regions or something for example. So I still haven't gotten enough information from enough people to determine what it precisely is.
  12. You may have just needed to type your name in the box on the site homepage, if nobody updates your profile manually for several months then it will stop auto-updating itself, which probably happened in 2015 for your profile
  13. Yeah Sly (the site owner) still has it on his to-do list to better integrate unorganized lists like PlayStation All-Stars, for now though it will only highlight the list version the guide was made for
  14. Ah yeah, I’m going by the first game doing the same thing, having its first language in Chinese and second in Korean and it ending up being just for Korea - kinda odd but it seems like that’s it Lemme know if I end up being wrong with this one, but recent players are all Korean so far