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  1. Will definitely try Crash (even though I'm terrible at them lol) and Arcadegeddon with a coop friend. Probably pass on Medan since I tried Little Hope by that company on PC and it was not my thing at all. Can't wait for Stray though! Decided to get Extra since it was only $60 for an entire year for me (Have it til Jan 2024)
  2. Trophies can be fixed. Now if I paid for this I’d be sort of mad how poorly it launched but we all know they rushed this thing out for that micro-money.
  3. I noticed they moved "Ride 4" from the driving/racing category to .. nowhere lol. I had to search in "All Games" to find it. They need to quit moving shit around. Very annoying when it was in its respectable category. I noticed they also moved other things as well.
  4. I just fell through the map and was in an endless fall till it killed me. The game doesn't run much better at all on PS5. It's quite a joke of a game performance wise really. This is the third major glitch i've had.
  5. 4 songs that are on repeat here.
  6. I do not miss waiting for load times or waiting for the several minutes of trophy syncing. No thanks, I prefer speed to nostalgia lol.
  7. Shadow Warrior 3 is showing as July 5th, 9AM for me as the exiting day.
  8. $3 DLC is kind of high for this considering you can get this game on sale for $5 80% of the time lol. I will be passing on this, should have been free .. especially for one level.
  9. Classic Game Missing: Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue. I don't think there's trophies though.
  10. $70 though? That's laughable.
  11. Can confirm it's not dead atm, I found a ton of online matches today. But probably won't stay active past a week or so since most casual players will probably grow bored of it. With that said, I'm not sure I'll get anymore trophies in this. I wasn't a huge fan of it myself. Found it to be a super cheaply made version of Smash Brothers that isn't even exciting at all.
  12. I’ll remain over here getting my games for $20-30 (or less if I’m on the fence about the game) and only buying dlc if it comes in a decent bundle (Minecraft dungeons- 6 dlcs for $20 and I put 30 extra hours already in it) or a major discount. This direction is going to hurt Sony more when more and more follow suit lol
  13. I wouldn’t say the keyboard instrument tutorial is “easy”. Even some of the best players cannot do it. which is why it’s a .53%
  14. Honestly not impressed. The prices are still not within my threshold now so passing yet again on everything I don't own. I'm not paying more than $30 for most games now.