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  1. I still need planner trophy
  2. You haven't yet got centurion trophy yet. Servers are closing soon
  3. I wish there was a separate trophy list like PS5 version or something, I miss playing this game for trophies
  4. No
  5. Nevermind, I got my answer, yes it is possible to stack.
  6. It's been 6 months since MP3 Online shut down, I miss playing online soooo much, as well as boosting with friends 😭😭😭
  7. I would rather start everything from the very beginning, 0.0%. It feels really worth it. 🙂
  8. I always had my crossplay on because I didn't think this game allowed a bunch of bots to play against, then I thought the lobbies will be less popular with crossplay off but thanks for advice, this might make these trophies easier for me now.
  9. It's possible to stack this game?
  10. Jeff Hardy is an amazing wrestler Thanks a lot! I got the platinum
  11. 🤣 blood brother, copy, roger that
  12. Thanks for the list!!!! For me, the last one I missed was actually the Burger Shot courier mission in Las Venturas. Before that I completed taking over all ballas and vagos gang territories. After that My stats percentage was at 99.87% so I was like what the hell am I missing??? then I move over to courier as my last requirement for Remastered trophy (PS4 VERSION) 😊
  13. This mission worked pretty good for me, the one and only problem I had was some weird bug happened when I drove DA's car in underground car park after planting the drugs from my garage. When I tried to go park the car, I almost got there to the marker and parking space, then all of a sudden I got a notice that I "tried to kill the valet" which I was nowhere close to any valet, then a mission failed text appeared, then the mission worked a second time, I beat the mission without any problems, but that was a strange bug.
  14. 🤣
  15. I agree I think this game is an amazing game, really well written, combat is nice, smooth and fun, decapitation/execution on captains, warchiefs, regular uruk soldiers is awesome (even though this game made me rage on it after getting killed), dialogue and characters is so funny! As well as they did a massive upgrade to ps4 version from ps3. Loading times don't take as long. And IMO I think this game stays true to the LOTR story. I platinumed PS3 and GOTYE but I haven't yet on ps4 version, I will one day