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  1. Collector's Edition sold out at GameStop already.
  2. Knights of Valour will be shutting down July 6th.
  3. I thought DLC was already confirmed considering there is an early access keyblade, and a keyblade from the digital pre-order, and the Amazon pre-order. Not only that, but a fourth piece of add-on content for the X-Box that PS4 owners can't have.
  4. I think the solution should be to just never have these types of characters in the first place, that way there's no controversy! Right? Ri... Oh... Wait...
  5. Star Wars Pinball on the Vita (NA) is doing this, too.
  6. Each tier is a separate code this time around.
  7. So starting today, I can't sign in to my PS3 or the PS Store online ("the connection to the server timed out"). But for some reason, I can sign in to my PS4, and the PS Store if I'm on 4G. Does anyone know why that is?
  8. Then what about CDs versus MP3s?
  9. Just like the last proxy, I'll be keeping my eye on Roundabout's What a Fool Believes and Rack N Ruin's Dependency trophies.
  10. With the add-ons for this game being extremely cheap right now, do any of them also include the original base game, or is that completely removed?
  11. Conan Exiles is censored in NA regions but uncensored in EU.
  12. All PSP comics and all PlayStation Mobile games have been removed from download history, regardless of money spent.
  13. I'm on the same side with Trope, except for me, I live for these notices since I'm always fighting for them. I have no time to play games right now as it is, so I'm always playing what's shutting down (right now, it's leaving on the PS4 for Happy Dungeons). If I had Twisted Metal or Warhawk, I'd have to switch those to the front of my backlog. For another example - I love Uncharted, but I haven't started the second game yet, since the online for that is still working. I'm not going to get those trophies out of the way, since yet another free-to-play game will surely announce its closure before then.
  14. Well of course, and it's been shown trophies pop out of order and pop at the same time. But don't you do the same thing; that's frowned upon.
  15. Either two years ago everyone hated this idea and times have changed, or people are more forgiving the more trophies the user has.