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  1. Virginia I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me. A very interesting experiance more like a artistic expresion than a game. I really like the art style and the subtle narrative, even though i understand different a crucial plot point. A Special bravo to the composer for the fantastic soundtrack👍
  2. Both were in my list but didn't expect to be both in sale.
  3. Typical i don't play this type of games but i after i watch a playthrough on YouTube it caught my interest. I surprised in a good way that besides the ending the dialogue through the game change. I will check the other games of Stranga because is clearly that the games besides easter eggs and references are connected and some lore elements left my confusing🤔
  4. I feel like obligate to play this it seems fishy (no pun intended) . Here is a quick review if someone is interested.
  5. Thanks for the link.
  6. Iron Snout- A fun little beat-up where our little pig friend has enough of the big bad wolfes. With different levels and 6 different costumes to unlock you face waves of canine enemies with both melee and ranged weapons you can use against them(including their corpses). Don't mistaken be it's cute appearance, the more wolfes you defeat the faster and in bigger number their come so watch out for your bacon.
  7. I really like the thought behind the trophy descriptions. Sadly the first game of the series still don't have a EU version to add to the collection.
  8. Just bought some good quick tittles from the PSN deals, some platformers, action and visual novels. Especially my friend Demetrios is a steal 0,99€ from 9,99€ for more than 5 five hours without a guide. Overall a total of 18,10€/21,34$
  9. Very good deals, the list has something for every taste.
  10. Thanks for a video, some jumps were tricky but finally do it.
  11. Everything was right till the real horror begin, when the flowers don't appear and start to aimlessly wander through the trees. Ohh!! The terror the existential dread or like Dante said " When half way through the journey of our life I found that I was in a gloomy wood, because the path which led aright was lost.
  12. Platinum 28# and overall trophy 5000#