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  1. I have to be getting trolled at this point, I used to have the mindset of "Every trophy list deserves it's own images, etc" but not when that list is mindlessly repeated 800 times - Why should I take the time to organize complete disorganization like this on a daily basis nowadays? Lmao come on Sony... Can we get Jim Sterling to make a video about this 'phenomenon' or something, it's the only time Sony ever seems to care about the trophy system.



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    2. Fenrirfeather


      A single trophy list for games sounds nice. It’d have a real neat side-effect and eliminate the craziness of vast differences in rarity between different region lists that we see with some games... but


      but but I’m having fun occasionally posting in Update a Trophy List :ninja: Stacking and sorting is so... soothing.

    3. Hemiak


      #onelistpergame everyone @ Sony 

    4. Dreggit


      Until someone rocks the boat... I do not see this being improved. It can even get worse than this. If PS5 supports this many regions as well, you could have 6 PS4 lists and 6 PS5 lists....