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  1. Legends of Dragoon remake confirmed 😂 Sorry… I’m just hoping that eventually comes. I may tune in if I’m not busy that day!
  2. That’s what it was doing to me after every game pre-patch lol. I went from level 8 to 0 over and over and never earned xp. So after about three wasted hours I got on Twitter and saw they were trying to fix it. The server still seems kinda laggy though. Not disconnecting, but even with 400mbish internet I’m jittering. Or is that fps drops introduced after the patch? Hmm.. Not sure. Hopefully yours fixes itself! 😁
  3. #477 Borderlands on PS3. I probably wouldn’t have even gone for it without my coop friend being so hooked on getting the platinum lol. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing when it popped though!
  4. I enjoyed this one somewhat too. Performance on PS4 kept me from finishing it though. Might have to go back to it at some point with this update.
  5. The new patch ended up fixing the XP issues and the servers seem more stable now! Back to playing this!
  6. You are in! Congrats to you both! I am going to aim to 50% as my goal overall with the game lol.
  7. Agree with your sentiment. I actually think it’ll meet the budget at the very least (minimal) for the name alone. And many older folks who don’t know the game, might actually like the look of this kind of adventure movie. Guess we won’t know til it releases. Could put up malodorous numbers…
  8. I may watch it as one of those "rainy day films". Decent, as others have said, is the best way to put it.
  9. Can you really compare a console to a $1000+ PC though? Most of these games (especially God Of War) require a rather expensive graphics card to get any sort of bonus over consoles. Especially running it in 4k.
  10. When this happens to me and I notice that no one else is doing anything I purposely bring the killer to them lol. I know I'm a jerk, but I don't get people who load this game up to not try. I will take them to any lockers people are sitting in too.
  11. The more I play the more bored I’m becoming. It’s becoming a chore to finish the game in general. Not sure what it is for me. I love the environment but I feel like this Far Cry is so “blah”. I’m trying to avoid making this a perverse review, as I haven’t finished the story, but I just can’t seem to get into anything about the game. The old far cry mission system felt like a better build than this new “operations” system. I feel like I could careless to help the people desperately asking me for help. I am getting super irritated with the spawning of the more enemies feature, it ruins the fun for me. I don’t need to have reinforcements coming in, with no alarm being activated, via helicopter almost every single time.* I am happy to read of those who are enjoying it, at least they accomplished a great game for many. I’m just not one of them, sadly. No more full price Far Cry games for me. * I ended up taking the survey Ubisoft sent out via email. They got more details than this review since it was a direct communication to the developers on what I disdained.
  12. Looks pretty bad. But so did the new games tbh. I’m only buying their next pack if it has TMP3.
  13. Lol I had the revive trophy pop and I hadn’t even revived anyone. The game seems buggy with where trophies pop completely.
  14. You’re in! Good Luck!
  15. Or you can buy them for the black market using Moneda! oo you meant “industrial composites” instead.