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  1. 1) That's is where the confusion come from. Many treat 1,2,3 as main games and everything else as a spin off you can ignore. 2)KH 4 is built upon the narrative of Unchained X and Back Cover, which the first is a mobile game and the second is a movie from the Foretellers perspective of the event that lead to Keyblade War. 3) Chains of Memories and 358/2 are very important if you want to understand KH2 heck even Coded as now.
  2. It's not very hard, you can watch the cut scenes in YouTube ( Everglow has done a excellent work putting everything in chronological order) or in KH wiki
  3. I really like the logo of the new entry. I want to know what the metallic color imply?. Perhaps is related to what is inside the Black Box. Certainly there are others messed up user's😅
  4. Kingdom Hearts wiki has a very nice summary of The Dark Seeker Saga in a well organized order if you want to read it.
  5. Verum Rex is a reintroduce of Versus XIII both in what it is and as the Latin title( True King) and of course the Yozora is based on Noctis Nope that is the worst thing for a new player. Every entry if not only important but essential for the whole narrative (including the journal entries and the secret reports!!). Don't worry KH: Unchained X/Union Cross/Dark Road is meant to be played after all the other entries.
  6. I was planning to buy Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated ( THQ Nordic need to work out their naming formula), so it's seem i am lucky😊. From what i have see Purple Lamp Studios have make a excellent remake and a sequel is coming.
  7. 1) Thanks kind Sony that tell not to give you my money, you know how i want to🙄 2) What they doing, PS Now was launched in 2014 and is only available in 19 countries!!! Don't tell is only due to infrastructures. 3)Sony bought Gaikai they can also use the Azure platform (they work together with Microsoft in that. 3) Lack of PS3 emulation is a big lack 4)Local pricing will vary by market. Of course ☺️. We already pay more than USA, plus 24% VAT because we are so special 🤬 Add to the above many European countries
  8. By Merlin beard!!! That is a lot better than expected ☺️. It's like Order of The Phoenix only more super. 1)The exploring, dynamic cycle of day/night and weather. It has the potential to be the best HP game, hope Avalanche will not disappoint us. 2)The magical creatures like Graphorn,trolls etc 3)And Inferi? 4)A Goblin rebellion on the horizon, a mysterious group of wizards and a ancient curse?. All that sound very good 5)Main character can see Thestrals, interesting very interesting 6)It's first in a HP game you can use the Killing Curse! I didn't expect that 😃. If Crusio will be also available i will be the happiest dark warlock.
  9. Warner Bross agreed to these? Let's hope they will not added them after release.
  10. Just bought Van Helsing 2&3 so the trilogy is complete, also two point and click adventure games. I don't know anything about the Dark Eye universe but i hope the narrative will be good.
  11. Some Very good offers, already bought some that were on my list.
  12. Yikes!! I don't know why you have such problem on normal difficulty ( in my first play through on normal i only have two combat deaths or three if i count that damnit scribes that blast me in the toxic wasteland). Try to use the classic controls not default ones, in this mode not only you use items instantly (don't need to enter into a animation) but also you have dodge cancel. When you face more than one enemies don't use the lock option to focus in one enemy. For enemies that can block your attack(like the skeleton chanpions) the best move with Scorn is "Unholy Exorcism": square, delay, square (x3) I can give many advices if you want.
  13. Tough question 😂, they only comparison i can make is i terns of gameplay and that is the tough part, as each game has a different gameplay formula each suited for each Rider. Without to get in details i put them in that order*: Darksiders 2 Darksiders 3 Darksiders 1 Darksiders Genesis 1* Maybe Genesis position will change when i played it personally( i still haven't open the collector edition damn you backlog 🤬 2* Darksiders 3 is weird case for me as i don't like Souls game but for some strange reason i like the way Gunfire Games used some of those mechanisms in 3 Genesis use a system based on your character total power. A combination of skills (both active& passive) and creatures core which also give active& passive effects depending on which position you put them. Along with above both War and Strife have their own abilities and tools that either gain from story progression,found in special chests or bought from our humble merchant.
  14. First game for me was GT Sport. It was a bundle with a white PS4 Pro.
  15. As a fanboy of the series i will give you my absolute not biased opinion of course 🙂. You will play in the release order so DS1, DS2&dlc, DS3&dlc and then Genesis. The game has many references and some scenes or words will have a different weight if you play it after the other games. If you care about the internal chronological order of the series: 1)Darksiders prequel comics some pages(each page depict a different event and it's place change in the timeline) 2)Darksiders Genesis 3) Darksiders The Abomination Vault/ Novel 4)Darksiders Death Door/ Comic 5) Darksiders 1 Prologue 6)Darksiders 3/ 10 years after the prologue of DS1 7)Darksiders 2 8)Darksiders 1 main part, epilogue/ 100 human years after the prologue Every entry advance the plot, the structure of Darksiders storyline is like a big chess game that play in the background. From one move you watch in a scene two more are make behind the certain.