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  1. Finished since my post like a year ago on this: Currently reading: \ I've read all of his short story novels so took a break from the regular novels to start the new one. Not bad so far. Enjoying the first story a lot. Don't read that much anymore so my "finished" list is rather small.
  2. I tweeted them about it, got no reply. Hopefully they patch this.
  3. Kinda turned on. Haha. Just kidding. Thanks for the laughs though!
  4. Sounds like we need to buy you a cone lol
  5. I think it’s a great month, however when you own both offerings it does kind of suck. Wish they’d offer a third on these kind of months were they deep down know quite a few own both or at least one. Even if the third each time is an indie it would be awesome.
  6. Until PC can rid cheaters I just personally turn it off now. However, I voted 50/50 because I don't hate the idea of it.
  7. Already own it. But it's probably one of the better CODs if u ask me. The recent COD (don't own on PS4 but played on boyfriend's PC) is awful. So be thankful we got a much better version. However, how many people are still playing this one I wonder? I know new people to the game will bump the population up some, but hopefully it's not got lengthy waits. (I haven't loaded it up since March 2018). Hopefully the second game is something I don't own.
  8. Island Saver is fun! I didn’t keep playing it though past the beginning of island two. Found it starting to get redundant, but major trophy hunters can probably 100% it quickly as I had most of the trophies pretty quick.
  9. The Mt. Vernon game for me is impossible. I just don't have the coordination for these kind of games anymore. (And the purp dance game is stupid lol) With that said, the game is rather eh. It's funny as I hope it's mostly a joke. (felt like it anyway) They do need to work on their music more though. It's very generic for their "Who we are" section claiming they are bringing old school rap back. It's the same generic beats we've all heard millions of time with no new direction.
  10. Geesh this DLC was a mess if you play with a friend. The progress is tracked individually so you have to redo missions over and over to progress for the both of you. The game advertises itself as an online game yet has these kind of limitations. If the bugs weren't already bad enough... lol
  11. How does this run on consoles? Curious as it may be a future purchase but most of the PC ports have ran poor or the online aspects don't work well at all.
  12. I love the idea of more statistics (i love the design they did) and tracking (have always wanted this after seeing Xbox get it).
  13. I think it's a "stay at home" promotion. Which is great. This is a game many probably don't own and kids will absolutely love. So it's a win win.
  14. Oh shoot. I meant I'm buying PS5 day one haha. Been a long day lol
  15. I am definitely buying this day one.