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  1. This review is an absolute mess. However, one should not take seriously the opinion of someone who plays games while simultaneously watching someone else play games on YouTube.
  2. ...... 不不不不不不不不不不不
  3. I've never understood why one would choose to watch a non-competitive video game. I know you're by far not the only one, and don't take this as a dig. I'm genuinely curious... Why?
  4. Yet they still aren't adding Firebase Z trophies...
  5. @blinkkam182 He loves butter and his profile really is 0% margarine.
  6. I'm not sure what point you're trying make. I'm also not surprised by your list. Nice spree you went on in December there, buddy. You, and all trophy hunters, should be on our side, defending the history and integrity of the system. Instead, you're playing Road Bustles and Mayos and celebrating the REMOVAL of trophies as a feature of zombies dating back to 2009.
  7. Your reply comes across as a counterargument but I wholeheartedly agree. Of course, not as many will have spoken up during MW's season because it's not as big a deal with Spec Ops. Spec Ops isn't a staple in terms of trophies and it's also undeniably one of the worst game modes anyone has ever seen and was abandoned almost immediately. There should definitely have been a Warzone list, however. They would've synced with the servers by now. I would LOVE for you to be right but it's just not gonna happen.
  8. Trophies you are free to not attempt to earn. For others, they've lost an integral part of the experience. "Thank god."
  9. Thanks for the input. The patch notes never mention the addition of DLC trophies, at least since BO4 released.
  10. That list is one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen. Jesus. 丹儭
  11. Oh my god, thank you.
  12. This is exasperating. How would you define the average player if not by one win per 60 games?
  13. Judging by some other comments you've made, MuttGuy, it's pretty obvious you go out your way to put down those who haven't earned the trophy. "Suck it up and earn it" being something you told someone. Does it make you feel good? Is this all you have in life? Showing off because you earned a trophy others couldn't? The funny thing about this is I actually have the trophy. I was merely pointing out how difficult it is. That actually makes you look better for having achieved it. Yet here you are, jumping all over me, being an asshole because you think I'm making excuses. You sensed weakness and went on the attack. Get a life. "Difficulty isn't expressed in odds when playing video games." Do you not believe the average player wins one in 60 games? Do you believe that statement is false?
  14. Never said that. Correct. That's what I said. The odds are low. Do you think otherwise? Why are video games exempt from the rules of probability?