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    I am gay. I am proud. I am taken by a handsome fella. =)
    Took a 3-week break from gaming and now back. 8/24/19.

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  1. Was on the fence on this. Don't usually buy games for trophies, but in this case the game was just "eh" enough looking that I'll probably for sure pass on this.
  2. From my new camera (still learning.. only my second day with it): Past Photos:
  3. https://open.spotify.com/artist/04lXxFXSq7xNAAH8jvPYiO?si=AqXhEumdRMuGRlbRnxxjkQ Been listening to him a lot lately!
  4. Discuss away! I've been enjoying it. I do think however that Episode 4 was rather dull. Just wasn't my cup of tea, thought it was unnecessary and almost filler-like.
  5. I thought it was poorly executed as well. The idea sounded cool so I bought the game, but wow was I disappointed. Not to mention people had troll-like gameplay strategies with this one at launch.
  6. Titanfall 2 Is fun but already own it so.. meh. The other game very meh. Will try it but doubt it's any good. It's inexpensive though on sale? I mean I hated most of the months but got well enough GOOD (not fuckin shit) games [Hitman and others] to make up for the $40 (always buy on sale) to make up for it.
  7. Last Entry: The Jabber pet in Borderlands 3! I'd love to send it toward my enemies and haters!
  8. Probably will grab Days Gone. Undecided on getting Devils May Cry. $20 is such a good deal for that. Wish borderlands 3 was $30. Seems skimpy to make it only $20 cheaper for such an big retail day.
  9. Entry 2: The Toothpick gun from Borderlands 2. Purty.
  10. Avalanche popped for me after doing the Winter-theme tutorial level that loads up after finishing the actual Ice level. As soon as the credits rolled again I got the trophy to pop.
  11. I would bring the shrink ray gun from Outer Worlds just so I don’t feel the shortest in the room anymore 😂
  12. I did. Several times lol. It just won't pop. I've tried it from multiple angles as well.
  13. For me it's; - Bound By Flame (bought day one. Thought it looked fun but turns out it wasn't for me and despised it) - ARK (Game would be good if it actually ran smooth... it runs like garbage.. even on PC [learned this later on]) - Conan (Also a game I could like playing COOP with a friend but it runs like shit. Ruins the entire experience.) - 7 Days To Die.. do i even need to say why?
  14. Going to guess for December that it's -Doom -A Way Out
  15. I’m not shocked at all. They will charge for anything and everything in gaming now. Ive noticed less and less activity of my friends list lately and not many buying the newer games anymore. People can’t afford the hobby like they could years ago (between having kids in between that time/new jobs and also the increase cost to have the full game experience) It’s just getting ridiculous.