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  1. I want custom backgrounds as I usually make my own with my psn name attached. Otherwise I never pay for themes and rarely use free ones. Same. I searched so long a month ago for a folders option. I couldn’t believe they left such a simple feature out on day one. It was great if you have multiple Jackbox games. It’s annoying having them clutter your main screen lol.
  2. Saints Row 3 (PS3) Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains Complete 'Zombie Attack“
  3. Eh, it doesn't look mindblowing on PC on ultra either really. The PS5 version actually looks pretty close so far to the PC version, with obvious FPS difference.
  4. It looks “ok”. I have a bad deep down feeling that the balancing will be horrendous though. I don’t think this kind of game will click as easy with casuals as fall guys did. Not sure yet if I’ll try it. I’ll wait to see what else august (my birthday month) will bring us.
  5. I'm probably going to pick this up. Excited to play this on ps5.
  6. So I was trying to login on mobile (my phone likes to log me off of every site after I close to browser which is usually fine), well this morning I couldn’t hit any link (including trying to login to rid the ads) on the front page without it loading the Soma/somoa (clothing store?) website over and over. There was a messed up looking ad in the bottom right corner that wasn’t even displaying correctly (therefore no “X” to click off of it.). So I’m assuming that was for this clothing/jewelery (don’t quite remember as I kept closing it right away) website. The only way I was able to get past it was refreshing about 10 times and clicking login really fast each time with my fingers crossed lol . Wasn’t sure if Sly/technical team could look into what’s causing this ad to be so obnoxious lol. Have a great day everyone !
  7. I won't be paying for this. Found the game to be just "meh" and had a lot of points while playing where I said to myself "Is it almost over?". Would have maybe tried it if it was free.
  8. I'd try WWE possibly and definitely will play Plague. (Glad it's the PS5 version too because I'm guessing it'll be much smoother with so much on screen) Not a huge wrestling fan anymore though.. haven't been since I was 12 lol. EDIT: Forgot to say I already own COD. It's not the greatest. Some of the zombie maps were ok, otherwise.. meh.
  9. What a shitty idea on their end. OF course probably the minority (us) use this.. but what was it hurting? They really want to start weeding us out, don't they? EDIT: ah, I totally forgot we are getting discord integration. At least there's some hope...
  10. Really sad this doesn't have crossplay. I'll maybe grab it on a sale then down the road as I would have preferred to play it with my BF who is a PC gamer.
  11. Just got around to installing this. This is great! Way better!
  12. All of you are extremely talented. I love this thread! Please keep sharing!
  13. Hm. I'm mixed with it right now. I've had some frame drops in fidelity mode during gameplay (which I haven't had on many games except when you move the camera back and forth of course). I've also noticed the visual bugs and the textures not loading in very well at times. It's still a fun experience going through it again so far.
  14. Loving all the positivity in this forum’s aura! Happy pride to everyone in the community (including myself :)) and an extended thank you to those who identify as straight and still support the community. Respect is a beautiful thing and unfortunately people grow up in households that are less positive (this goes for both being gay and/or accepting the community). So once again, thank you for allowing us to live how we were born to live.
  15. Fidelity. It's great. Just sad that it's so short. Thankfully I got gifted it.