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  1. Omg this looks great. Might keep an eye on it and get it on a price drop!
  2. Just lost progress during today’s server downtime on towers I did. Done with this shit game. You would think they would have shields against this but it’s obvious now that they went a very cheap route so they could still make money off their overpriced dlc that for whatever reason people pay full price for.
  3. Yikes.. I thought 2 looked bad too after not enjoying the first one that much. This looks very redundant .. which so was the first one.
  4. Hate no gameplay in a trailer.. huge eyeroll. No one can determine a games play-ability based on movies that could run and look way better than the game itself... With that said I'll keep an eye out for the gameplay trailer.
  5. 15,069 Up another 278 in 4 months.
  6. Earlier than that... the Playstation store says July 9th. Enjoy all Multiplayer DLC for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on PlayStation®3 for free, including all gameplay content and vanity items! After nearly 10 years of operation, on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, we will cease operations of multiplayer servers for Naughty Dog games on PS3™. To celebrate almost a decade of incredible multiplayer memories, we’re making all multiplayer DLC available for free via our new DLC Collection Bundles. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-BCUS98123_00-U2COLLECTIONBUND
  7. I defended this game to everyone because I thoroughly enjoyed it from about level 1-29. Had a couple glitches around 30 but kept going. Well today has officially made realize how shitty this game truly is. JUst had a progress-erasing crash on the very last two missions of the story. (4+ hours of progress.. I work and have shit in life I don't need to lose progress because your game is not tested and is shit.) Therefore I'm going to delete this garbage and never go back.
  8. Congrats to the new staff members! 😁 More eyes is a good thing!
  9. Already own Borderlands but it's cool everyone else gets to experience it. Will grab Sonic though.
  10. Some people just don’t want to follow the conforming decision of having kids and giving all their money and time (which time is good, but also you need your own “me time” ) to a significant other okay, somewhat teasing. But we all know that giving them all your money is true most of the time lmao. (Even though I’m not hetero, I see this consistently working a public retail job) Like others have said it’s a priority thing. Some people just don’t want kids, don’t need to be involved in the community/church, or are single. i know my gaming time went down with that last one, but what’s super cool about mine is that he’s also a gamer (on pc) so we still get several hours in a week (although sometimes I still don’t game so I can spend time with him still)
  11. Have had this preordered since it was first announced. The more I see, the more excited I become. Glad to see so many nostalgic games making a comeback!
  12. AFI (x2, will be x3 when I see them with Smashing Pumpkins in August) - very good live. Blaqk Audio- good live. Joan Jett- very very good live. Blondie- she needs to retire these days, sounded terrible live. Yellowcard- good live. Blink 182- good live. Fall Out Boy - decent live. Most of their new music they just stand around to a backing track.. lame. Simple Plan- good live. was shocked. Rancid - weren't great live either. Bad Religion - decent live. Taking Back Sunday- Worst band ever live. Brand New- decent live. Singer was pitchy most of the night. Panic At The Disco- Good live. Weezer- Great live. Twenty One Pilots- Good live. John Bellion- Decent live. Judah & The Lion- Terrible live. Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness- Only heard a few songs, but honestly didn't think they were anything better than average. There's others I've heard live but not familiar with them because of them being so small and unknown. Most I forgot about after that night because they weren't great.
  13. Thank you everyone involved on getting this out as fast as they could without having a shit fest of bugs. 😁
  14. If it's anything futuristic than it's a giant no for me. Need to see the MP maps too.. they have been way too small and ADHD friendly in the past several years.
  15. Yup did some more research on other websites and someone mentioned that! Thanks though!