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  1. Tomorrow for USA from the blog post. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/08/09/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-august-13-2019/
  2. I’m close to finished so I’ll list my likes/mehs/ dislikes so far; Likes: - Online co-op included - Interesting “base”, the record room cracked me up. - VHS tapes and cassette tapes are cool to look at/listen to. - The lighting/graphic system is great Mehs: - The sister interactions are very cheesy to me. - The need for constant gunfire. Enemies will respawn if you happen to leave an area (inside the big area) looking for collectibles/ammo. If I haven’t reloaded the level, don’t respawn. Dislikes: - The enemy armor system is crap. One of the worst ideas I’ve seen. - The random enemies spawning behind me. Cannot stand when games do this.
  3. There's a major sound glitch (sound cuts out completely after going in and out for awhile) with both the host and co-op partner. It seems to happen randomly now (we thought it was only certain areas) and sometimes you have to close the game and reload to even fix it.
  4. Looks the same honestly. Maps appear to be small again and therefore it's similar to the last 6+ for me which are not fun. ADHD children needing small maps to spawn camp ruined the game for me. The old maps on the first MW and MW2 are fantastic. World at War had good maps too.
  5. Not feeling it. After all the bugs of a re-released Borderlands 1, I'm stepping back until it's $20 or so, because I'm sure this will be bug filled too. Online probably won't work for a week.
  6. Are you running it on a Pro by chance? Most streams look better performance now for the game. But they could be pro. It ran so bad yesterday. I was barely hitting 10fps.
  7. Uh.. at least Drawn to Death ran more than 10fps. In battle is worse. Yes have played a handful. Gave up after that now though. They obviously have never heard of testing a game before releasing it.
  8. Lol almost typed this but then realized it doesn't technically cost. I do find it hilarious they made sure to have their microtransaction store up on day one, but the textures and framerate can't even function most of the time.
  9. Avoid this at all cost.
  10. Honestly been gaming less anyway. But with no trophies I'd probably just sell my ps4.
  11. I agree. They need to find an easier way for the patching system. I constantly have to delete stuff even though i have 40+ gb free.
  12. Man I want that Spyro and Crash bundle but don't really want to pay over $30 for it... Backlog is too big to just throw money at it too. So will wait.
  13. Never cared about backward compat. Once you go back to some games you realize they just don't age well... and not even speaking graphically.
  14. Great news! I didn't mind soccer though.
  15. Yeah typical list. Love the new logo header though. Looks sharper IMO.