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  1. I bought my Vita a few months ago after a lot of debating about it - I'd encourage anyone who is thinking about getting one, to do it. Mine gets more playtime around the home than I thought it would, plus the remote play is very useful for when the wifey wants the living room TV - I can carry on playing on the PS4 as well. Do it.
  2. Just to add to this - in case you can borrow one from a friend - the original XBox 360 camera works - got the trophy today in fact.
  3. Dragon-Archon - I was going to recommend a plat for you but looking at your profile, I struggled! The best I can suggest is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood!
  4. Just added a couple more platinums/100% PSN games...
  5. I plan on buying the day one edition of TLOU:Remastered I have it on the PS3 but never got around to playing it - it was a birthday present last year but haven't been able to play it yet. I've looked on ebay and there are loads of copies being sold, usually for £10-£15; so hardly worth selling it and I like to keep games in my collection. The way I see it, I can buy the DLC on top of my PS3 copy which will be another £15 or buy the remastered version, all DLC included for ~£35 and just keep the PS3 copy for my collection.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion mate, but not sure that I'm up to playing on Crushing Any other suggestions (other than Crysis 2 and Dead Island - I sold DI and an just waiting a couple of months to plat Crysis 2).
  7. Boots_12345 - I think you should finish The walking Dead
  8. Really looking forward to Destiny, glad I've got my pre-order in. Just wondering whether or not to take a fay off work on release day
  9. Now up to number 14 - Diablo III
  10. I can confirm that Poker Ace is still achievable - I got it last night (12th June 2014) in fact!
  11. I'm also playing RDR at the moment and looking to get 100% in it if possible. As I understand it, the servers will still be online but the game saves progress locally anyway. Apparently the Rockstar Social Club server is going down at the end of May 2014, so tracking some progress will be more difficult.
  12. Just got number 11; Resistance 3.
  13. That's the 10th platinum today, Saints Row: The Third courtesy of PS+ Not sure what to play next now...
  14. 73 platinums - an amazing effort!
  15. I agree, DI kept crashing my PS3 all the bloody time. Shame I'd already bought DI:Riptide, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it after that experience - also the person I was going to play with decided they didn't want to play it again, having completed it previously - I can understand that! Still, I did buy them second hand