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  1. Playroom VR. About 2 weeks ago.
  2. Oh nice. I'm surprised they aren't advertising this on the Sony store. I'd probably produce more sales.
  3. Many reviews are saying tedious and repetitious. That's why i'm not buying day one.
  4. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1845-CUSA13800_00-0000000000000000 The store doesn't list online at all.
  5. I enjoyed Fable way back when I first got my Xbox 360. I would say that, but not sure i'd hold my interest these days and get a purchase.. Forza and Cuphead would be cool though. Oh and this one added to my list. I'd love it.
  6. Hard froze. Did eventually recover. Anyone who gives this company microtransaction money needs to be deported to a desolate island with no chance of survival. They launched a game broken to get easy money from the Fortnite crowd.
  7. If this is for the monstrous trophy, I used the Bison right outside prosperity.
  8. Own my launch week PS4 still. Won't switch to anything else because I knew PS5 was eventually going to come (1-2 more years left) and be just as good as the pro so I could deal with lesser quality for now.
  9. It's great they finally fixed these. It still needs a major balancing update though before I return to it. Shouldn't get one hit ever in these kind of games and it's happened about 8 times now.
  10. Making trophies "host only" is so dumb. You put coop in your games and don't even encourage it. (all trophies should unlock for everyone)
  11. Need to balance the game out too. Shouldn't get one hit from a sword and it takes 9 headshots to kill one person. Going to quit playing this for now. Does seem like they only care about their micros...
  12. Yes and it's very accurate! Just have to make sure you click on the segment you play under and then need to use the dropdown to select each class individually. My 50 kills with mage popped at 50 kills on that website this morning. So the site is great!
  13. Oh correction to my last post: I misread my stats on the Realm Royale stat site. I still need five kills.
  14. 50 Kills with the mage is definitely glitched for me. I have 50 now and it never popped.