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  1. To add to that, you can also see that all the chapter specific random trophies were earned at reasonable times. Finding the Uncharted ring at 1h 25min, putting the hat on Joel at 2h 28min, winning the shooting range competition at 4h 45min, strange relic at 5h 27min, and finally the bow competition at 5h 37min. It fits the timeline. Keep in mind I started "speedrunning" after I got my first trophy at almost the very end of the story. Well that was quick, I appreciate it thank you! Will this prevent future flaggings concerning this game? I'm sure I will get flagged again for an even faster time (hopefully) on the PS5 version if we get one. But if I can get flagged again for this particular one, it's unfortunate.
  2. roohq The Last of Us Part II TLOU2 spoilers ahead. I did not complete the game in 15 minutes. If you sort my trophy list by timestamps, you can see that the first trophy I earned was the one you get for collecting all weapons. You get this trophy in the last chapter of the game when Ellie gets her SMG. This is a new account I made recently and I was going for the world record trophy clean up, so I deliberately avoided any player or weapon upgrades, trading cards and coins, and finding too many workbenches. After I got the weapon trophy, I then went ahead and used a bunch of supplements to upgrade a bunch of Ellie's skills. That's the second trophy there. Then I went on and picked up my fifth trading card and finished the game as quickly as I could. The first playthrough was on grounded and with permadeath on, so I got those trophies too. Now it was time to speedrun the game on easy difficulty while finally upgrading the weapons, collecting the rest of the collectibles and getting far enough in Abby's story to upgrade her and her weapons fully. After I got her fully upgraded, I loaded up saves to find the last coin and the last trading card. I worked really hard on setting this up so that I could get the minimal time from picking up the last weapon -> and fully upgrading Abby. I did not finish the game twice in 7 hours. I did not even finish it once in 7 hours, I merely optimized the time between the first and the last trophy. It all makes sense if you just take a look at the order in which I earned the trophies. If someone who is reading this knows the game themselves, they will see how it makes sense. I expected this flagging to happen eventually, to be honest I expected it to happen sooner. For the record, I'm going to 100% the free PS5 upgrade as well if there is going to be one, and that time it's going to be faster than this one.