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  1. Yeah hate the new game + trophies a lot lol. Hate harder difficulties. oh well. No biggie not a 100% chaser or anything.
  2. Keep an eye out during Christmas time! I’ll probably do another giveaway for it!
  3. After going through a rough couple of days (won't go into it so I remain PG/PG-13 LOL) It's always nice to give back to such an awesome community. 😍

    1. Lorajet


      Hope everything works out for you, and this community can bring a smile/laugh no matter now screwed up RL can be :awesome:

  4. Congratulations to our winners! sephiroth4424 OJ9999vr
  5. I’m going to bump the winner date up to October 18th! So 48 hours to get any final entries in! Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Candy corn.
  7. How To Enter: Leave a comment below to let me know you are interested in entering the giveaway. Prizes: 2-- Lifetime Premium Memberships. Winners will be chosen at random. Contest Ends October 18th. Fun Little Side Question: What's your favorite Horror movie?
  8. Yes because most people are thirsty AF. It's the way of life unfortunately...
  9. Don't set it to "No One" if you receive invites from friends to play... you won't ever get them. Friends Only folks. Delete anyone suspicious.
  10. Same. NA Here too and having constant failed attempts with a friend to play this game. The developers are terrible. They refuse to answer. Well i refuse to buy anything else you put out.
  11. The Jaguar outfits didn't work for that trophy (that ddracarys references) for me either. I just did enough tombs and crypts to get a matching set.
  12. Ps. My quote wasn't just for you too LOL. forgot to add the other guy's name as well. Thanks for not taking it too rough (after re-reading it seemed directed at you). I agree though,I always as said join a private voice chat party or use the mute-all option in games (or i'll one by one mute if I'm feeling less lazy LOL) Have a good day!
  13. Agree. Zombie trophies never ever appealed to me. I did get some in the last game but didn't go out of my way to get the rest. I always join a private party before I join online games that way I can't hear anyone. Especially on CODs. The 12 year olds are one thing.. the 25 year olds jamming their garbage rap and talking shit is another.
  14. The Micros were nothing compared to the still unfixed, unbalanced card system they have in the game. Have to disagree that its "Balanced". Still very much a mess and maybe worse since they changed the system.
  15. 6.00 added freezing and blue screens (occasionally) when I check my friends list. Gotta love that new feature!