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  1. Shouldnt some of these trophies be hidden? :/
  2. My profile updating trophies but not the banner graphic at the top of the page at present
  3. Im still genuinely grateful to still get 2 free games a month for each of my 3 devices
  4. TESLAGRAD (Vita) Oleg's Duty Oleg's Duty
  5. I'm replying just to add to my posts as I'd love to join but am nowhere near 79!
  6. Hate these bloated descriptions - there's even a spelling mistake on one!: "Vindicated Honor Raise your player level to 50. Level up that much and you'll be about ready to exact you revenge." Oh dear.
  7. Oh Look It's Shiny (Pickpocket 10 unique items) - Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time on Vita. Feels like its taking an age to get through but enjoying it!
  8. Basically restarted game with fresh save and install and never touched the PS button (which Id heard can mess up trophies) and got the trophies I was owed
  9. Iv just finished gowII on vita (physical copy) and weirdly its two specific silvers that havent unlocked - boss batch 3 and defeat zeus, which is strange as the gold for completing whole game did pop (though not initially - had to restart game). am i gonna hav to go through the whole game again? know if bonus costumes will disable trophies anyone?
  10. I really dont mind authentication and security, but some of the questions have actually had me a bit stumped today! some of the pictures are a little obscure or hard to make out, so much about food! lol