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  1. Bethesda.. the king of the buggy games. Now with even more bugs. No thanks. Microsoft will kill this franchise so quick... No one will give two shits after they see how cash grabby these feel. Look at the new Halo for the best example.
  2. Just gives me more reason not to buy most games day one lol. I'll get Ratchet day one for sure though so I have something to play for awhile during launch. Will try Astro's Playroom too.
  3. I was getting disconnected a couple times a day. Definitely isn't a connection issue on my end and since they are addressing it I'm assuming they know about the issues so I guess we will see. I ended up getting rid of the game off my XMB though. I'm sort of bored of the redundancy.
  4. Harmonix is working on trying to get RB4 ported to PS5. They are an indie company now so they really can't afford making a new game for it not to do that great again. (peripherals are too costly too..) This was said on their discord:
  5. Lol just imagined someone pumping their veins full of PS5 chips. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Thanks for the laugh!
  6. This is ridiculous. Sony knows its of high demand and let's these retailers only open preorder windows for certain countries. They'll be sold out long before USA even opens.
  7. Yeah same. So now I'm preordering one LOL. The harry potter and GOW games made it a rather easy decision though lol. Probably will grab ratchet to hold me over til 2021.
  8. Definitely need a Ps5 now lol. Was sort of eh.. but this game sold me I think šŸ˜‚
  9. I did the 99.9 in the first competition map. It took about 8 tries since I kept falling on my second run in a big combo (which is extremely annoying when you did great your first run LOL). Just have to keep at it. It was getting redundant after awhile (especially doing the same map). I always use the sticks for balancing too.
  10. Those graphics need some major work. šŸ˜•
  11. I will say the trophy icons are pretty, although I haven't checked Fifa trophies in years so maybe they are identical? Wouldn't know... Lol.
  12. The game is fantastic! Iā€™m enjoying it tons! Getting better too! Definitely a solid 9/10!
  13. This trolling (which has gotten worse in the last few days) has made me just get a couple more trophies and will delete the game. The lag and other issues don't help me hating the game at this point as well.
  14. I probably won't plat it. I was horrible in the demo (all those childhood skills left LOL). Going to aim for the score ones though for sure. I'm 100% sure I can get those with enough practice like I used to be able too.
  15. I say stack up on some potions and revives and a couple anti freezes before attempting the ice mine though lol. I went in sort of empty handed and got destroyed šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚