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  1. I used a glitch to get unlimited stat points and I have collected all the stat points for thps1 with two skaters my original create a skate and tony hawk himself. I am going to try it again deleting the character and making a new one.
  2. Do we just have to do certain things again for the trophy to pop on ps4
  3. I have no idea what u mean but hopefully it worked out for ya
  4. Confused as to why this is bugged it clearly indicated in game that I got it by getting the calling carf
  5. It popped after just picking up 50 data drives I didn’t have to extract
  6. I got the tier 1 it didn’t pop anything I can do?
  7. Interesting for me I just started a game on the ps4 version and it popped
  8. I got the tier 1 it didn’t pop anything I can do? edit: I got it immediately when I joined a game on the ps4 version and it popped on the ps5 after I joined a game
  9. Hi so I reached level 15 and unlocked the character and everything but the trophy didn’t pop what should I do ? edit: it popped at level 16 trophies reallyy buggy as of 11/24/2021
  10. Can you elaborate please
  11. not fixed yet my friend just got pack rat getting downed a few hrs ago
  12. if it is fixed it will make the trophy significantly harder
  13. i dont know which ribbons I got to the max already
  14. i dont think u can get these in the solo/co-op or portal lobbies
  15. I just got it the best way was to make a portal and make it 2v2 and have friendly fire on I would just shoot my teammate and heal him and keep doing it like 30 times or so and it popped
  16. Any tips are greatly appreciated
  17. Play on hazard zone bro
  18. I noticed that you have to be the first in the plane to get the trophy
  19. go on hazard zone and try it
  20. Yesssss it finally popped u are correct if there was a way to pin ur comment I would thx uuuuuu
  21. this is correct i myself have not picked up 50 data drives but once I do this shall pop because I was playing with others and this was the case for them
  22. Thank you is this attainable on the bot all out warfare mode
  23. Is there a tracking somewhere
  24. U think we need 50 individual drives collected? I think u got to be the first one on the plane