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  1. Okay giving everyone a heads up. My trophy eventually popped about 3-4 medals after hitting 75. I had 20 Zombie Town Center medals, 15 Zombie Woods, 15 Mount (this is where I got the extra 3 or 4 at), and 25 in Plant Town Center. So the Zombie Town Centers do count, I just think some of the missions may be glitched for the trophy.
  2. Unpopular opinion but i never found the SP that great in the game. I spent much more time in MP. It was different and enjoyable compared to the usual COD-Battlefield fiasco. Will most likely skip the game now 100%. Edit: Will have to see a much better gameplay video to see if my interest changes however. I didn't find the videos so far all that great... It wasn't tacked on at all. It was maybe the most innovative MP in a long time.. better than actual MP-centric games.
  3. Haven't played the game but it looks way better than anything released in 2010 just based on gameplay videos. Darksiders 2 was 2012.. and honestly playing that now and shocked at how bad it looks considering we had games like Red Dead 1 by then.
  4. Well my boyfriends looking forward to MLB. So that’s good in my book. Otherwise TLoU has been out for years and on sale so much I’m shocked so many don’t have it here. Going to guess overall that the number is really low of people who don’t own it that actually grab it though. Most probably had no interest in it from the get-go that don’t own it.
  5. Lets add the tree to “needing nerfed desperately” now as well. That character ruins MP for me now. Avoiding at all cost.
  6. Sony really needs to remove limitations for trophies . This will look so unorganized if multiple games start to do this
  7. such a good. Different. Extreme indie album.
  8. I had to do it in a private room. Public wasn't counting progress for it at all most of the time for me. Got it right away in private.
  9. This unlocked for me and a friend in a room that some random did the trophy in. So you might unlock this without even having attempted it if someone in the room is playing for it
  10. They take features away and make their site shittier. Of course they don't care all that much as this just gives them a reason to not give free money away... just is bad customer service.
  11. By far the best of the PVZ games thus far. Loving it! Definitely worth buying it early IMO! I will say the mushroom character needs nerfed though...
  12. I’d contact the PlayStation support line. At where you’re at with it, I don’t think anyone here could help you without making things worse for you since it’s account access related.
  13. I never enjoyed the two games I bought that much from Telltale. Got Walking Dead (was a huge fan of the show at the time) and Borderlands (loved these games so figured why not..) and neither really did much for me. Just not my kind of games, so for me this isn't exciting but it's awesome others will get some entertainment and fun out of it!
  14. I got the trophy in Co-Op, but we used the nearby heavy box by the grate and dropped it down with us and dragged it up the stairs by the clock tower. (The timer seems to start at the stairs of the tower to be honest as he got the trophy with ease doing this method) So he walked back down the stairs, I started the timer on my phone and he used the box at the top of the tower stairs to jump up to the ledge that's after the pendulum swing (which cuts off several jumps and seconds needed) and just climbed the tower from there. Finished it in less than 20 seconds . Took a couple tries even this way though as you fall relatively easy on this tower.
  15. Very cool month! I don't own either one! I knew Batman would go free eventually. Didn't expect Darksiders 3 so soon... did it not sell well? I haven't ever checked.