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  1. I didn’t realize until seeing other’s posts that we could remove more than one game. In that case, I’m removing AMY and Tokyo Jungle. I’ve not been enjoying the first and doubt I’ll have time to 100% the second this year. I’ll be lucky if I mange to complete the two remaining games on my list. So, current list: 1)detuned 0%-100% ✅ 2)Flower 0%-100% ✅ 3)Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 0% 4)Linger In Shadows 0%-100% ✅ 5)Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul 81%-100% 6)rain-0%-100% ✅ 7)Tomb Raider 83% 8)Tomb Raider: Anniversary 38%-100% 9)Tomb Raider: Underworld 0%-100%
  2. @BlazzingWind, thanks for keeping everything updated. I added an additional game to my list in my September 30th post, Linger in Shadows. Due to this month being chaotic for me, it's the one I chose to complete at the last minute for October. How long do we have to remove the one game? Must it be removed before the month is over? There are two I'm considering removing, not sure which I'll choose yet though. Anyway, my updated list (won't bother with the spoiler text anymore since my list is much shorter now): 1)AMY 14% 2)detuned 0%-100% ✅ 3)Flower 0%-100% ✅ 4)Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 0% 5)Linger In Shadows 0%-100% ✅ 5)Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul 81%-100% 6)rain-0%-100% ✅ 7)Tokyo Jungle 23% 8)Tomb Raider 83% 9)Tomb Raider: Anniversary 38%-100% 10)Tomb Raider: Underworld 0%-100%
  3. September Progress: The second half of this month has been pretty hectic (and I've been playing my Switch more) but I managed to plat Tomb Raider: Underworld & 100% Flower. Also made a little progress on AMY. Still no progress on fixing my PS4 unfortunately, though I would like to add one PS3 game to my list. New game in bold.
  4. After having a perfect run and failing to get the trophy on PS3, I did this, only getting the flowers under the three towers and flying as high as I could (while hugging the left wall) during the area with the falling obstacles/ground spikes, then went down to the grass as soon as I was clear of the last obstacle. The trophy (thankfully) popped after I completed the level that time.
  5. I’m guessing all the blue trophies with (Public) beside them will become unobtainable after the shutdown? Are those the only ones or are there others? Can you complete the “main” game without going online? I’ve been wanting to play this game for awhile, but considering I don’t yet have a copy and what happened last time I tried to finish a game before a shutdown, I think I’d rather just play this whenever I come across a copy in person and ignore the online trophies.
  6. The grind gets pretty bad after level 40 IMO unless you have a party or can auto-boost your level to 65 with one of those scrolls they were giving away back when I finished up this game. But I agree completely about the world bosses-most went down in one hit but were a massive pain to find. I spent far too much time changing channels and logging in and out of the game at random intervals for some of the frequently farmed ones. As for the three high-level bosses, I only got the first because I invited a random player who was much stronger than me to my party while fighting it. Got the other two by boosting with another player on this site. We found one immediately, but the other two (they hadn’t killed any of the world bosses) took serveral hours and at least three late-night boosting sessions to find (and they all took about 45 minutes each to kill with two level 65 players).
  7. According to this (idk if it’s Sony’s official site) it should work: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/settings/backup.html But I agree that testing on another system before sending mine in is a must (partially to make sure my PSVR isn’t affected, but also due to...some of the comments on this page). At least three people saying they’ve had the same issues on multiple systems. 😬 https://www.ps4storage.com/ps4-error-code-ce-36329-3-fix/
  8. Can I use the “Backup and restore” feature on a different system? Or is my backup also tied to my system?
  9. One of my close friends has a PS4, but it’s not a Pro so idk if my hard drive would fit in their system. Plus they live hours away and I wouldn’t want to somehow damage their system too if I’ve got something weird going on. I’ve half a mind to buy a used PS4 from a chain store when I have some free time, then either restore that hard drive or change out the hard drive and see what happens, stress test it for several days, see if I get the same issues or not, and return it once I’ve found out.
  10. Update: logged into an alt, get the message “An error occurred” whenever I try to download a game. My saved hard drive functions better than a fresh one with no data apparently. Then tried restoring licenses and was able to download some games, but my system hard crashed the first time I tried to launch it (Error CE-36329-3). I’m done trying to fix this myself. The question now is would I have have better luck with Sony or an indie shop when it comes to actually fixing whatever is going on? And should I get my PSVR checked out as well?
  11. Honestly, as someone who (currently at least) lives in a country with so many people that I see “climbing” my countries’ leaderboard as entirely pointless (I will never have that much money, motivation, or time-and I’m also 100% unwilling to play shovelware or speed through visual novel stacks to pad my account) I don’t really care about the leaderboards. I can defintely see how this kind of thing would frustrate people people who live in much smaller countries though. The problem is (on this site at least) there’s nothing to be done about it. Short of successfully petitioning Sony to remove the shovelware (and there’s virtually no attention from larger outlets to what has been going on on the PSN Store) they aren’t going to remove them or even stop releasing them. And even if they did, you’ve still got the issue of all the people who’ve already played them. Unless the site changes ownership, I don’t see a rarity leaderboard happening, nor do I see the people who played the shovelware being kicked from the leaderboards. All of the top accounts on this site do it, and I don’t want to image the drama if all those accounts were kicked. Also, I have a pretty firm definition of what I consider “shovelware” (for instance, I don’t personally see the Rat games, EastAsiaSoft, any currently available VNs, or even the Mayo games as shovelware). I personally class shovelware as any developer who has come out with more than 5 very similar games within a year-and who’s games can be legitimately completed (I don’t consider speeding through VNs legitimate) by a majority of players in 30 mins or less. But everyone has a different definition, so that’s another problem. TL;DR: I understand the frustration, I just don’t think there’s anything to be done about it.
  12. Will have to log in to one of my alts to do that-but I suppose I can after playing around with it while offline a bit more. At least I’m fairly sure that if it’s my main account that’s the problem (I don’t think it is), the “glitch” didn’t carry over to the PS3 (I played it for a little over an hour last night with no issue).
  13. Will watch that video in a minute. Edit: watched it, not sure if it applies to my situation because I have a Pro. Also my PS4 has literally never ejected a disc randomly before that. It seemed like a freak occurrence, tbh. I launched The Playroom (as I said, I was 100% offline-fresh profile, no connection to PSN, no game updates) and it seemed to run fine-though I was basically just watching a demo because I couldn’t be bothered to plug in my camera.
  14. Update: Ok, re-initialized system completely using my brand new HD (including reinstalling system software), installed a few games using an offline profile. First worked (though I only played for a few minutes) second worked until the disk randomly ejected with no warning-and when I went back in it claimed it couldn’t load my save data due to the game not being fully installed (though I couldn’t see anything indicating the game was still installing-the second game was Bloodborne, which constantly saves data, which is why I found this odd). Then I installed a new game twice (it said the data was corrupt both times I launched it, but I got it after my system started acting up, so who knows if the disk is actually faulty or not). Then I installed Hellblade which I’ve previously played through twice with no issues at all (same disk). When I launched it, I got error CE-34224-5. So I launched it again. Same error. So I launched it a third time and it got stuck on the opening splash screen. When I launched it a fourth time I got the error again and my PS4 hard crashed. So, good theory, @HuntingFever, I almost thought my problems were solved (or would be, if I could talk to someone at Sony who knew what they were doing). But ultimately, it seems like there’s something wrong with my system. i don’t even know if it’d be better to take it to an indie repair shop or send it in to Sony at this point. I’m not planning to buy a PS5 anytime soon. NTM, I have no clue if the damage extends to my PSVR. It was hooked up when it happened, but I was playing a non-VR game and the headset wasn’t on. I unplugged the PSVR extension box shortly after it happened so I would have less things to unplug when troubleshooting. This is a mess.
  15. Could the crash have affected other accounts on my system though? I was playing on my main (this account) at the time of the crash and am 99% sure I wasn't actively logged in to any other accounts. I have alts (all created before the crash) and have tried loading games on a couple of them as well. Same issues unfortunately. Though, I'm not certain if I've attempted to load games tied to those accounts yet or not (as in, games I purchased digitally on those accounts-but I have tried to load disk-based games on an alt with the same results), so I might attempt that. And I haven't tried loading an alt on a fresh hard drive-so might reinitialize and re-install system software with the one I have before sending it back and test this theory. Or, more than that, I could load a disk game onto a blank profile on a re-initialized hd that’s not even connected to psn. I’ll have a definitive answer if that works. If my profile is indeed corrupted that’d be truly bizarre. Also, a close friend's account was on my PS4 at the time of the crash, and they've had no issues playing games on their PS5 (or their PS4 AFAIK). They live hours away though, so I can't easily visit them and log into my account on their system to see if everything works ok. And tbh, if my profile is somehow corrupted I wouldn't want to risk damaging their systems.