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  1. Regardless which path they go as long as it’s similar gameplay to the others, I’ll buy it. Not sure it’ll be day one though since I don’t want to spend full price on games anymore lol.
  2. Are all the free games showing an error? I'd assume so lol. I still use the site almost daily! Love it!
  3. Just isn't for me is all. I usually buy games for $15 or less now digital. Gives them time to get all bugs fixed too waiting so long (if they do fix them lol)
  4. The service has never appealed to me really lol. Even selling it at $1 I passed on it lol. I'd rather just buy said games I want to play later on the down the road for lesser price lol.
  5. I've tried a couple times over the last few months. I'm not in that big of a hurry for it anymore. I'm so far behind on PS4 still.. lol Maybe I'll wait for the first price drop in a few years.. who knows we will see.
  6. Already own Day's Gone. It's a decent game overall. I'd recommend it for people who like open world games, but be wary if you hate horror to avoid it (I'm sure you knew this though already lol). Will grab the other two. Zombie Army is usually pretty great. Oddworld is sort of "eh" for me. Will be cool to have another free PS5 game though.
  7. Eh. the non-gaming hobby didn't work for me lol. But yes finding an overly controlling person can rid you of a gaming lifestyle, but in the long run it'll really screw you up. Never let someone control or change you.
  8. Definitely checking out Moss and Astro Bot Rescue. I needed new VR games since I never pay for them anymore. (it's cool we got Farpoint on Plus because now I'll be backlogged for VR haha.)
  9. 7,567 (Ps. Congratulations on your achievement!)
  10. Might be the world's largest.. But I've never even heard of it. Must not be that impactful lol.
  11. Curious in this one. May wait for a sale if the “can be finished over a weekend” is true. :/
  12. I did it with a group of randoms I met one game (back in 2017). We ended up having to keep retrying it over and over all day. We eventually got it after like 8+ hours lol. Was pretty horrible though and made me walk away from the game.
  13. That sucks. I was going to just wait to play it at better quality.
  14. Seems odd it wasn't announced today since the games come out Tuesday technically. Guess we will see if tomorrow is the day lol. I'll take FF7R since I didn't buy it yet lol.
  15. I played the original version way back in the day [around the time of the show.. which had a decent first season and got sucky after that] and it was a mess. It was fun for maybe an hour (with a friend by my side) but a lot of the quests felt very glitchy. So i avoided this "return" like it was the plague. Not surprised at this news at all.. the show is off the air (for years) so didn't think I'd last that long.