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  1. I get your point. However, IMO, if such a system were to be implemented-DLC rarities need to change to accurately reflect their TRUE rarity-if pure rarity and not quality/actual difficulty is what matters, that is. If that change were made there might actually be some rare trophies for Spider Man/other AAA titles with DLC.
  2. I personally don’t have a problem with the threads. I will, however, once again throw out the suggestion that I’d LOVE for there to be a way for members to blacklist games from certain publishers on this site. Yesterday the “New Trophy Lists” section was filled to the brim with Breathrough trash, today it’s full of a ton of stacks of the same game. It’s an eyesore and it makes it more difficult to find new releases that actually look interesting. Also, @steel6burgh-I’d have no problem with a rarity leaderboard, but personally don’t think 50% rarity (plenty of AAA titles that are simply popular & fun hover around this) is high enough. 75% or higher might be more appropriate.
  3. Awesome (if a little late in the month, lol)! Will likely be using this for awhile. Happy Pride!!! 🌈
  4. I’ve got a USB Stick that I believe is large enough to back-up my saves & trophy images on PS4, as well as my saves on PS3. Is is there any reason I shouldn’t use the same usb for both systems? For example: I have Journey for both platforms, but have only completed it on PS3. Is there any way that save could accidentally end up on my PS4 and auto-pop the trophies? I’m guessing not, but want to be certain. Thanks!
  5. I can’t find anything about the US version of P5 being censored (just the box art). P5R was censored in the West though.
  6. I was (and still am) quite worried about this. As I’ve mentioned before, the PS3 I’m currently using isn’t mine, but borrowed from a friend. I just booted it up and signed onto PSN with no issues, thankfully. But my PS3 cannot connect to the internet because it can’t update (bad WiFi/Bluetooth chip) and now I’m worried that when I’m able to get it repaired it will be banned. Sony needs to address this and unban the wrongfully banned consoles ASAP.
  7. Similar thing happened to me. Changed my password and still got the error message. So logged onto my PS4, disabled the password requirement for purchases, bought what I wanted on my PS3, then reactivated the password requirement on PS4. It was annoying, but it worked.
  8. I’ll personally be pleased if it comes to PS4. I only got my PS4 Pro, PSVR & Switch within the past year. And have older gaming consoles in need of repair. I won't be getting a PS5 anytime soon (think in 3-5 years from now when they’ve come out with a PS5 Pro or something equivalent-and only then if there are several physical exclusives I want to play). But as consolation to everyone mad about this possibility-if the demo of RE Village was any indication, any games intended primarily for next-gen are going to make my fairly new PS4 Pro sound like a freaking jet engine every time I run them-and I doubt the PS5 has that issue. 😅 (No joke, I’m seriously a bit worried to play RE8 on my console after running the demo).
  9. Wow, thank you kind person who gifted me a Premium membership! 😊

  10. I personally preferred the first and the fourth (played in English with the fan patch). FFII is probably my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This franchise is one of my top five favorite video game franchises, period. I love I-IV. Spirit Camera (The 3DS spin-off) was...decent. It could’ve been great without so many hardware limitations IMO. I haven’t played V or the FFII remake on Wii. But yes, most people consider II to be the best. Also, @SnowxSakura FFV did have a limited edition print run in the UK. But in the US it was digital only. The Western release was also censored. Hopefully they don’t do that again. I honestly don’t care if the skimpy alternate costumes are missing. I care about the cutscene they censored. But I’m guessing the re-release will be fully censored too.
  11. And Switch!!! Will actually buy on release for once, maybe on two systems (if there’s a physical release, if not I’ll buy it for one and wait for a sale on the other)!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!!
  12. Nice! The original was on my “still need to buy” list for PS3. Now I’ll just wait for the remaster. Agreed though that I’d rather see remasters for the original games (in particular the first, never really got into the sequel).
  13. So, last night I was trying to download a game and some DLC from the PS3 Store and it kept giving me a message when trying to check out that my password wasn’t valid (when I knew it was) but I changed it anyway and was going to try again only to be met with a “undergoing maintenance” message when I tried to open the Store. I tried again today using my new password. Same problem. Even though I had to sign in on PSN with the new PW, which worked fine. The only way I was able to purchase the games was by going over to my PS4 and briefly turning off password requirements for purchases, and then turning it back on as soon as the purchase went through. Really freaking annoying. Mostly posting this in case others run into the same issue to let them know there’s a simple workaround.
  14. They did have to censor it (a lot from what I’ve heard) hence the “Dawn Edition” subtitle on console versions.
  15. I’m 99% sure The Long Reach isn’t by Ratalaika-it isn’t a cross-buy for one (something I was thankful for because my personal experience with that game was unpleasant-I encountered a couple odd glitches that made completing it a chore). I haven’t personally played any Rata games yet, but Distraint is in my backlog. Am planning to buy at least a few more in the future.