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  1. FYI to those playing this game, I do not believe that the 100% is obtainable at the moment. I have done the following: Beaten a mission without taking damage Beaten a mission without touching ANYTHING (walls, etc.) Beaten a Season doing BOTH of the above I have not received the Can't Touch This trophy. Just a head's up. If anyone DOES manage to earn the trophy, if you could let me know how, that'd be awesome. If you can provide a video (use the Share function), that'd help a lot, too. UPDATE: The trophy can now be earned due to a patch!
  2. And prize for most pointless topic goes to...
  3. I'm on the last set of levels right now and am having no trouble at all 3-starring every level. Thus far I've gotten 1 or 2 stars on maybe 4 levels through the game, and didn't bother trying them again right away, because I know I can come back later with a better suit and upgrades, so they'll probably be easier the second time around. Pretty easy overall.
  4. I've also confirmed that Spot DOES have to eat everything for the trophy Useless but beautiful. E.g. the mushrooms and flowers at the beginning, and the Blossom on the Root at the Honey Tree.
  5. Quick heads up, I've gone through on an alt account and found that I got Lollipop when I licked Yngo and Ralv. So licking the Prayer Wheel Fitting is not necessary. It's likely that the Prayer Wheel Fitting counts simply as one of the Prayer Wheels.
  6. The PS4 version includes the DLC. Toughest part will be to beat the Last Year DLC and Deliver all 5 items. Also going to the Church is RNG-based, and requires unlocking the DLC, which is much harder than the base game. EDIT: Finished the 100%. DLC wasn't as hard as I recalled from PC. Pretty easy overall, and actually quite fun if you're into games like Slender.
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a go, see if I missed it. Sometimes it is the obvious ones we miss while simply playing the game for fun! Confirmed! I missed precisely those two! Thanks a lot!
  8. Looking for some more definitive info regarding Useless but beautiful. Can anyone point out any particular Spot interactions that were perhaps a bit more elusive? I feel like I've scraped up against everything as Spot, but to no avail.
  9. Ohmuhgahd yessss.
  10. Lol totally. I kid, I kid.
  11. Yeah it seems he "liked" my tweet, but responded to you. No love for the English speaking among us eh?
  12. I tweeted at a French gamer who got it on XBox: "Salut, il suffit d'avoir toutes les répliques en parlant à la statue de Kyra dans le niveau où tu dois poser les bougies" Google translated: "Hi, just have all the aftershocks talking to the Kyra statue in the level where you have to put the candles" Someone wanna give that a go? I literally just finished another playthrough, so I'm not in the mood (nor do I have the time) to get there again right now.
  13. I'm pretty convinced at this point that the Shut up clown! trophy is glitched and unobtainable. I've reached out to the devs to confirm.
  14. *facepalm*
  15. Mmm alright. I will let you know if I find anything. While I have you here, mind telling me how to skip puzzles? I cant seem to find the button for that. I played on PC first and the option was simply visible on screen. Maybe I am blind Lol
  16. I feel its worth mentioning... The Xbox One achievements each unlock an image based typically on wmere the achievement was earned. For Shut Up Clown, it SEEMS to be related to Shana's place, where the candles are. Take a look at the XBox version for hints!
  17. Can anyone tell me which region version this list is tied to? Thanks!
  18. Thanks guys, confirmed it's EU. Got my stack.
  19. You seem to like shooting things.
  20. I'd not say it's just "difficulty" in this particular case. It's CHEAP, and incredibly so. They remove your ability to jump, which is a huge detriment to your ability to dodge bullets and enemies. They plop a TON of enemies on the screen, and they swarm you; no way to pick them off one by one, and no reliable way to take out a group without killing yourself in the process. On top of all this and more I won't bother going into they don't even just invert your controls, they FUCK THEM. Shoot becomes some random button, directions swap, a bunch of nonsense, and by the time you MAY have gotten used to these backwards-ass controls, they change them AGAIN, and then BACK, and then RANDOM AGAIN! They even do this nonsense during the final boss himself. You'll be running, dodging giant fuck off bombs, then all of a sudden OUT OF NOWHERE your controls will suddenly invert AS HE CONTINUES THE BARRAGE. You'll either run into a OHKO bomb, or run right off the edge of the map to your death. I'll be surprised if anyone EVER 100%s this. As I've said before, it's not even FUN. If it were a fun game, like say, Cloudberry Kingdom, someone out there would do it eventually, maybe. But nobody is going to play this and say "yeah, I'm all about this game!".
  21. The game is pretty decent, despite the floaty controls. Once you get used to it it's not so hard. Each level might take one or two tries, and you're best off starting from the beginning, otherwise you'll have fewer upgrades than had you gotten them all from the beginning when you use level select. At the time of this writing, I am currently the only person who has beaten level 3 on this stack, but other versions have people who have beaten it, and I can tell you with certainty that the OP of this thread probably played for all of 30 minutes and gave up cuz they're bad, and have grown up in a world of hand holding.
  22. Hey all, I did a review of the game on the Youtubes, and was curious what others thought about it. Not a lot of people seem to have picked it up, but I quite enjoyed it. The creature hacking especially kept me going. Trophies weren't too bad either.
  23. It's a roguelike shmup, so going back to the start is part and parcel to the design. You should have seen that coming, really. Anyway, I've bought it and downloaded, just need to finish up one other game before I give it a go.
  24. Well, the tile image is of Ryo and King, of the Art of Fighting team. Male + Female. So it's probably as simple as using Ryo & King against another male/female pair. Maybe Mary & Terry from Fatal Fury, being the other blond male/female pairing from a similar series.
  25. FYI, the game is quite difficult, right from the get-go. They even warn you in-game when you start the level that it's very challenging, then they tell you that if you're losing, it's your fault. Though as has been said, many users are calling it unfair. I'm certain that every level is doable with no reinforcements and doing the secondary objective (potentially different playthroughs per), but it's going to be a matter of finding the absolute perfect optimal path for every level. The very first level they force you to cross a bridge, and at the other end there's a horde of more, stronger enemies than you could possibly have without reinforcements. That's just my view from having played the first level, mind you. Maybe there's some exploitable AI or something that I'm missing.