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  1. I never pay full price for Plus anyway. Still have it till Jan 2022 too lol. So if this happens on our end I'm seeking deals as usual, if I can't find it I'll go back to PC lol.
  2. Definitely will redownload and try to get a couple more trophies during this event.
  3. If it turns out to be a sort of medieval and/or fantasy style RPG I'll take interest. Definitely not buying until it's much cheaper though. Nothing against Naughty Dog though, just not paying the $60-70 price point anymore.
  4. They will probably not like my scores. But that's what they get for making a subpar app.
  5. I did Leef. He is very strong against bots at least. So it didn't take as long I felt. Only problem is that if there is not a double xp event active it really really drags. Especially around level 70.
  6. Until I see gameplay I have very little hope for it. I don't hold my interest as high these days especially with Bethesda games as they are very much bug-filled messes on day one.
  7. Went into this game (so far.. still playing it lol) with very little hope as most of these kind of games seem to have tons of bugs, but honestly I haven’t ran into any at all. Might be my favorite plus game we’ve gotten in quite awhile. I’m actually really loving everything thing about it. The monsters are really cool.
  8. Still is up for anyone wondering. As for the game running good, it’s still not great. Have crashed twice already in an hour of play and there’s lag when you actually play still (which was common when it was first released). Idg how it lags so bad on 1 v 1 though. Are their servers that horrific when they definitely sell micros considering most have skins which is such a waste of money...
  9. Always wanted to try Maneater but didn't want to spend money on it lol. Guess i'll be playing it next gen in the future! Greedfall looks interesting as well. Will try that down the road. More backlog for PS4 lol.
  10. It was very short but I enjoyed it for what it was. Id wait to see the length this time around and if it’s short again wait for a $20 or less sale. Otherwise I’d buy it for $40-50 as I did enjoy the first one.
  11. Definitely not coming back if they add more trophies. The game is shit because of incompetent devs who don’t listen to how poorly the game runs (I’ve crashed 5 times buying items from the store and their fanboys will argue saying it’s a single user issue). So after hitting Level 40 I walked away as I knew I’d never get infallible anyway. Didn’t ever think the game was ever as high rating as reviewers seemed to give it anyway, it’s an easy 5/6 but no higher.
  12. Probably will get one as soon as I can next year. There's already a couple games on my "buy once cheaper" List. Hoping some drop in price by the time I get a console. [I'll probably play the Ps5 freebies (which we may get more by then?) and some ps4 games until I can get stuff cheaper.
  13. Lots and lots of issues in this game. Their servers are slightly better than in August but still lots of fps drops, bugs, crashes (crashed three times today...), and devs that don’t seem to care as long as they stay millionaires from such a basic very overrated (at least for awhile) game. Going to get the level 40 trophy then call it quits with this one. Awful.
  14. That was insane. I don't think I've had such a shift in emotions ever in a show. I was a mess. 10/10
  15. Not looking at your spoilers, yet, as I haven't watched! I heard it was really good though! Also, I'm loving Season 2 way more this time around.