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  1. Is it possible to add the following to the trophy advisor (great idea by the way)? The ability to include/exclude certain games from the trophy advisor list The ability to show all of the unearned trophies on one page, rather than spread across multiple pages? Thanks!
  2. I bought my Vita a few months ago after a lot of debating about it - I'd encourage anyone who is thinking about getting one, to do it. Mine gets more playtime around the home than I thought it would, plus the remote play is very useful for when the wifey wants the living room TV - I can carry on playing on the PS4 as well. Do it.
  3. Thinking about getting Dead Island, but wondering whether to get the first game or just jump straight to the Riptide sequel. Is Dead Island still popular on PSN, or should I go for the sequel instead?
  4. I'm having difficulty getting this one, despite watching a video online that suggests doing it in Moresby, by the seafront. I chuck a meatbait there and then a molotov, but there always seems to be one straggler not in the group, so I never light up 10 at once. Did anyone else have trouble getting this, can anyone else recommend alternative places/techniques to try? Thanks.
  5. Just to add to this - in case you can borrow one from a friend - the original XBox 360 camera works - got the trophy today in fact.
  6. Dragon-Archon - I was going to recommend a plat for you but looking at your profile, I struggled! The best I can suggest is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood!
  7. After seeing Damon8r351 and madbuk's checklists, I decided it was time to do one myself - so kudos to them I was a late convert to the PS3, having previously had a XBox 360. I mainly changed because I really didn't like where Microsoft were taking the XBox (everything a paid for or TV service). I was also getting a bit bored of the predominance of shooters on the console - the PS3 seemed to have more of a mix of innovative titles. Having the blu-ray player was icing on the cake as it were.... When I played Little Big Planet for the first time and signed up for PlayStation Plus, I knew I'd made the right choice In January 2014 I bought a PS4 and started adding PS4 trophies to my collection. Anyway, here's my checklist - enjoy, preferably with a cup of TEA! Platinum #1 - December 2012 - Borderlands I never played Borderlands on the XBox 360 and given my comments about the 360 mainly being the domain of FPS'ers, the irony is not lost that it was my first platinum! It was one of my first Playstation Plus games and I loved it, downloading all the DLC. Getting the 'What A Party!' trophy was a bit of a grind, but good fun! I've got Borderlands 2 to play in my backlog and am looking forward to it. Platinum #2 - January 2013 - LA Noire I loved this game - it's very atmospheric and takes the player back in time, whilst playing a police officer in LA. I felt that the storyline came to a bit of an abrupt halt in some respects, but enjoyed it whilst it lasted. I bought this second hand when I bought my PS3, based upon reviews - if you've not played it, buy a copy as it's quite cheap now! Platinum #3 - March 2013 - The Walking Dead I downloaded this from the PS Store on a bit of a whim - I didn't really know what to expect as I'd never heard of, nor read any of the comics. I wasn't disappointed by it, what an immersive storyline! Graphics were really good, considering what the game is. I then downloaded the 400 Days DLC later and the game got a second lease of life Platinum #4 - March 2013 - Bioshock 2 I played the first Bioshock on the XBox 360 and again, Bioshock 2 was a game I bought second hand when I bought my PS3. I really liked the first, although it was a first person shooter, it was a thinking person's first person shooter - I really liked the storyline and the way in which the plasmids enhanced the gameplay. I liked the storyline in Bioshock 2 and enjoyed the game, but found the multiplayer a bit of a chore - it was a grind and there were so many people using electrocution and the crossbow for cheap kills, that the multiplayer became tiresome towards the end. Platinum #5 - April 2013 - Far Cry 3 I bought this as a work colleague was raving about it and after firing it up, I could see why. The freedom to do what you wanted, to explore the huge island was a real hoot. The first time I was attacked by a crocodile, it really made me jump out of my seat. This is a game that everyone should play and at the time of writing, is available on Playstation Plus - so an ideal reason to subscribe to Plus now Again, not sure why I've got so many shooters on my checklist given my earlier FPS comments! Platinum #6 - August 2013 - Need For Speed: Most Wanted Another Playstation Plus game - it's such a great deal, I can't understand why every PS3 owner isn't a subscriber. Anyway, back to the game - I remember the first ever Need For Speed and the series bears almost no resemblance to the originals any more. I enjoyed the game, but found that Autolog would often disconnect - perhaps EA need to invest more in their servers! Platinum #7 - September 2013 - Terminator Salvation I bought this used for £8, despite hearing the comments as to how bad it was. Partly because I wanted to get some trophies, but mainly because I liked the films and fancied it as a cheap distraction from what I was playing at the time. For £8, it wasn't that bad - although if I'd paid full price for it as a new game, I'd be pretty peeved. Popped it back onto eBay and sold it for what I paid for it - result! Doing my bit for recycling and all that Platinum #8 - September 2013 - Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Another Playstation Plus game I hadn't read any reviews of it before playing and despite not being a big fan of RPGs, I decided to give it a go. I was glad I did, I enjoyed it. The storyline was interesting and the combat mechanics worked well, with reckoning mode being quite entertaining to see all of the different kills. Unfortunately my game glitched when I was playing The Legend Of Dead Kel DLC, meaning that I had to reload an old save to be able to replay the DLC and get the only trophy I needed for the 100% - 'Give Her A Hand'. Platinum #9 - October 2013 - Heavy Rain I loved this game. It was really immersive and totally different to the usual games out and about! Some parts of the game are really dark - have to admit to being a bit knocked back when watching the 'Tears in the rain' epilogue. I played it with a standard controller as I don't have a Move, I imagine it's really good on a Move. I have read that some people struggled with the Kamikaze trophy, but I was quite fortunate/lucky that I didn't - so I wrote up a trophy hint for it. Platinum #10 - December 2013 - Saints Row: The Third I enjoyed this game, despite not really being sure if I would. I am one of the minority who thought Grand Theft Auto went downhill after GTA3 on the PS2, so had mixed feelings about SR3. I enjoyed it though, the storyline was fun and the game fairly playable. It didn't take long to grind out the platinum, just needed to mop up a few vehicle thefts and challenges at the end. Platinum #11 - January 2014 - Resistance 3 I really liked Resistance 3. I thought it had a good story and some of the set piece battles were really impressive. One or two of the trophies were definitely worth a chuckle (BARF! for example) and I enjoyed earning the trophies without having to grind out loads of multiplayer trophies. Superhuman was a bit tricky in places - some bits were fine in single player, others were made more manageable in co-op. I'm glad I played Resistance 3 before the servers were shutdown Platinum #12 - January 2014 - inFAMOUS 2 I'd never played the first inFAMOUS game, so had no idea of what to expect from this. I was happily surprised and elements of the free roam reminded me of Crackdown on the XBox 360 for some reason. Despite never playing the first, the game filled in the missing story and I really, really enjoyed inFAMOUS 2. Playing it twice wasn't a chore, as I played first time on normal difficulty on a good playthrough, then the second time on hard with an evil character. I enjoyed it so much that I will definitely be pre-ordering inFAMOUS: Second Son for my PS4 Platinum #13 - February 2014 - Aliens: Colonial Marines As a big fan of the movies, I was excited when I first heard about this game, to the extent of considering a pre-order. I didn't though, just as the news about how bad the game was hit, I was glad that I held on. In the end I bought it super cheap on ebay and the game was OK, but the AI was appalling in places. The multiplayer could be fun in private matches with friends though. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you can find it to buy at a very cheap price. Platinum #14 - June 2014 - Diablo III I loved Diablo III - let me just confess that straight away. I'd never played a Diablo game until playing the PS3 version, which I thought played very well for a PC port to PS3. Earning all of the loot was addictive and great fun, similar to Borderlands in that respect. Took a while to grind out the 5 million gold required to get the "All That Glitters" trophy and with it, Platinum number 14 Platinum #15 - July 2014 - Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut I had this game recommended to me because of its story. I'd describe it as a Resident Evil meets LA Noire meets The Village (movie). The story is good and I enjoyed it from that perspective, but the gameplay and sound were pretty poor in places. The driving mechanics and driving sound effects get a particular mention for being especially bad - it was like driving a car in a bad PS2 game and the sound effects of the police car reminded me of an old 8 bit conversion of Chase HQ (now I am showing my age!). It is recognised as a bit of a cult game - my advise is to try it before you buy - it may not be your thing. Platinum #16 - July 2014 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Get this out of the way - BFBC2 is the first Battlefield game I have ever played Having said that, I loved the game. The campaign in particular is excellent - characters and a storyline that were compelling, I blasted (pun intended) my way through the campaign, really enjoying it. The multiplayer is tight and fluid; great controls and it all works very well. My only criticism of the multiplayer stands for any MP shooter really - idiots who want to snipe in objective based modes, thereby costing you the game (I wish they'd sod off and play deathmatch instead) and spawn camping. Rush in particular was excellent fun. I understand that some people think BFBC2 is the best out of the Battlefield series so far - I can see why people think so highly of it. Platinum #17 - July 2014 - Little Big Planet Karting I really enjoyed LBPK, parts of it reminded me of happy days playing Mario Kart on the SNES and N64 None of the trophies were difficult, just one or two were a bit of a grind. All good fun though! PSN 100% #1 - September 2013 - Thomas Was Alone An example of why I bought a PS3 - totally unlike the usual games that are released - something really innovative. I enjoyed it immensely, completing it on a day off work. PSN 100% #2 - January 2014 - Contrast (PS4) One of the early titles that were free via PS+ for PS4 owners. I didn't have any idea of what to expect from Contrast, but really enjoyed it. It was different, innovative and quite a dark game in some respects. I enjoyed switching in and out of the shadows, completing it on a day off work and getting my first PS4 100%. PSN 100% #3 - June 2014 - Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons This game was amazing. If you haven't played this yet, stop what you are doing NOW and play it. It really is that good! The storyline is very emotional, the controls interesting (each brother is controlled by each controller stick) and the puzzles not frustratingly difficult. An absolute must play, for any serious gamer. Play it. PSN 100% #4 - July 2014 - Doki-Doki Universe I enjoyed this game - it was amusing in places and fun to play, except for the constant crashing on my PS3. I understand a lot of people have that problem, including on the PS4 version. Maybe wait for it to be patched some more! PSN 100% #5 - August 2014 - The Walking Dead Season 2 Having previously enjoyed season 1, I bought a season pass for season 2 and started to play, even though episode 5 isn't out yet. I will need to earn the 100% again when episode 5 is released. PSN 100% #6 - August 2014 - Stick It To The Man This was free on PS+ a few months ago, but it was great fun. A lot of the humour within the game is very, very funny - some of the mind reads and cutscenes will have you laughing out loud. I really enjoyed Stick It To The Man! I will add to the list as I complete/play more games. I've got a back log of games to play longer than your arm, as well as some I don't own but would like to. Having said that, I'm currently playing Puppeteer on the PS3 with Killzone Shadowfall on the PS4. Some of my huge backlog of games yet to play: Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag (PS4), Batman: Arkham City Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3, Bioshock Infinite, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Dead Island Riptide, Dead Rising 2 - Off The Record, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, De Blob 2, Demons Souls, Devil May Cry HD collection, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dragon Age Origins, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Ghostbusters, God Of War Saga, Gran Turismo 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Guacamelee!, Hitman: Absolution, Hotline Miami, Infamous, Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga, Little Big Planet, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone Shadowfall (PS4), Mafia II, Max Payne 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Metro: Last Light, Mini Ninjas, Mirror's Edge, Modnation Racers, Ni No Kuni - Wrath Of The White Witch, Puppeteer, Rage, Ratchet & Clank HD Collection, Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, Resident Evil 5, Sleeping Dogs, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Sniper Elite V3 (PS4), Strider (PS4), The Last Of Us: Remastered (PS4), Towerfall Ascension (PS4), Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Vanquish, Vessel, Wolfenstein The New Order (PS4)
  8. Just added a couple more platinums/100% PSN games...
  9. I plan on buying the day one edition of TLOU:Remastered I have it on the PS3 but never got around to playing it - it was a birthday present last year but haven't been able to play it yet. I've looked on ebay and there are loads of copies being sold, usually for £10-£15; so hardly worth selling it and I like to keep games in my collection. The way I see it, I can buy the DLC on top of my PS3 copy which will be another £15 or buy the remastered version, all DLC included for ~£35 and just keep the PS3 copy for my collection.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion mate, but not sure that I'm up to playing on Crushing Any other suggestions (other than Crysis 2 and Dead Island - I sold DI and an just waiting a couple of months to plat Crysis 2).
  11. Boots_12345 - I think you should finish The walking Dead
  12. Really looking forward to Destiny, glad I've got my pre-order in. Just wondering whether or not to take a fay off work on release day
  13. Now up to number 14 - Diablo III
  14. I can confirm that Poker Ace is still achievable - I got it last night (12th June 2014) in fact!
  15. I'm also playing RDR at the moment and looking to get 100% in it if possible. As I understand it, the servers will still be online but the game saves progress locally anyway. Apparently the Rockstar Social Club server is going down at the end of May 2014, so tracking some progress will be more difficult.
  16. Just got number 11; Resistance 3.
  17. That's the 10th platinum today, Saints Row: The Third courtesy of PS+ Not sure what to play next now...
  18. 73 platinums - an amazing effort!
  19. I agree, DI kept crashing my PS3 all the bloody time. Shame I'd already bought DI:Riptide, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it after that experience - also the person I was going to play with decided they didn't want to play it again, having completed it previously - I can understand that! Still, I did buy them second hand
  20. Too many hours shoving coins into the cabinet mean this:
  21. Inactivity - if the friend has't been online for 3 weeks or so, then I delete them. Spam - had this today; some idiot on Borderlands 2 must have been mashing the button sending me invites, so they got deleted and blocked sharpish. Constant signing in/out - winds me up when I am trying to enjoy the game, especially something like Heavy Rain. Deleted someone the other day for that, felt good!
  22. Yep, it's in my backlog of games to play
  23. Currently playing Borderlands 2 if anyone is interested in co-op. Please don't send a blank friend request though!
  24. My wife would probably rather that I don't spend so much time on the PS3, but she is fairly easy going about it. She occasionally plays games like Little Big Planet and The Cave, but that's about as far as it goes. She's not really a fan of games with lots of blood or killing - she never liked Gears Of War when I had an XBOX and didn't like Dead Island when I was playing that recently. I work shifts, so often don't see her. When I am working, she's often not and vice versa, so I tend to get my 'gaming fix' when she's at work and I am not, so we make the most of time that we can spend together doing other stuff. In that respect, my gaming is 'guilt free'. She did buy me Bioshock Infinite recently, so for that alone she's the best wife in the world
  25. Howdy.