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  1. I have gotten almost all my characters to 175.. and upgraded all sorts of gear .. 103-165 130-165 140-165 epic legendary exotic.. everything.. the trophy wont pop. Devs needs to patch it so it still isn’t looking for the old gear upgrade mechanic. Where do u event get the ps5 disc for this?
  2. Use this.. and u can bypass weekly reset.. as for farming DM me if u are interested can forward u discord invite which has lfg channels and u can run 3-4 raids in a day easy if u get a good group.. and have decent gear And i will check next time i load into the game on how the new 150+ level gear shows up in locker
  3. Yeah the locker viewer i think still shows the old upgrade system that was in the game.. just another example of this game devs being proper trash at their job … I tried upgrading all sorts of gear.. epic legendary.. exotics.. from 140 to 165 On my next character i am farming now i will try and do an upgrade from 100 to 165 and confirm if it works.. or maybe a 130 to 165. Will post when i have had the chance to test it out Also to add, i reported this to square enix support and all i got in return was that they have forwarded this to the devs and waiting on hearing back from them
  4. So i ran the Raid and Elite Raid a number of times to finally get the 165 Power Level gear which is the new max cap. But upgrading an old piece to 165 did not pop the trophy for me. Its either glitchy like all the trophies in this game or un-obtainable on the latest patch.
  5. No.. the save migration is only PS4 to PS5.. we wont know its "unobtainable" till someone actually manages to clear both the OLT/Raid and Elite Raid enough number of times to get a 165 power level gear drop. If some has managed to do that, they can upgrade an old piece to 165 and confirm if the trophy pops or no.. I am at 155 right now, still need a few more runs to be eligible to run Elite raid
  6. Yeah, not sure how Josh managed to reinstall the launch version and get into the game.
  7. It wont let me go pass the message where it says i need the newer version to play if i try to reinstall from the disc. Am i missing something?
  8. This one is glitched for me as well.. done over 25 villian sectors.. 20 of those have been the 2 dailies.. and must have done over 200 assignments already.. no pops yet
  9. Yep, just like most of the game.. its half baked .. and screws over almost everyone who hasnt popped this trophy yet..
  10. So if this trophy description/requirement remains as is.. the only way to get this now is to first grind out the OLT/Raid events till you get a 150 Power level gear drop. Assuming if you have the artifact +10.. that makes you elgible for Elite version of the raid.. The elite raid then drops 165 level gear.. this plat just got even more grindier.. and not to mention much much more difficult.. since these raids and OLT events are no joke
  11. Suppose elite version of the raid is where we would get those 160+ level drops? The regular version hasnt given me anything above 142 in the few runs i have had. which is the same level if you were to do the OLT
  12. It most definitely is glitched for me. Have done over 20 sectors now and still hasn't popped. Each time i have initiated the mission and hosted the strike team.
  13. thanks buddy! this was very helpful
  14. Thanks for the great guide!
  15. yeah Draws do count as Wins.. for both infallible and the episode win related trophies..