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  1. Well it's basically inconsistent when it comes to finding lists with no players. It finds some at times, but not always - I'm not sure exactly why it's so picky though, some sort of logic it's using, like maybe it doesn't go back and check list ID's that previously weren't showing anything until there are players with an unknown list on their profile... Just a guess though
  2. Nah the lists just come through automatically, then we apply images and fix list info after. The reason there may be some missing lists is probably because nobody has played them yet, which for some reason this site doesn't find unplayed but active lists as well as others (which really isn't that big of a deal though, because they'll come in when people start playing it)
  3. Also earn a new trophy in any game on any console after unhiding the game, then update your profile here on the site
  4. Lol pretty much, detuned was made by the same developer but I never ended up playing that one
  5. I guess so, it was kind of an interesting artsy demonstration experience and graphically really nice for the PS3. It's got a pretty easy trophy list and also is one of the very first trophy lists ever created. It was definitely something people thought was interesting around the time but would probably just seem like a quirky demo today lol
  6. Here are some I can think of: PAIN High Velocity Bowling Super Rub a Dub Unfinished Swan Linger in Shadows Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty Journey Flower Papo & Yo Echochrome Also while the download list isn't going away it may be worth checking it for some gems you may have forgotten you downloaded. For example I had the demo for Driver San Francisco, the original Gran Turismo 5 demos, and Resistance demo and more on my download list
  7. Though I've played the game I'm honestly not sure here. I would say to expect it to have to be bought in the same region but may be worth buying one of the cheaper DLC's and seeing if it's compatible ... By the way, this game is for sure one to add to your download list before the store closes. A really challenging trophy list but one of the most unique and fun PSN games on the PS3 for sure
  8. Looks like you just needed to enter your name into the box on the homepage to update your profile Should be good now:
  9. Wow. The PS3 store was a steaming pile of garbage that largely didn't work due to the lack of maintenance it received, and now taking it down completely is another huge blow. I got constant errors when trying to buy GTA IV and Mirror's Edge digitally recently and could only purchase them on the browser based store (which of course was pulled offline a few days ago). This is definitely frustrating for backwards compatibility and games preservation. I really, really, really hope Sony has some sort of plan to bring PS3 emulation to the PS5 at some point, I doubt it, but I hope they have a plan for this
  10. Definitely a good read! He's definitely got a few impressive platinum trophies for sure - Interesting to see how few PS3 games he played (which weren't on a dev console), though maybe most of them are hidden. He even admitted that Knack was just too much of a pain to platinum
  11. So you're thinking all @Sly Ripper would have to do is plug that into the already existing board he's got set up and clear out those flagged accounts?
  12. Search used to be perfect years ago before the site overhaul, you could even search most non-English games and they'd show up at the top too. I guess Sly decided to go with a different search system with the site redesign years back. I still have yet to fully understand why the site comes up with what it often does with the search results I'm not able to dive into the code like that, only Sly is able to
  13. Sony's way of fixing this would actually be quite simple, they would just need to implement 3 basic rules for developers/publishers for any future games: No repeat trophy lists for the same game A trophy list can only have 4 gold trophies max, and must have more silver trophies than gold, and more bronze trophies than silver If all the trophies in a game can be achieved within the span of a few hours by most people, it does not get a platinum trophy The problem isn't the people getting the shovelware trophies, it's that there are loopholes in the trophy system that are now getting exploited by developers or publishers because Sony hasn't updated the list rules since they built the trophy system all the way back in 2008
  14. I'll also add that sites like this fixed a massive issue years ago with something Sony didn't care to fix, and that was addressing cheaters where sites like this one started pulling cheaters off the leaderboards. Without doing that, the amount of people that would care about and use everything relating to the entire leaderboard system (and all the surrounding systems affected by that, which are many) would pretty much be nobody. Sites like these effectively fixed Sony's oversights with that issue. Now there is clearly an issue with "trophy inflation", meaning while the trophies are obviously all still worth the same amount of points, the amount of effort that it takes to obtain those trophies have a laughably far less effort on average needed to get them. It has changed the dynamic of it taking years on average to getting 100 platinum trophies to just being able to get 4x that amount in a weekend. This is yet another problem with the trophy system that Sony doesn't care to fix (just like trophy cheaters years back). Whichever trophy website chooses to address this issue by introducing a well calculated rarity leaderboard alongside the original long-running total points leaderboard will be a smart move. Also, introducing possibly a new trophy or award (like a diamond trophy or a diamond medal or something) which is given to you for any platinum trophies below a certain rarity (like 50%) will effectively solve the problem too. I've always thought it strange how people are trying to argue this not being a thing that's happening and how something new just can't possibly be put in place to fix the original 'at-a-glance' info that the leaderboard and platinum trophies used to provide, which they no longer do. Just a few simple additions would fix the issue, and wouldn't replace anything that's already there either. People get in some pretty heated conversations about something that has pretty obviously been happing for years lol
  15. I just started laughing to myself seeing 8 lists for the same freaking game all in the same day - you're saying Ratailaka did this? I am shocked, truly I hope something is done about the shovelware at some point by Sony or by Sly, because why would developers or publishers stop flooding the market with trash when people are still buying the games to play them for 10 minutes to "earn" the trophies? While it hasn't killed off my personal interest in trophy hunting because most normal games still have good trophy lists, it's completely killed my interest in the community aspect of trophy hunting. Who cares about browsing other peoples profiles now when most of them are full of shovelware lists?