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  1. This is why I don’t read reviews from anyone or anywhere anymore. We all have different taste. Most reviews think the complete opposite of my opinion about 95% of the time. Yes anyone can be a reviewer, so take that knowledge of thinking that and quit reading reviews because none of them truly know how you’ll feel about the game.
  2. Worked for me this morning. Didn't work at launch (11pm my time last night) though.
  3. Crash +Spyro bundle is tempting but my backlogs big enough as is.. so will just wait for a bigger price drop on it.
  4. SSD is the major plus here. Of course lots wanted backward compatibility but with how bad the ps4 runs and crashes anymore it's good to see a hopefully "smoother" running console this time around.
  5. Wish they didn't have the shows title on the first few icons. They would look cooler without. EDIT: Ah just realized they are free. That's cool. A cool free theme too.
  6. If they do trophies I'll try it.. otherwise every BR is the same at this point. Not to mention limited time Duos? Don't understand the lack of Duos in these games anymore. It's like they are trying to keep friends away from these kind of games. I HATE randoms so squads isn't an option.
  7. Glad to see accounts will eventually re-link! I had gifted a friend premium and he was sad to see his premium gone but this is a nice reassurance!
  8. Just a heads up for any Rock Band dlc buyers that were worried about the "issues" it could cause:
  9. Wasn't very good either...
  10. Eh. I never thought GTAO itself was that good. RDR2 is more troll-friendly though because there's no private lobbies. So everyone just walks up to you, to kill you ... and they get nothing out of it.
  11. Currently: Mortal Kombat 11 Crash Bandicoot Racing Might once they get closer: Borderlands 3 Wolfenstein Youngblood Days Gone (although I might wait for a price drop on this one)
  12. - Terrible voice acting to the extreme - Boss fights are pretty damn lame. Nothing exciting about any of them - Controls feel terrible on the Big Hero 6 level. (Flying section.. damn it's bad) -Several glitches on the Big HEro 6 level too... how did these get through testing. (one even made me die and i had a full health bar...which then restart me at the beginning of the level completely.. wtf) - Graphics looked horrible for the Hercules level (though this isn't that big of a deal.. it's rather noticeable)
  13. ... But the topic is called "Can't play with FRIENDS". That was why I stated what I did. Bad reading. But yes, playing with randoms is still broke.
  14. They need a "Yes", "No", and "Wave" emote mostly. Don't want anything too obscure. But yes a 30-second limit in between each emote would be good.
  15. Okay I THINK i found a work around. Set you room to Invite Only. Then invite your friends into your lobby. It worked tonight for me and my friend after struggling all day with "friends only" rooms. Hope this helps?