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  1. Got a cool crew you want to advertise here on the forums for other members to join in? This is the place to talk about it! Feel free to make a post describing your crew and why people should join it. Note: In the future if you don't want your crew advertised on this thread anymore, you can press the report button to report your own post and a mod will be able to take the post down.
  2. After a while, video game developers may change or add something to a trophy list on PSN. We have to be notified about those changes by you, because we have to go in and manually update those changes here on the site. If you know about something that changed, this is the place to report it! Simply reply to this thread and let us know what we need to update. The following things are what we can change. Rescan a trophy list – we need to do that if a list has: New Languages: The developer adds new languages to an existing trophy list that isn’t on the site, usually if a Japanese game is coming to the west and English is added to the list. Altered Trophy Names & Descriptions: Sometimes developers will alter names and descriptions of trophies on a list sometime after the list has been added to the site. We can't alter the names or descriptions from something different than what's on PSN! New Trophy Images: In rare cases trophy images change (sometimes they may originally be inaccurate or mixed up and developers fix them). New Thumbnail Image: The small image that usually has a game’s logo or name may be changed someday after the list has been added to the site. This usually applies to Japanese & Korean games releasing in the West. Region Tagging: If a game has multiple identical lists, let us know if it hasn't been region tagged yet or if was tagged incorrectly. When new identical lists get pushed onto the site, it may take up to 2 weeks to accurately determine its region and it may stay un-tagged until then. Console/Platform Tagging: If a developer adds a console tag to a trophy list anytime after the list was added to the site, you’ll need to let us know about it because we need to manually add it. In rare cases, a trophy list may be tagged with a console that the game never released for or accidentally mis-labeled at random by the developer with a console it isn’t on, let us know about that and we’ll determine if we want to remove that. We do not want to remove tags for any and every game that isn’t on a console yet or 'probably maybe' won’t release on a console it’s tagged for. If possible, you'll need to provide proof or confirmation the game won't release on a console it's tagged for (For example: Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus not releasing on Vita). VR tags are only given to games which require a VR headset to play them. If a game requires a VR headset and is not tagged yet or the game is updated to not require VR anymore, be sure to let us know! List Titles: If there is something weird about a list title, let us know about it! List titles are in standard formatting with all caps only used for acronyms or some game titles with ~4 or less letters. This means not all game titles will exactly match formatting on PSN, but it creates a uniform style across this entire website. Metadata (Developer, Publisher, Genre, Release Date, etc): We get this information from a website called, you can make an account there and alter any data that you find odd or wrong here! Simply make the changes there, it will have to undergo an approval process, and then it will take up to a week for the changes to show up here due to the time for their websites API to update and then PSNProfiles has to retrieve that data. There are games that do not have metadata here on the site (Mostly indie games or Japanese games), most likely meaning they aren’t existing game entries on, you can add a game onto that website after creating an account and once all the data you’ve entered for that game is approved, wait a full week and then let us know here and we can link it! Games A - Z have their metadata linked (if that game is listed on IGDB). Non-English games are not yet all linked. Game Series: Series boxes on the side of trophy lists are now clickable which take you to the series page. These are still a work in progress and there may be some inconsistencies at the moment. If a game is missing from a series, let us know so that we could add it. Not all recommendations for new series will be immediately created. At the moment we are looking for clear, obvious series with 2 or more main titles. Right now we may not immediately create series for obscure games or games "in the universe of" other games. We want to focus on refining what's there at the moment and make sure those are laid out well before delving into other more vague series. Banner Images & Trophy Card Images: If there is an incorrect piece of art or screenshot used as a banner or trophy card image, this is where you can point that out to us. Alternative images can also be recommended but if there is already a set banner image or trophy card image set on the site for a game, consider that set in stone having that changed from its current decided image is rare - it would usually have to be more visually appealing and fit the image area better to be changed. Header image dimensions are 1920 pixels wide by 520 pixels tall (the top 60 pixels are blurred behind the site navigation area). We prefer fullsize original images we can crop from, not images cut at this exact size, recommended images should be at or beyond 1920 pixels wide (1600 wide at least). Trophy Card 1 (Old Card) dimensions are 405 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall. Trophy Card 2 (New Card) dimensions are 500 pixels wide by 165 pixels tall. Virtually any size images are accepted for this but high resolution uncropped images are preferred. This post is replacing the Header Image thread, Rescan List thread, and Game Titles Need Editing thread in an effort to clean the pinned topics at the top and put all the site "asset" stuff in one central spot. Those threads will truly be missed, R.I.P. and press F to pay respects.
  3. If you've recently changed your username: Visiting your profile on this site with your old name may not show any trophies once you change your username. In this case you will need to type your new username into the box on the homepage of the website for your trophies to move to your new name. You may have to wait up to 24 hours for everything to completely transfer over after typing in your new name. If some of your trophies or some games are missing from your profile, or in some rare cases none of your trophies show up at all, then you've come to the right place! There's a few steps that we must take to fix the problem. The problem is that you have probably accidentally hidden trophies in the privacy settings on one of your PlayStation consoles. This makes it to where nobody else except for you can see the trophies that you have hidden (Including this website not being able to see your hidden trophies). On August 2013, Sony updated the PSVITA and the PS3 systems to allow you to officially hide your trophies. The PS4 also has the ability to hide trophies. There are two different effects that hidden trophies will have on your profile here on this website: If your profile here on the site is not updating no matter what you do or it's just completely blank with the message "Aww, no trophies here," even though you actually have trophies, this applies to you - read the red text below in the "Directions for un-hiding trophies" section. If the first step doesn't apply to you, then you most likely will see an icon on the left side of your own profile page (Its probably been there for a while in this case). What this means is that you have probably accidentally hidden one or more random games from your profile. Hover your mouse over it and it will expand telling you the number of trophies you've hidden. This means that you have hidden trophies and they must be un-hidden on one of your PlayStation consoles to show up on this website. The only information we are given from Sony is how many trophies are hidden, not exactly what games are hidden! You have to figure out which games of yours are missing from your list on your own! (Unless you have a PS4, where it shows all of your hidden games in an organized list in the settings menu). - - - Directions on un-hiding trophies - To un-hide trophies, use one of the following methods. You can use any of these consoles to manage your entire game library, not just the games for that one console, so choose a method. PS4 and PS3 are easiest to manage your trophy settings on. For the people with completely blank profiles with the message, "Aww, no trophies here," you most likely ONLY need to look at the information in red text below. ON PS4 Go to Settings. Select the Account Management option from the settings menu. Now select Privacy Settings. It will ask you to type in your PSN username and password so you can access your privacy settings. Once you've entered your username and password, it will send you to the "Privacy Settings" page - Select Gaming / Media. Now select Trophies. Where it says "Choose who can see your Trophies", make sure that you select Anyone from the drop-down menu. Press Confirm. Now back on the Games Privacy Settings menu, choose Hidden Games. You can manage your entire games library on all consoles and you'll be prompted to show a list of hidden games for PS4 or for PS3 & Vita. All of the games and apps you've ever purchased or acquired will appear on the PS4 list, and as you scroll down more games will load in. The list of PS3 & Vita titles currently seem to not display those games correctly so it's recommended to check those games on PS3 or Vita. Now make sure all of your games do not have checks by them, if a game has a check by it, that means that game is hidden. Press Confirm when you're done. You'll be sent back to the Hidden Games main area. Now that you've unhidden any games you can exit out of the settings menu. Now you have to earn at least 1 new trophy to see your changes show up on this website (PSNProfiles), it can be any random trophy that can be earned on PS3, PSVITA, or PS4. When you earn a new trophy, then update your profile here on this website and everything should be fixed! If ALL of your games are hidden on this website, it means that your trophy privacy settings for your PSN account is not set to "Anyone". Simply follow the steps above. You can skip steps 8 - 12 if you'd like. ON PS3 Go to your trophy collection. Note: Make sure your trophy collection is in "online mode" (Press triangle over the trophy collection icon and then select online mode). Select your trophy collection and your list of games should populate the screen. Find a game that doesn't show up on your list on PSNProfiles. Do not press X to select the game though, instead press triangle. A few options should show up, press privacy settings. At the top it should say "Show Trophies for This Game" - make sure the box has a check-mark! (If the box is left without a check-mark, the game will stay hidden). When the box has a check-mark, press OK. Then do the same for all of your other games that don't show up on this website. Now you have to earn at least 1 new trophy to see your changes show up on this website (PSNProfiles), it can be any random trophy that can be earned on any PlayStation console. When you earn a new trophy & sync it to PSN, then update your profile here on this website and everything should be fixed! If ALL of your games are hidden on this website, it means that your trophy privacy settings for your PSN account is not set to "Anyone" - Go to the PSN section of the PS3's main menu, then go to Account Management, then select Privacy settings. It will ask you to verify by typing in your PSN account password. Then where it says "Show Trophies", you need to select "Anyone" from the drop-down menu. Now look at step 8 above. ON PSVITA Go to your trophy app so that you are able to see your trophy collection. At the top-left of your screen, there are two buttons, "PS Vita System" & "PlayStation Network" - You can only edit privacy under "PlayStation Network", so select "PlayStation Network". A list of all your games show up if you're connected to the internet. Scroll down the list and find one of your games that do not appear on this website and select that game. When you've selected the game its list of trophies show up - now press the button at the bottom right, the (•••) button. A few options show up, you want to select "Privacy Settings". There will be a pop-up, you want to make sure the box has a check-mark to "Show Trophies for This Game", this will un-hide your trophies for that game. Go to every other game that does not show up on this website and un-hide those also. Now you have to earn at least 1 new trophy to see your changes show up on this website (PSNProfiles), it can be any random trophy that can be earned on any PlayStation console. When you earn a new trophy & sync it to PSN, then update your profile here on this website and everything should be fixed! If ALL of your games are hidden on this website, it means that your trophy privacy settings for your PSN account is not set to "Anyone" - Go to the Settings App, then select PSN, then scroll down and select privacy settings and it will ask you to verify with your PSN password, once you type your password in, scroll down to "Show Trophies" and make sure "Anyone" is selected. Now Look at step 8 above. - - - Still Not Working? - While rare, you may want to check your other consoles to see if the game is marked as hidden on those consoles. For example, your PS4 may show a game as unhidden, but if you check your PS3 or Vita, those may actually still have the game marked as hidden. You'll need to make sure the game is marked as unhidden on all consoles, then earn a new trophy in any game on any console, and then update your profile here on this website which should fix it. If that doesn't work, then you will want to hide all games on your profile (Simply by selecting the option to where "no one" can see your trophies). After doing that, earn a new trophy on PSN, sync it, then update your profile here so it says "Aww, no trophies here". Once that happens, go back to your PlayStation and change it to where "Anyone" can see your trophies. Now earn another new trophy in any game, sync it, then update your profile here on the site again which should fix the issue. - - - Removing 0% Trophy Lists - PS4 update 2.50 allows users to delete any trophy lists that are at 0% completion, if you choose to do this for your games with 0% lists, the results will not show up on PSNProfiles until you earn a new trophy in any game on any console and then sync that trophy to PSN. After syncing your trophies to PSN, update your profile here on this website. After doing that, the changes should show up here. This can't be done on PS3 or Vita. - - - This is the end of the guide, community questions and discussion for hidden trophies begins below this point
  4. Update (May 24, 2019) The day has finally come - Profile merging is now up and running! If you changed your name anytime since the name change beta late last year you now have the ability to merge together both profiles again. If you are about to change your name on PSN now it's advised to do the following: Type your current/original name into the box on the website homepage (Or make sure your profile has been updated since May 20th to sync your Account ID). Change your name on PSN. Type your new name into the box on the website homepage and it should be a seamless transfer. If you didn't perform steps 1 - 3 in order, then when trying to access your new name you will get a message which says "A name change was processed for username recently. 24 hours must pass before attempting again" and the site may temporarily interpret the old name as the new name and show no trophies. You need to wait 24 hours at this point. After 24 hours type your new name into the box. If after waiting 24 hours and you update your profile again, if it says "Aww, no trophies here" on your profile page then you need to earn a new trophy in any game, sync it to PSN, then type your new name into the box on the website homepage again and it will update. If your profile has been split up for months and you want to merge it now, do the following: Type your new name into the box on the website homepage and wait for it to say "Profile Updated" Then type your old name into the box on the website homepage and wait for it to say "Error: This user was merged due to a PSN name change" Now revisit your new name and everything should be merged together. You may have to log in again, this time using your new username and password you used for your old name A few things to note after your account is merged/a name change is made: If you have the trophy card for your old name in your forum signature, you will have to manually replace it with your new name's trophy card. If you've made any guides on the site, they won't be transferred to your new name quite yet until another site update is applied for guides. You will have to rebuild your trophy cabinet. Starting today if you decide to change your name, simply typing the new name into the box on the homepage will seamlessly pull everything from the old account to the new one instantly. If the old account has not been updated in a while on the site, then the name of that account may have to be typed into the box again to pull things like viewcount, custom banner images, etc... Feel free to make a new post here in this thread if you have questions or bugs to report! Open this box for previous post and update history on this topic: For more information about changing your PSN ID on PSN itself, take a look at this link
  5. Yeah this one has been an issue since the site was redesigned a few years back. Basically if the trophy list was originally in a different language like Japanese but later gets new languages added to that same list (like English), the trophy guide created for that list will go with the original language for the list (Japanese instead of English). It's basically a bug but I'm not sure how complicated it would be to fix this kind of thing
  6. Thanks, this has been fixed
  7. You could do something like that, or something like a leaderboard for no stacks and no games above 50% platinum rarity or something like that which would be an interesting new leaderbaord. That kind of thing would be up to Sly to implement though
  8. The games they publish typically aren't bad at all, however it's obvious by looking at them that the trophy lists are literally the absolute minimal requirement possible for a platinum trophy list, something Sony doesn't care to enforce and has caused the trophy system to fall on its face. If you're being honest, most trophy hunters don't play each of these games 6 times over because they had so much fun playing 2 levels of an indie game over and over again, it's because they want a ton of quick platinum trophies lol. Which oh well, there's a demand for something Sony doesn't care to fix, then there will be a supply. That's the reality. How someone spends their time playing video games is how they choose to spend it. When you multiply 82 by 6 (the average number of repeat lists for these games) you get nearly 500 completely worthless platinum trophies. Now you know why the platinum trophy, which used to be an impressive signifier of great *effort* on someone's profile, is now a completely useless statistic. And it's not just one publisher or developer doing it, it's a trend now because it's allowed to be done by Sony. The trophy system is pretty much undergoing hyperinflation, and people will eventually figure out that platinum trophy count doesn't really even mean anything anymore. We are at the point now where it's possible for a profile to have way more platinum trophies than bronze trophies. In fact you could have hundreds of platinum trophies and ZERO bronze trophies - how is that not a broken system? This kind of thing has been a problem for Sony from the start though. Sony can't ever implement official leaderboards because they failed to crack down on all of the cheaters from the start, and it was up to websites like these to fix the problem. Maybe one day someone will have an interest to fix what Sony neglected with this problem in particular and make the trophy system interesting again like it was years ago.
  9. It's kind of the odd way Sony logs lists under last played rather than last trophy (it didn't always used to do that but they changed it a few years back). I don't know of a way to fix that on PSN but here on the site you can try going onto the main site (not the forums), click on your name at the top-right, then click "Settings", then where it says "Default profile order" you'll want to choose "last trophy". That should hopefully make it the normal order here
  10. I agree, I hope to see Sly bring back the tips system in the future - it would really help with this 3/10, 3/10, 3/10, 3/10, 1/10, 10/10, 3/10, 3/10. 3/10... lol
  11. Developers and Sony don't care to organize the trophy system anymore and there's a lot of shovelware lists now unfortunately. The list will usually get tagged when people start playing the game and we can get a handle on which region is which Apparently this one is the Asia list so I've marked it
  12. I link to the guide manual a lot in feedback, but I agree that when someone makes a guide @Sly Ripper should code in a pop-up or a link anchored to the bottom of the page showing the guide manual. Not everyone is going to find that right out, and it would be great to show it to everyone at the beginning.
  13. There are a few reasons for this: Being a member of the guide team is a volunteer position, and some days we spend hours working on just giving feedback to a few guides. It can at times be a very tedious and tiring process telling people they need to do basic things like spellcheck their guide, tell them they have to explain what every trophy means (include detail), telling them their guide has unfinished sections that they didn't check over, that they clearly didn't re-read it, telling them we can't publish a guide with plagiarized content (and checking for that), etc... I wish you could see what doesn't get approved, only then will you understand what does get approved is a goldmine by comparison. There are guides that are amazing, good enough, barely make it (after many tedious revisions), and a whole bunch of guides that you never see that wasn't even close to publishable. There are tons of guides that get submitted to us that are unfinished, filled with spelling errors, no details (one or two vague sentences a trophy), are written nonsensically, are rushed, and so on. We have to filter all of that and tell every single writer detailed information about what to fix, why they need to fix it, and how to fix it. Sometimes our feedback is more detailed than the guide itself to put it into perspective of what we get in the review queue. We don't own all 10,000 games so can't always verify or check for exact details for each and every game, however we always try to stress explaining "who, what, when, where, and how" for every trophy and it's typically easy to see when a guide achieves this for the most part or fails miserably. If a guide has a certain way of conveying details, typically the writer will explain what they need to, but sometimes it slips through the cracks. When we tell some people they need to be more detailed in some areas, some complain that adding a few more sentences here and there is too much work and would rather delete the guide rather than spend 30 more minutes to one more hour on the guide. I have seen great guides which have had hours poured into them get deleted by the writer because they didn't want to add a couple more things to it in the end that will match the readers quality standards. We screen guides for curse words, nonsensical wording, spelling errors, and patterns like that. However guides can be edited after they're published, and sometimes that's what causes what people think of as oversight of things like that. Sometimes we will spend 30 minutes giving people helpful feedback of all the things a writer needs to improve, then 15 minutes later they resubmit the guide thinking it will get published because they added 1 or 2 sentences somewhere in the guide. We then have to tediously keep unpublishing it and telling the writer to please spend more time improving the guide. They will keep resubmiting it skipping multiple things and rushing it. This process happens over, and over, and over, and over again with a single guide and typically guides of lower quality have gone through many revisions that barely changed anything each time and got to the point of "good enough". Some people want to get a guide published, but don't spend enough time to make the guide what it needs to be. It's not the easiest thing to convey to the writer all the time, especially if they're just a kid wanting to make a quick guide for their favorite game or something. Once a guide is good enough to publish, we will still typically still have to spend an extra 15 - 30 minutes or more fixing formatting related things that were missed like putting spacing between paragraphs, fixing headings, making things look neater, fix things the writer skipped in our feedback, fix errors that were still missed a second time, etc... That may not sound like much, but when we get several submissions a day, it adds up. The guide review process isn't easy - it's extremely tedious when half the guides don't just have some game details errors, they are submitted to us with spelling errors and a bunch of unfinished things. I also want to say the above points don't really apply for most of our regular guide writers (if you think we're referring to you, we aren't lol). We give 95% of guide writers feedback on their guides and for the good writers it's usually a few quick things we can't normally fix ourselves - this is normal. Again this mainly refers to rushed guide submissions, and there are a lot of them. It's all about managing the wait time and keeping the review queue as well managed as we can with what has been an explosion in new submissions over the past year (a number of which never get published). This is why the tips system should come back alongside guides because not everyone wants to write an entire guide. I should say that if you see an issue with a guide, please tell someone from the guide team about it, make a post in Guide Writers Headquarters, or leave a comment in the guide itself. If something is wrong, let somebody know - that's how there is improvement. If nobody points out an issue with a guide, we won't know about it as we don't have enough time in addition to everything above re-looking at 2,700 published guides if they account for a game update, among other things. An extremely high quality guide is actually way more of a rarity than people think. You either need someone really obsessed with a game, it needs to be their paid job (like strategy guide writers), or they need to have been writing guides for a while and understand how to format details well, and so on. Hopefully this helps
  14. Done!
  15. Complete any level... gold trophy Destroy a tank... gold trophy Boot up the game for 10 minutes... platinum trophy The trophy system cannot possibly get any better than this
  16. If you're looking to find some more people to help your get this, please find or create a Gaming Session as that will be where everyone will be looking for help.
  17. Trophy list is a disappointment, just like everything else I've seen about this game unfortunately
  18. Yep, aaaany day now - I'm almost certain of it
  19. I just wish Sony did something about the shovelware trash trophy lists. Compared to those lists, PS4 triple-A exclusives are tougher by a longshot lol
  20. There's a long running issue with trophy cards where if any images in the card have black pixels, they get turned transparent. The issue was on the main site years ago and was fixed but for some reason was never fixed for trophy cards.
  21. @Sly Ripper - When I try to update the metadata on this game it just reverts to the current metadata - any ideas?
  22. For now since the vast majority of people who have this list still own the non definitive edition (the original game) and this list is shared between the two versions it will make more sense to keep it as just Mafia III for now. Hmm, so the regular Remnant list had DLC come in with a scan, but the Korean list did not have DLC trophies show up. The JP version of Moonlighter also didn't have any DLC trophies come up when I rescanned it
  23. Yep, I've updated these all recently - Your browser may still be caching the old images so you may have to press Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl + F5 to do a full refresh of the pages
  24. Sounds like a plan haha
  25. It's on the to-do list for Sly to link these guides in the way you're explaining. Mainly it's going to have to be another workaround we'll have to make a fix for on the site here due to these trophy lists being so unorganized on PSN