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  1. 14 minutes ago, shxrpay said:

    It's just not gonna happen. Sony's never gonna get nearly as much backlash for this as the store closures, which was the only reason they decided not to close them in the first place.

    Probably you are right, but it doesn't cost nothing to send 1 or 2 messages to Sony.

    That's what I am asking for.


  2. 5 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

    First source - "Ordered" not paid for.

    And where is your source to justify that the dev-kit in question was delivered for free?

    Listen, I was already kind with you when I said that I didn't know for sure if Sony charges for dev-kits or not. But even if it was delivered for free, Sony sending dev-kits to developers gives the developers a false sense of confidence that they can continue developing new games for the Vita in the foreseeable future.


    However, after a quick search I discovered that Johnson from Lillymo Games revealed that his studio had purchased a Vita devkit in February.

    It's clear in the last paragraph of this article from IGN PSP, PS Vita and PS3 Store Closure Will Lead to Over 2,000 Games Going Away (ign.com)


    16 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

    And the second statement is pretty vague. "heard nothing from Sony" doesn't mean that the information wasn't provided to Colin or other alleged developers. The developer agreements have had the date included in them since Sony set the date. Just because people don't read the agreements doesn't mean information wasn't provided.

    And again, where is your source to justify that the information was provided to the developers?


    I think we can see that I presented multiple sources to justify my points and you didn't present any. Your just distorting reality trying to defend Sony.


    The life of a fanboy is difficult, right? 😂😂


  3. 11 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

    Word on the street is Sony hasn't charged for dev-kits since the PS3. They handed out PS4 and Vita dev kits like candy to any developer who registered. Also that the developers were informed that they would not be able to submit new Vita content past July 20th, including games and patches well before February.


    No need to sensationalize aspects to make your point that you still want Sony to allow developers to make new Vita games and support the Messaging system. Just stick to why you want those to remain supported.

    If they charge money for dev-kits or not I don't know.

    But I can't imagine Sony sending an all-new Vita dev-kit to developers without any cost.

    Anyway, by Sony sending dev-kits to developers gives the developers a false sense of confidence that they can continue developing new games for the Vita in the foreseeable future.


    Regarding the ability to submit new Vita content past July 20th, developers were not warned about it before.

    They were just informed when Sony announced the Stores closure.


    Also, it's not sensationalize aspects when you tell the truth and have sources that colaborate with that.


    Here are my sources: Colin Moriarty on Twitter: "When concerning today’s Vita Store shutdown rumor, I totally forgot: We ordered from Sony (and were given no problem) an all-new Vita dev kit a month ago. Our new game is being developed for Vita; it’ll of course be everywhere else, too. So... we shall see? https://t.co/0snp1MKdT4" / Twitter


    Colin Moriarty on Twitter: "Just to follow this up: Other devs we know that are actively making Vita games right now have also heard nothing from Sony. We've obviously reached out to our dev liaison for more info. https://t.co/PVrfVGF6eo" / Twitter


  4. Hi everyone,
    As you know Sony plans to close the PS Vita messaging service on June 28th.
    However, the messaging service is very useful. 
    Playing on the Vita and not being able to send messages to friends and other users will be very uncomfortable. 
    And the worst problem is that with the Message service closure, the trophies envolving game-invites will be unobtainable.
    Just to note, I understand that as time goes some features and servers less used need to be retired. For example, if Sony was going to close the message exchange service between PS Vita and other Playstation devices like they did last year with the PS3, I think it would be understandable.
    But the ability to send messages between PS Vita devices is still important and needed.
    I wrote to Sony to share my feedback regarding the Messaging service through Better Business Bureau website here: Sony Interactive Entertainment, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile (bbb.org) and I got this answer from Sony: 
    Thank you for contacting Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC (SIE LLC) regarding the above-reference Better Business Bureau case# *******.

    SIE thanks ***** for his PS Vita messaging service feedback, SIE has no further comment regarding the decision to terminate the PS Vita messaging service.

    Please note that this response is not an admission, or a waiver of any rights that SIE LLC may have at law or in equity, all of which are expressly reserved.

    Consumer Services


    Another matter that I would like to highlight is that their decision to stop allowing new games and patches from July 20th is a huge disrespect to the developers. Sony sold a PS Vita dev-kit in February and the developers were not warned in advance, so some games got canceled and others are being rushed. Also with Sony no longer accepting new patches, this means there will be no chance of unobtainable trophies and in-game bugs being fixed.
    At this point in time, I think that it's understandable to stop new game releases for PS Vita but they did it the wrong way giving a short notice. They should extend the deadline to submit new digital games to the PS Store.
    So, as you see they are always hearing the feedback from the customers. And as you should remember they backtrack on the decision to close the PS Store because of feedback from customers.
    So, please contact Sony as many as you can (through customer support, Better Business Bureau, social media, tagging some Sony's employees, etc.) and share your feedback to try to convince them to extend the deadline to submit new games and to let the Messaging feature working.
    Also, please support these hashtags on twitter: #SaveVitaMessaging and #AllowNewVitaReleases
    It would be very much appreciated if you could support this movement.
    If they get lots of feedback, maybe they'll listen, but even if they don't, it's important to try and make some noise about this.

  5. On 07/04/2021 at 7:48 PM, Kolm said:

    I guess we can officially say it's a mess...

    Maybe we can try to find an explanation for this.


    When I saw the posts from Ubi-Milky I noted that that this post My friend and I appear offline to eachother on UPLAY when we try coop | Forums - Page 4 (ubisoft.com) (replying to some players that reported connectivity issues on PC) was made before this one Multiplayer/co-op servers no longer available | Forums (ubisoft.com)


    Let's imagine that before he respond to the players he sees this list Multiplayer and Online Services availability - Ubisoft Support which is supposed to be the list with games that already had their servers shutdown (but in reality it's an unreliable list and has games marked there that still have servers working like GS: Future Soldier and AC: Brotherhood).


    After that, Ubi-Milky sees the Masterlist to know when the servers shutdown, but it's nothing marked there, so he thinks that it was a recent decision to close the servers and so he edits the Masterlist to include Ghost Recon and the Rainbow Six games with a date of just 2021 and then he makes a sicky post in the Ghost Recon forum to supposedly warn everybody that the Ghost Recon servers have been shutdown which is not the true.


    After all, I don't see Ubisoft shutting down any games without warning now, because they just announced those PC titles to June. If they wanted to shutdown Ghost Recon they would announce it for the same day.

    It doesn't make any sense they shutting down Ghost Recon or any of the other games now.


  6. This is very interesting. In this link Multiplayer/co-op servers no longer available | Forums (ubisoft.com) they make it seem like the servers are already shutdown.

    After all in this link Multiplayer and Online Services availability - Ubisoft Support where it was suppose to be the most updated and accurate page to see all games with discountinued services, has marked Assassin's creed Brotherhood in there for a long time and the servers for Brotherhood were never shutdown for consoles and PC.


    It seems like Ubisoft staff don't know what they are doing.


  7. 20 minutes ago, SuperSmexy500 said:

    Sony couldn't care less about what the rest of their consumer base might want.

    Of course, their focus will be on the PS4 and PS5. But that doesn't mean they need to close the PS Store for the other consoles that are still a considerable amount of people using.

    And like you said they are arrogant for being on the top. But if we just ignore this situation they just will be more arrogant in the future.

    Even with Sony's lack of attention to their legacy, now it's the most important time to let our voice be heard.


    Also, I and others have ask a developer that has a thread in trueachievements "Get Unobtainables Fixed", he has many contacts with developers and publishers and he works with them to fix achievement problems in games.

    He said that he will do his best for this situation, but this case is very difficult even for him, so it is important that the community show their interest directly to Sony. He says exactly that in his post.

    See: Get Unobtainables Fixed! - Page 55 (trueachievements.com)


  8. Now that they removed all paid content from the Store, is there any way to obtain the DLCs for Defiance?


    PS: I know that the DLC trophies are unobtainable.


  9. 1 minute ago, Lord_Bane999 said:

    Quite possibly it was still playable at 4:30am Eastern US time this morning when I last checked. Can connect to Ranked and with other other players.

    I bet you can't connect now.

    GamesOfGlory on Twitter: "Thank you for your support during the last days! We hope you enjoyed playing Games of Glory❤️ Follow our Studio's Twitter account @LightbulbCrew to stay updated about our other projects. https://t.co/S0kYZElQ4X" / Twitter


  10. 2 minutes ago, SuperSmexy500 said:


    On the PSP itself? As far as I'm aware, it was shut down on the PSP natively back in 2016. It only got about a month's notice I think, but you could still buy PSP games through the webstore, and you can continue to do so currently (as well as via PS3 and Vita's native stores), if that's what you mean.

    Obviously, see this video.

    PSP PSN Store: Still Online in 2020 - YouTube

    This has been known for a long time and of course Sony knows that, but yet some misinformed people still say that Sony shutted it down.


  11. 13 hours ago, IronMask75 said:

    It appears it may have been de-listed everywhere now, as the Soundtrack bundles have disappeared and all previous links to the game in various threads and topics no longer work. Bummer, as I had the Vita version in my cart ready for purchase and it was removed when I logged in today.

    Not everywhere. It has been indeed de-listed in the EU and AU Stores. However, it is still available in the US and Asian Stores.

    So, you can still buy it, if you really want to.


  12. 5 minutes ago, Sephiroth__92 said:

    Greetings Dario,

    Thank you for reaching out in regard to this issue about not being able to achieve the Dividend and Up to The Task trophies. We are already aware of this issue and the Game Team is coming up with a solution so, you can find a way to achieve all the game trophies. You can check out our Twitter which is: @wbgames, or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wbgames or Instagram which is also: @wbgames for future updates on this matter.

    We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Kind regards,

    Don't take that as definitive answer. That's what Kiel always replys but other support agents tell that they don't have any announced plans to change how trophies are earned but will share the feedback with the Game Team.


  13. 32 minutes ago, cris3f said:

    LittleBigPlanet 2 is gone from US and Euro stores. Not a big deal for now since it's widely available on disk, but considering that LBP.me is gone too for sometime, Sony is probably and unexpectedly 1f606.png making steps to axe it. It does not seem to be a error, since all DLC I could find for 1 and 2 are now tied to LBP3 (MGS pack for 1 and Cross Controller for 2).

    Actually it's probably an error, the game disappeared on January 18, which is the same day that LittleBigPlanet 2 was released 10 years ago, and every other LittleBigPlanet game is still available.

    As for LBP.me is been actively investigated according to Steven Isbell, Community Manager.


    The best thing people can do now is tweet to @LittleBigPlanet and StevenIsbell and write to Playstation Support to show them that we want LittleBigPlanet 2 back on the Store.