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  1. The collection is on sale right now and I’m wondering whether I should pick it up or not. (Possible extremely mild content spoilers for both Outlast games) Here’s my dilemma: I love horror games but usually tend to prefer 3rd person horror. My favorite horror games of all time are Haunting Ground and the Fatal Frame Series (sans V, which I’ve yet to play). I had the opportunity to play the Outlast games recently and didn’t like them at all (ended up returning them to GameStop). I didn’t find the enemies that never de-spawned from certain areas to be scary, only frustrating. I didn’t like that the game was mostly focused on run-and-hide mechanics with little story and even less in the way of puzzle solving. I didn’t like that I couldn’t even distract the enemies (much less fight back in any way). I found the first person controls more cumbersome to work with when trying to run from stalkers, and overall the settings/stories of both Outlast games were a little too OTT for my taste. I tend to prefer more psychological horror w/o overly gratuitous gore. TL; DR: to those who have played both series, are they different enough that I could enjoy the Amnesia games even if I didn’t like the Outlast games?
  2. If anyone here has the physical copy from Limited Run Games, can you tell me whether it includes the Danganronpa add-on content on the disc? Only asking because I know the game added the Danganronpa content at a later date w/free DLC in Japan, but the US version included it in the base game (thus if the physical copy doesn’t already have it I likely wouldn’t be able to access it).
  3. Just a quick FYI to everyone: as recently as last night the old (US) store linked by @SnowxSakura was 100% functional on mobile. I used it to login, add a gift card to my account, and made 4 purchases that I received receipts for and was able to download to my PS4 later with no issues. Crossing my fingers that it continues to work indefinitely. 🙂
  4. Thanks for the advice, was planning on getting Divine Rose anyway because I ended up using it for the majority of the time I took completing the game after beating it in around 36 hours on Unchanging Armor/Undefeated. And I was actively trying to waste as much time as possible (I think I’d sealed all the keyholes and collected all the puppies, played all mini games, even let the game idle for a while while doing other things) since I was originally planning to get Speedster in 100 hours. Not sure if I’ll be attempting Proud on level 1, I rely on abilities a lot, but I will definitely be looking at any % speedruns on Proud! No equipment on Proud sounds very tough-I don’t blame you for giving up on it. I had enough issues with the last boss on unchanging armor on Beginner myself. Had to spend a ton of time leveling up, then getting through every form of the boss fight took me upwards of 40 minutes because I was doing so little damage. Anyway, I think I’m going to give it a try-but keep all my save files just in case I don’t make it!
  5. I’m about to complete all the other trophies (only have Synthesis Master & Keyblade Master left) probably will take another hour or three at max to complete. My playtime is currently around 67 hours. I’m not exactly thrilled by the thought of just messing around for another 30+ hours or just letting the console run idle for that long. I’m not great at this game at all, but seeing as I kind of know what I’m doing in regards to where to go/what to do, would beating the game in under 15 hours on Proud be too difficult?
  6. Is anyone else currently unable to get anything to load on mobile or the PS4 console Store? I only managed to search two games on PS4 before they just stopped loading completely, and the Store on my phone refuses to load at all. Great freaking job Sony. 😒 Edit: Thank you @SnowxSakura for the links, seems to be the only way I can fully access the Store ATM.
  7. ^^^ This. You’d be better off hiding this game and just syncing your offline console over WiFi for a few minutes (honestly it will probably only take a few seconds) to upload your trophies in the future. After that you should be free to transfer your save via usb w/o any activity looking suspicious/being flagged.
  8. Ugh, and I was looking forward to finally picking this up and playing it when there was a sale (haven’t played the PC version). The fact that they essentially brought it down from AO to rated T is so stupid. I could understand if they censored the really extreme bits to just bring it down to an M, but sounds like they did more than that. Sony’s getting as bad about censorship as Nintendo’s US and EU divisions used to be...🙄. Honestly surprised they pulled it from the Switch considering how many other games they’ve released entirely uncensored recently.
  9. Thanks, I figured as much. Just annoying since usually save data transfers between games as long as the region is the same. Guess it’s different b/c the digital version is only the first episode? Oh well, glad I didn’t play the free version any longer than I did, less to repeat!
  10. So, I started this game from the free episode offered on the store, but hadn’t played through the episode in its entirety yet (at the beginning of night two). Liked it enough to pick up the full game. Bought a physical copy today and my save data doesn’t show up on the opening screen. So I redownloaded the first episode from the store (had already deleted it since I bought the full game) and my save data is there-but still not showing up on the physical copy. They are from from the same region. Is there any way I can fix this or should I just start over from the beginning?
  11. AFAIK Wishlist isn’t even a thing on the console(s). They’re just ditching it completely. ☹️
  12. I use DuckDuckGo & Ghostery for pretty much everything. If Google wants to collect info about me, I’m at least going to make them work a little for it, lol. Plus, I see roughly 95% less ads. Which is necessary to maintain my sanity, particularly during this election year (US). But everything I’m hearing so far about this redesign is making me dread the day it changes over for me. 😬 I don’t know much about why Sony decided to move their HQ to the US (guessing it involves $$$). But even if it is about money, I’d think the current...umm...state of the country...would have them rethinking the move. Regardless, if all these changes are happening due to that, it really sucks.
  13. If it’s THAT BAD, I’m legitimately worried. 😳 Epic’s Store is absolute trash.
  14. OP, your story might be legit, but I would hide this game (and any other games you’ve played since that weren’t synced before your PS3 crashed) if you want to remain on the Leaderboard. And start new save files for any games that had previously un-synced trophies that you haven’t played again yet. Even if what you’re saying is true, as far as I can tell, using save files in this way isn’t allowed on this site (I will likely find myself in the same situation on a few games once my PS3 is repaired, so I know it sucks, but AFAIK, those are the rules).
  15. So, I’m very much a newbie here, and obviously not super-competitive, but this thread made me curious enough to check on the profiles directly above and below mine on the US Leaderboards. Don’t know if I’m allowed to post before & after screenshots of the profiles, so I won’t-but one hadn’t been updated since 2016-the other hadn’t been updated since 2014. Once I manually updated both it showed that both accounts had earned trophies this year. Is this a case where people never completed registration or something? Because otherwise, it seems like the site hasn’t been auto-updating non-premium profiles for a very long time.