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I am a visually impaired tropical fruit with a firm yellowish-red skin and a juicy pulp. :P Seriously though, I'm a staff member here on this wonderful website! I do a lot of little things around here, but there are two main things I do. Those things are being part of the Guide Team and I manage all of the header & trophy card images on the website. 


I suck at making a forum profile or maintaining it, so I guess I'll just list what I do here and give you some stuff that may help you out.



I am one of the members of the guide team, that means if you make a trophy guide on this website and attempt to publish it, I will be one of the people that may review it before it actually gets published. I've loved seeing the guide system evolve over the past 2+ years. It's truly incredible how much work the community has put into it and it's been awesome to see it all just get more and more successful as time goes on. With any luck, PSNProfiles guides will rule the world someday! Mwuahahaha!

  • If you need help on making a guide, definitely take a look at our really detailed guide help page. It covers a ton of stuff, rules, formatting, video embedding, etc...
  • Try not to send me messages regarding your guide while you're making it. This is mainly because I just do a horrible job at remembering to respond to people in my message box, lol but also when your guide is put in our guide team review queue, we will look over it and give you a ton of helpful feedback! In all seriousness though, don't be afraid to shoot me a message though if you need any help!



I do a lot of work on the guide team, but I've been doing the images longer on the site and I still consider it my favorite thing to do here. It's a lot of fun doing it and it's just cool making the website look so awesome and seeing trophy cards scattered across gaming forums everywhere! Just like the trophy guides, I hope to rule the world with PSNProfiles trophy card and header images! Mwuahahaha! *Cough* Umm, Anyway... 

  • Almost every single game on the site has a header image at this point, and they are looking good! There are only a few games left and I intend on finishing those games up soon. What's left is mostly a few smaller games and some Japanese and Korean games. About 300 left! 
  • Games that start with the letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, O, Q, R, U, X, Y, Z, 0-9 have all been updated to high-resolution header images and updated trophy cards, all other letters mostly have more than 3/4ths of their games with high-res header images. 
  • I can now set background images for the new trophy cards and I'll be doing those over the coming months, hopefully you like them!


Also, eburk messages me every day about how much he loves my header image selection for Remember Me. xD