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  1. Most likely due to the increase of users. Probably a 200% increase in capacity. i had issues doing the campaign with a friend but they come and go for us.
  2. Didn't really see the hype of The Last of Us. Red Dead 2 is actually pretty awesome though. But I'll still grab TLOU2 since I want to know more of the story because that was honestly the best part of the game.
  3. Eh. There's a couple on there I'd buy but with the holidays using lots of money I had to pass. I want that Unravel bundle but will just wait til it's even lower which I'm sure it'll drop to eventually. No rush also because of backlog as I've mentioned on here before.
  4. Definitely needs added. I hate random trolls so much.
  5. I don't know why people expect the online to work 100% on launch anyway... look at GTAV. That's the perfect example of why you shouldn't buy a mostly Single Player game for only it's online mode. The single player in it will take you several days (or weeks... or heck months if you don't have lots of gaming time) to complete so by the time you complete it (if you don't have several hours a day to play it) they'll probably have the online more sorted then trying it Day Two of being up lol.
  6. Nothing jumps out at me as "grabbing right away" except MAYBE Onrush. The others probably won't even get added to my already growing backlog.
  7. Not if you just wait for their dlc to go free. Or isn't it free this time around anyway? or am I mixing it up with another game? Never spend money on dlc for battlefield. Never is worth it and is worth waiting the year or two for it to go free like the last two major game's dlc has done. As for the sale, that's a great deal. Will still wait for it to be about $20 digital before I grab it. Don't have the spaces for the boxes in my house anymore.
  8. Thread could have ended here. Truer words have never been spoken.
  9. Posting a youtuber's review or anyone else's opinion doesn't prove any points on either side. I will say I've put over 30+ hours into the game already and have barely touched most areas . Enjoying it lots. I'd still give it an 7 or 8.
  10. Trophies look fun. But if the game runs anything like 3 then you can bet I'm staying far away from it even at $5 or lower... (I will wait for a huge price drop on the game before grabbing it. After having endured 3 I'm being safe this time around [I did at least only pay like $15 for 3 though])
  11. Lmao. Was not expecting that.
  12. My backlog hasn't shrunk much. So December really could be anything. I'll grab what I don't own.
  13. Holotape trophy did the same thing to me as well. Let's hope they get this late-pop issue fixed.
  14. The trophy descriptions have me scared for the actual game, if we want to be honest lol. I was interested in another Chess game though.
  15. Long Gameplay trailer: Says it's a VR game. So could be fun.