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  1. Platinum For All Other Trophies Alice: Madness Returns (PS3) This trophy took us to 80% Completion Rate on this site yesterday, a bit of a milestone for us as this was what we were aiming for when we started actively using this Forum. An extra added bonus is that I borrowed it out to a friend a decade ago and finally got it back, 9 years and 8 months between first and last trophy 😄 Seeing all your posts on this site has really gotten us motivated, thanks y'all!
  2. The Inpatient - PS4 VR Had this sitting in the shelf since a while back, just haven't been trusting myself with the whole VR Horror vibe. First playthrough went as expected, a couple of shrieks and nervous twitches, but all in all it was a quite enjoyable platinum. Difficulty: 1/10 with a collectible guide Now to continue grinding away at Telltales: TWD Definitive Edition for PS4 and Bleach: Soul Resurrecion for PS3.
  3. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) PLATINUM #200 Y'ALL! So, this had me fuming yesterday. The platinum for this game was quite short and sweet, but that damn trophy in the DLC, "Hunt is my Mistress".. I went from an allright gamer straight into Lloyd Christmas mode, performing terribly and hitting every possible shitty decision. Our imaginary cat was laughing it's ass off watching me bounce around the room, trying to blame my now worthless skills on a lack of coffee among other things. Although, this game is now at 100% through a shared effort in the household. I am RE-HE-HEALLY looking forward to doing this again, because guess what? I friggin bought the GOTY edition as well, just days before my experience with this, well, crap. Don't get me wrong, I liked the game, but this challenge kicked my ass all the way to the Shire.
  4. Platinum #199 : Primetime Content Consumer This was freaking awesome, absolute joy from start to finish! Began last week with completing "Hard to the Core" from the first game, had been putting it off for about 3 years I guess! Well well, both games now sit nicely at 100% completion Going to keep working on Bleach: Soul Resureccion for PS3 for the time being. For those who know it, I'm grinding levels/missions for character number 9 (Kuchiki Rukia) out of 19 at the moment. Starting to feel the burn...
  5. One Piece: World Seeker (PS4) Better than reviews made it out to be IMO, gf and myself had quite fun with it. Time to mop up the DLC and call it a day! Tales of Xillia (PS3) This is the first Tales plat I ever got, clocked about 100 hours (over 7 years, haha) in it. It had a lot of tedious trophies, but I am really glad I stuck with it.
  6. Kingdom Hears 2.5 Final Mix (PS3) So, in 2015 i put about 95 hours into this game and did everything except for some trophies revolving around the Gummi Ship and completing it in the harder difficulties. Me and my girfriend are pursuing a goal of 200 platinum trophies before the end of the year and this put us at 194 and a completion rate of 79%! I actually had a lot of fun playing on Critical Difficulty, mainly because I didn't have to worry about anything else. Might finish the first KH game as well
  7. One Piece: Unlimited World Red (PS3) Did it once for the PS4 with relative ease, and thought; "didn't I play this for the PS3 way back?" I sure did, and decided to go and finish it this time. Sadly, RNG did not favor me this time around and the grind was real.. Glad to have it over with, never again! First post