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  1. Well, got a new HDD in, followed the instructions on the PS4 site (and the instructions that came with my HDD) exactly and the initialization will start, but at some point always says “The update file is corrupted. (SU-30645-8)” I’ve tried downloading it and transferring it to my USB twice. ....Sigh. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. ETA: For some reason, when I tried it for the fourth time, it worked....so, maybe I’m good??
  2. Also, quick question. When I get the new HDD, do I need to deactivate my accounts on my current HDD before installing the new one?
  3. I’m thinking that too-although, I’m probably going to avoid putting my console in rest mode in the future anyway. I already did it rarely and usually for 30mins or less. And I do have all of my systems plugged into surge protectors. Looking back, I did have occasional problems (especially recently-constant messages to uninstall something because there wasn’t enough space to install something else, when I knew there was over twice the space needed free on my hard drive-and also with an online game, severe lagging and controller drift that I’d blamed on the server probably being unstable, but now I have to wonder...) Anyway, I just hope the drive I ordered fixes the problems, my PSVR is okay, and I don’t lose access to anything I’ve previously downloaded.
  4. Well, after looking on Amazon, I think I’m going to skip the factory reset (just so I can hang on to all my data-even if it is partially corrupted) and order a basic 1 TB or 2 TB HDD replacement for now. I can’t afford a SSD at the moment.
  5. Why would I need to deactivate my account(s) first?
  6. How expensive is a new hard drive (or SSD), is it easy to replace myself on a PS4 Pro, could my PSVR also be affected, and will I permanently lose some of my data by replacing the hard drive (trophy images/downloaded games/themes that may no longer be in the PS Store/etc).
  7. For the record I also have a PSVR. So am wondering if the issue extends to it as well (it is always plugged in) or if the issue is solely my PS4 Pro. It’s going to annoy me if I have to send in the entire thing to Sony when both the system and my headset are under two years old. This is the second time I’ve had a modern PS system fail for no reason (the Bluetooth chip/WiFi on my PS3 slim crapped out for seemingly no reason). My PS2 is still going strong.
  8. I was afraid someone would say that. Looked up my error history (because sometimes the system was crashing too quickly for me to capture the error) and here’s a list of errors i’ve gotten in the past 24 hours (and AFAIK, never before) and I know some of them didn’t record at all because the last error message had several 0’s and an 8 at the end: CE-30095-7 (twice) CE-34224-5 E-FFFFFFFD CE-32996-9 CE-34224-5
  9. I have rebuilt the database. Games still won’t launch (I get an error message-CE-34224-5. Then get a different error message when I try to launch a game for the second time). And my system crashes when I try to launch them a second time. ETA: Every time I reboot my system is says “Checking the system storage status” for several minutes, then restarts normally. Well, this time after it restarted, it automatically started rebuilding the database AGAIN. And, when trying to load one of my alt profiles, I got the message “The database is corrupted, the PS4 will restart (CE-32996-9). So, it’s rebuilding the database a THIRD time.
  10. I already tried restoring licenses. It didn’t help. Going to wait until tomorrow to attempt to rebuild the database. I think all this might’ve happened because the power blinked for a second while the system was in rest mode (it wasn’t storming, so idk why). But I’ve heard rebuilding the database can take hours and don’t want to start that this late AND am worried the power may blink again while trying to rebuild. Thankfully I backed up all my saves earlier today, I guess? Still concerned about being locked out of my own games. AFAIK that’s never supposed to happen if your console is set to primary.
  11. Title. My system is set to primary, my account isn’t banned, I haven’t shared my account information with anyone. How do I fix this? ETA: I restarted, and my digital games weren’t locked but trying to launch one crashed my system instantly. I tried launching one of my physical games and had the same issue.
  12. So how are people getting games on their Vita now? I’ve heard the store on the Vita is pretty broken (even more so than the PS3 store).
  13. As I said, I don’t have one yet, so I’m not the person to ask.
  14. I had a similar issue recently after buying Claire for PS4. The Vita version did not appear on my download list on PS3. But when I went into the PS3 store the Vita version showed as "Purchased" and let me download it from there. ETA: Can't answer any questions about transferring anything to Vita, I don't actually have a Vita yet.
  15. Well, there’s four categories for this: Games I will never play now: -The Guitar Hero/Rockband/Band Hero games (perpherials too expensive now, AFAIK servers are gone for all games). -The Disney Infinity Games (again, too expensive to get all the figures when I know the games are impossible to plat now). Games that I’m likely to play in future, but know I can likely never Platnium/100% now: -LittleBigPlanet & LittleBigPlanet 2 -Mad Max -Brutal Legend (servers still working, I think, so should be able to get the Platnium, but the DLC has been delisted for awhile). -Ride to Hell: Retribution (same as Brutal Legend, though there might still be sealed copies of the version with DLC, the last time someone confirmed the codes still worked was in 2019-yes, I occasionally enjoy playing horrible games, sue me). Games on my list that have unobtainable Platniums now: -Michael Jackson The Experience (Curse the devs for adding that stupid Facebook trophy!!!) Games I would love to Platnium/100%, but are delisted (with no physical available, so I’ll likely never have the chance): -Magrunner: Dark Pulse -Beyond Eyes There’s probably more, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.