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  1. I agree there's a lot of improvements that really need to be done for Gaming Sessions and people don't even use a lot of things in it correctly anymore or abuse the features (i.e. keep pushing the date back for 6+ months and no session actually taking place). Then there's the reputation system that was never fully completed. The case you shared is frustrating, but when I'm in a session I always only lay out rules or agree to rules like taking turns, meaning he should have done Race 1 then you should have done Race 1 immediately after, then both of you do Race 2, and so on. Doing everything for one person first before moving to the next person always seems to result in some sort of mishap
  2. Sorry about that, this has been fixed
  3. Thanks! Regarding series in particular I've removed the Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, NBA Playgrounds, and Wonder Boy Returns lists that never released from their series pages.
  4. Yeah that makes sense, otherwise it's impossible to truly complete the series. I went ahead and removed it but it will still show up the sidebar under 'other platforms and regions'. I know there are other series with examples of some DLC trophies never released and stuff for some regions, but those aren't as clear cut to just simply remove it like this one
  5. Yes, there used to be a series for it but it was removed for various reasons similar to the VR series, mainly it wasn't a game series and there were technical problems with arranging a large number of titles into different stages, also Sony stopped doing PS2 classics/emulation. Ultimately it just didn't work out keeping that one up
  6. Wow well done! I thought it would take longer for us to crack the code, but nope!
  7. The person who posted that tweet works at PlayStation, so I doubt this one is faked lol
  8. I'd still like to see something like this get implemented, but it's up to Sly in the end. Thinking about it more, maybe instead of a ribbon system there should just be a new trophy you get on this site - like a "Diamond Trophy" or something based on any platinums that you have earned with 50% rarity or less, and those diamond trophies could be added or taken away based on the rarity naturally changing over time too.
  9. It looks like they've raised the cap, there are people that are over level 100 that are not level 999, for example this person was level 112:
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spaz


      Looks pretty stupid.


      Why they decided to just throw this on here today is beyond me. A 'shadow update' if I ever saw one.

    3. BlindMango


      @Spaz - Trophy hyper-inflation xD 


      They probably had to do it on the backend prior to the PS5 releasing to make sure the trophy system worked correctly for that console

    4. Spaz


      Meh, I'm not even going to get the PS5 until next Summer - Fall at least, so this was just a way to please the people who were wanting the level cap removed for years.


      Having a level system reflected in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophy images sort of encourages entitlement.


      But it's their system, they can do what they want with it. I just don't have to play ball with them, and it's probably good I've been trophy hunting less and less.

  10. It won't let you create another trophy guide because it looks like you've already created a trophy guide a couple days ago: (nobody can see this page but you) To view all the guides you've created, you'll want to press the "Guides" button in the top toolbar, then select "Mine" next to the guide search bar
  11. It’s an interesting update to say the least, basically it seems like they’re not changing the actual level cap but just inflating the numbers and making it to where you level up more often but as you get closer to 999 it will exponentially take longer to level up I have also wanted that generic trophy level symbol to change depending on what your level was, so I’m really happy to see that be a thing now Also great to see the French website seemed to confirm individual trophy progress tracking too That being said, Sony still isn’t doing anything about the shovelware trophy lists, so if you have hundreds of lists breaking the system, what’s the point of making unrelated changes that won’t even fix it? Lol
  12. Looks like you did it right - when you rescan a list it takes about 2 minutes and shows the changes once you refresh the page (Ctrl + Shift + R will refresh all images too)
  13. Was thinking about this thread again today, and went ahead and ran the image through an A.I. upscalar and I think it gave me some pretty good results! The biggest one is a bit blurry, but not bad. The original platinum trophy really has some nice details 256px (2x) 512px (4x) 1024px (8x)
  14. Lmfao someone made a clean $1,000 minimum off you guys overnight for this highly coveted platinum trophy, and lucky for you there's more trophy lists for this same exact game in the pipeline too. With such a successful response, I'm sure there will be a lot more games like this in the near future! An idea I have is a game where you row a boat in a circle for 5 minutes to get a platinum trophy. That would definitely be one I'd put on my trophy shelf.