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  1. Very interesting that they are so ancient. That honestly makes their release on PS4 even stranger though. Sony doesn’t have any original PS1 titles available for PS4 (AFAIK) and most older games that get released are “remastered” in some way. So how on Earth did these get the green light for release? My only guess is that the “developer” is related to some of the higher-ups at Sony and MS. They don’t seem to be available for the Switch. This is honestly becoming more bizarre than the Gilson B. Pontes saga.
  2. Hmm...this sounds like you used a save file (that wasn’t even yours) to get a trophy. This is not allowed on the leaderboards.* If you want to remain on the leaderboards, hide the game and move on, if the leaderboards don’t matter to you, you can use all other site features. *Unless this is some kind of Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal situation I’m unaware of (where you can transfer save data from one game to unlock exclusive items in another-but even there, there’s no trophy for using this feature, and I’d recommend against using a friend’s save data anyway). ETA: Nevermind, this is not a P5/P5R situation at all, you unlocked multiple trophies that are impossible to unlock at the same time under normal circumstances. Anyway, instructions to hide the game: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/52551-how-to-hide-games-reappear-on-the-leaderboards/
  3. I’ve been enjoying your thread for a bit and would like to request a review of Tomb Raider: Legend (because I’ve recently Platted it myself, and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it). I also find the fact that you’ve completed every single TR & LC game very impressive-I hope to get there someday myself!
  4. I don’t personally find My Name is Mayo “shameful.” It’s a meme. Plus, despite the simple & short gameplay, the devs had some...genuinely creative ideas. 😅 I can’t hate on that.
  5. Ahh, this could explain some of my profile views too, as I’ve both defended some EZP games while calling others trash. But as @DaivRules suggested, the rest probably do come from me posting in Disputes. 😅 I agree about the rarity leaderboard but think the current idea needs a few more tweaks to make sense. And I don’t even know if my main point of contention is something that could be changed. To me, common games with an around 50-64% rarity should count for more than games with a 65-79% rarity and those should count for more than games with a 80-100% rarity. There’s a world of difference between a Spyro Plat and a breakthrough gaming arcade Plat. But under the current proposed system, they’d all be worth the same amount of points. IMO, games in the first category should be worth whatever amount has been suggested for common Plats, games in the second category should count for about half that, and games in the third category (as 99% of games in that category are purely EZPZ-even if some people, myself included, play a few of them because they genuinely look fun) should count for like, 1 point. Although it’d unfairly penalize some of us, it’d stop a lot of the EZP stacking almost overnight IMO. But as I said, I doubt that type of system would even be possible, and if it were, I doubt the site owner would want to deal with the headache of implementing it. It’s funny to me that some might think of me as an elitist because I’ve called out trash games for being...trash games. I don’t even call them trash based on their lack of difficulty though. I call them trash because they’re obvious shovelware (breakthrough games, road bustle, alien destroyer, etc). And yes, I 100% agree DLC rarities should be calculated accurately if we ever get a rarity leaderboard.
  6. I wonder if any new content will be released as DLC on PS4 too? I for one don’t have any strong feelings about whether I want DLC added or not yet since I haven’t started the game, but it’s in my backlog.
  7. Random question, but I’ve been getting a lot more profile views lately (getting close to 500 though, not 1000), are any of those views, well, me? Because otherwise I have no clue why so many people have viewed my profile. I’m a noob to trophy hunting, don’t have many impressive trophies yet (and no URs), and my leaderboard ranking/number of games played/completion percentage isn’t high. Is it just because I’m active on the forums? 😅
  8. This, and don’t let your brother use your profile in the future. Tell him to make his own.
  9. Thanks for the info. I figured it was unlikely. Guess I’ll have to cross my fingers for a remaster at some point. It’s odd though, last time I checked the page for the game (and a downloadable trailer) is still on the PS3 Store. There’s just no way to actually purchase it anymore.
  10. If you don’t mind, could you please also ask them if Magrunner: Dark Pulse is ever coming back? It was pulled in 2019 (I think) due to a dispute with their publisher and I read something saying they couldn’t get it back on the Xbox Store but were trying to get it back on PSN. But that was from awhile ago. There’s no physical for it and I’d love to play it on PS3. As of now it’s only available on Steam because I think they self-published it on PC.
  11. It’s great to see the devs care enough about the game to release major fixes like this. In a world where some devs do the bare minimum (See Balan Wonderworld’s patch to prevent some people having seizures during the last boss fight-and that’s a AAA game with, I’d assume, a large team), it’s always nice to see indie devs listen to players’ feedback and improve the game. Hopefully this will be another No Man’s Sky situation and the game will eventually be what most people hoped for.
  12. This. You’re off the leaderboards permanently if you get three flags. Sorry OP, best start a new account if you care about the leaderboards. If you don’t you can continue to use all other features of the site. Either way, I doubt any of these will be lifted by CRT.
  13. Faery: Legends of Avalon Tomb Raider: Legend or SOMA?
  14. Ahh yes, I remember someone commenting that this was one of the only games in this series that couldn’t be platniumed pretty quickly. (Hence why the Platinum rank is around 50% probably-so IMO, it’s not an entirely un-impressive Platinum either). I agree with @DrBloodmoney and @kevao97 though, I think you’d be less bored if you stopped using the guide. Unless you just loathe word searches, that is. @adam1984123 Good idea, could also be fun with an older relative IMO!
  15. So far I’d have to say The Long Reach. I usually love indie horror games, but I didn’t enjoy my time with that game at all. I experienced two nearly game-breaking bugs/glitches during it’s short playtime and the story was pretty non-sensical to me. The scares got old fairly quickly too. And to add insult to injury, it’s basically got an EZP completion rate (which I didn’t know prior to buying it). I’m surprised the completion rate is so high and can only assume most people didn’t run into the bugs I did. At least I got it on sale....