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  1. Hi, please sign this petition and share it as much as you can in the internet. https://www.change.org/p/sony-sony-please-don-t-shut-down-the-psn-store-on-ps3-ps-vita Even if you don't care much about the PS Store closure or you don't think that petitions work, please sign and share the petition anyways, it just take some seconds and it doesn't hurt to try.
  2. Maybe we can try to find an explanation for this. When I saw the posts from Ubi-Milky I noted that that this post My friend and I appear offline to eachother on UPLAY when we try coop | Forums - Page 4 (ubisoft.com) (replying to some players that reported connectivity issues on PC) was made before this one Multiplayer/co-op servers no longer available | Forums (ubisoft.com) Let's imagine that before he respond to the players he sees this list Multiplayer and Online Services availability - Ubisoft Support which is supposed to be the list with games that already had their servers shutdown (but in reality it's an unreliable list and has games marked there that still have servers working like GS: Future Soldier and AC: Brotherhood). After that, Ubi-Milky sees the Masterlist to know when the servers shutdown, but it's nothing marked there, so he thinks that it was a recent decision to close the servers and so he edits the Masterlist to include Ghost Recon and the Rainbow Six games with a date of just 2021 and then he makes a sicky post in the Ghost Recon forum to supposedly warn everybody that the Ghost Recon servers have been shutdown which is not the true. After all, I don't see Ubisoft shutting down any games without warning now, because they just announced those PC titles to June. If they wanted to shutdown Ghost Recon they would announce it for the same day. It doesn't make any sense they shutting down Ghost Recon or any of the other games now.
  3. This is very interesting. In this link Multiplayer/co-op servers no longer available | Forums (ubisoft.com) they make it seem like the servers are already shutdown. After all in this link Multiplayer and Online Services availability - Ubisoft Support where it was suppose to be the most updated and accurate page to see all games with discountinued services, has marked Assassin's creed Brotherhood in there for a long time and the servers for Brotherhood were never shutdown for consoles and PC. It seems like Ubisoft staff don't know what they are doing.
  4. Of course, their focus will be on the PS4 and PS5. But that doesn't mean they need to close the PS Store for the other consoles that are still a considerable amount of people using. And like you said they are arrogant for being on the top. But if we just ignore this situation they just will be more arrogant in the future. Even with Sony's lack of attention to their legacy, now it's the most important time to let our voice be heard. Also, I and others have ask a developer that has a thread in trueachievements "Get Unobtainables Fixed", he has many contacts with developers and publishers and he works with them to fix achievement problems in games. He said that he will do his best for this situation, but this case is very difficult even for him, so it is important that the community show their interest directly to Sony. He says exactly that in his post. See: Get Unobtainables Fixed! - Page 55 (trueachievements.com)
  5. Edit: PS3 and PS Vita Stores will remain online The decision of Sony to close the PS Store for PS3, PS Vita and PSP is really disrespective to the customers and developers. The argument of "it's inevitable or it's gonna to happen someday" has nothing to do with what's going on now. In my opinion it's reasonable to close features or services that have very small amount of people using, which is not this case, the amount of people that were concerned and talking about this in the internet is the proof of this. The proof that people still care for these systems, still use these services and want this legacy to be preserved. Not just their decision but the way they decided is also unbelievably frustrating: selling dev-kits one month before the closure announcement, stop selling these game on the web and mobile and strongly recommending to continue to purchase games on the consoles themselves to just announce the full closure five months later, still allowing developers to release games on the Vita without any advance notice to said developers and the worst part is just 3 months of warning before the closure. It's not just a situation about money, it's a situation about respect. Look at games like Need for Speed: Carbon(2006), Medal of Honor: Airborn(2007) and many others, these games are super old and haven't been on sale for a long time, these companies aren't getting any money keeping the servers up but they keep because that is respect to the customers, to the player base. Look at Games for Windows Live, it's an old service, hardly anybody use it nowadays, it was a failure but it is still working. Look at Nintendo (even Nintendo), they gave 1 year and a half notice before closing the eShop for the Wii, a console that is retrocompatible with the WiiU. How every other company is doing things right and Sony continues to disrespect the customer even more? How this decision is considered normal for some people? Consoles, especially the PS3 and PS Vita still have many people that buy games there. And people, insted of complaining are rushing to buy games, this is what Sony wants, they want you to spend all of your money. They are disrespecting us, we don't need to do what they want, what we need to do is boycott Sony. Keep in mind that if we don't criticize Sony now, they are going to continue to disrespect the customer even more going further, until it reaches your PS4 and your PS5 Digital Edition. It is proven that the will of the customer is the most important. Just look at what happened when Microsoft tried to increase the prices for Xbox Live Gold. Please everyone, let's get to social media and put presure on Sony, let's for example grow the #Savepsstore and let's start contacting Sony until they understand that we want to be able to purchase games for PS3 and PS Vita. And sign this petition: Abaixo-assinado · SONY: Sony, please don't shut down the PSN store on PS3 & PS Vita · Change.org
  6. I see. Thanks for the answer.
  7. Yes, you are right. But what does that have to do with my question?
  8. Now that they removed all paid content from the Store, is there any way to obtain the DLCs for Defiance? PS: I know that the DLC trophies are unobtainable.
  9. I bet you can't connect now. GamesOfGlory on Twitter: "Thank you for your support during the last days! We hope you enjoyed playing Games of Glory❤️ Follow our Studio's Twitter account @LightbulbCrew to stay updated about our other projects. https://t.co/S0kYZElQ4X" / Twitter
  10. No, all trophies can be obtained offline. A very easy platinum, by the way.
  11. @EdinhoN Just a heads up! Battle Rockets 2.0 on Vita replaces original release on March 31st – Delisted Games
  12. Obviously, see this video. PSP PSN Store: Still Online in 2020 - YouTube This has been known for a long time and of course Sony knows that, but yet some misinformed people still say that Sony shutted it down.
  13. The PSP Store is not shutdown, you can buy games there using the search functionality.
  14. Damn Sony. What a huge disrespect to the customers.
  15. Not everywhere. It has been indeed de-listed in the EU and AU Stores. However, it is still available in the US and Asian Stores. So, you can still buy it, if you really want to.