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  1. You'll need to let 24 hours pass until everything fully merges correctly, then 24 hours from now when you type your new name into the box in the homepage everything should switch over properly
  2. Try earning a new trophy in any game, syncing it on PSN, then updating your profile here on the site
  3. I'm like the trash man, I try to clean up the place as much as I can then move the rest to the nearest landfill
  4. This is the third time I've had to correct (delete) the word TROPHYS from their trophy list title, lets not stop this amazing quality control Sony
  5. Well Sly would have to implement it into the site, so my guess would be 2062 at the earliest, so not a long wait
  6. Got a cool crew you want to advertise here on the forums for other members to join in? This is the place to talk about it! Feel free to make a post describing your crew and why people should join it. Note: In the future if you don't want your crew advertised on this thread anymore, you can press the report button to report your own post and a mod will be able to take the post down.
  7. Okay Need for Speed Heat has been a ton of fun so far

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ee28max


      Glad you're having fun.

    3. Sir_Bee


      @Slipknot_rooney FYI, I heard in one of the reviews I watched that you can tweak that back to brake drifting somewhere in the car settings, if you wanted to look for that.

    4. Slipknot_rooney


      @Sir_Bee I actually heard that too! Think it was a Gameranx video but I couldn't spot anything so I thought I heard it wrong. I will have a look again next time I'm playing though.

  8. 11 more worthless gold trophies have been added to the system and will be repeated 6 times over with the same exact trophy list in an unorganized fashion. The trophy system cries out in pain and says "I can't take this anymore! Please fix me!". Sony glanced over briefly, then returned to what it was doing and pretended it didn't hear anything. Fin
  9. The 800 list versions for the same game are literally just spam at this point man, is it that hard to make this one single list for all regions? It's just getting annoying to manage these at this point
  10. Nice to see EA is following Square Enix's footsteps with having organized trophy lists for over a decade and now somehow forgetting how to do all that and having unorganized repeat lists now for AAA games
  11. Easily searchable on Google, I can tell a lot of thought went into this games name
  12. Psh an outrage, what's next, putting mangoes on a pizza??
  13. The Sims is such a disaster now, thanks to EA. It's still unbelievable to me how much of a downgrade The Sims 4 was compared to The Sims 3. I spent 30 minutes when I first got Sims 4 trying to find the neighborhood view only to find out the cheap blue schematic selection screen *was* the neighborhood view, then to find the intricate building tricks and neighborhood and lot customization from The Sims 3 that I fell in love with was just all gone... Don't worry though, The Sims 4 features more loading screens and sims are more wacky! Wow! Needless to say I immediately uninstalled The Sims 4 and went back to playing Sims 3. I remember in the early 2000's when EA had an incredible portfolio of highly talented studios, they dominated the industry, and many of the games I bought were EA. The EA of today doesn't care about the talent of their studios and has successfully destroyed everything it touches.
  14. Your internet browser is still storing the old image in cache, as PSXtreme said Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R will do a full refresh of the page