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  1. Thanks for the heads up though. I haven't been playing it much as the servers were horrible the last few times I've tried. One nice thing I've done is turn messages off from unknowns. I used to just ignore hate mail but it's getting worse it seems these days and really annoying.
  2. I can confirm I don't do this childish shit. But i have seen it (not on this game yet but haven't played Killer yet) and it truly makes me hate the gaming community by a small percent (goes up each time) the more and more games I see it happen it. Unfortunately since this is free it'll draw more trolls in.
  3. I entered! Thank you for the giveaway! #Dangisuckatgamin- Level 28
  4. Thank you. Don't have his dlc so was just wondering how he worked. Thanks for answering insightfully too!
  5. Just played my first game with this DLC character and he literally was running across the map. Never seen any other character like this, unbalanced? Paid at that which makes me cringe at it.
  6. It seems okay. Nothing spectacular though. As others have said it's free atm for plus. Would recommend it for free.
  7. Don't mind. The games not that fun but i'm close enough to it I'll get it over-time when i feel like playing it.
  8. A lot more kids actually doing chores for once.
  9. Thank you OP for posting And nothing for me again this sale but no biggie. More money in my wallet for other stuffs!
  10. I love the coloring but I don't have a 4K TV which just adds more cost to this for me. I'll just wait for the PS5 in a couple years.
  11. It looks good but i bet it doesn't run or look that good on a regular ps4. Guessing that's PC? didn't check.
  12. Will pick this up at some point. I’ve been enjoying the first game. I hope they make it where your coop partner can earn trophies too (can someone who gets it early check this?— advanced thank you if you do! )
  13. Nothing for me . Crew 2 will be a buy once it’s uber cheap $5-$10. I bought the first Crew for $12 and enjoyed it for that price. Would never pay more for them. Its cool at the amount of sales. I’d rather have multiple sales and multiple varieties then one sale that continues the entire month and is microtransactions (which I find a lame sale but that’s probably just me lol). Thank you OP for the heads up too. I would have missed this.
  14. This is exactly why I don’t buy battlefield dlc. It always goes free. They shouldn’t have to refund no one though. The game has been out for a year (edit: oh almost two years.. tempus fugit). I do think however it’s shitty they keep putting the dlc on sale (packed with the game) either during a free dlc week or right after consistently now. But it’s not their fault you missed or didn’t see a free offer But thank you OP for the reminder of this going free. I grabbed it right away when I saw your post.
  15. I see where you are coming from. But I’m assuming they made the game with an American Way in mind. And at least where I’m from we can happily be open minded yet joke around enough to call each other words that shouldn’t be considered offensive like “bro” . Just remember the game came out long before most gender equality and most movements in the gay equality movements as well. Remember that the developers made the game around a different timeframe.