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  1. The trophy for finding all springs won't pop for me. I found them all and double checked using a video guide on youtube but nope...This game was so bad from the beginning and i got bored of it half way through, can't believe the trophies are glitched also edit : i revisited once again all the spots and saved in each one of them and then the trophy popped. really weird.
  2. wheels of aurelia and best month ever look awesome!!! just what I need!
  3. I love road trip games and I have already played Road 96, Ηitchhiker, Lake , Neo Cab, Road to Guangdong and now looking for new games available for PS4 or SWITCH . Any recommendations?
  4. I will never understand why games like these get approved and released on Playstation. This is something you'd find on itchi.o. The quality of playstation games have dropped really hard.
  5. Hello, is there any material list out there on the internet?? I have 90% of the items and I do not know the names of the materials i am missing nor do I know where to find them. Also, that last boss is A PAIN!
  6. Me too. I read that it's inappropriate, rude and crude in many ways!
  7. Sluggerfly have just released a statement that their game was banned in Australia & New Zealand! Haven't played the game yet but it's on my wish list. I hope it gets more recognition xx
  8. Was this only released in North America?
  9. I am the opposite. I play more games on switch because they don't have trophies. I am busy during most of the day and work and family so I really don't have time to play a game more hours than they require to finish the main story. I am currently playing Klonoa and Grow Song of Evertree on switch !
  10. I'm so looking forward for this game. I have been following the developers for ages i can't wait!!
  11. Εasy plat and as I can see nothing is missable since it's part of the story. I'm getting this on Switch.
  12. Playing Sayonara Wild Hearts on Switch. What a hidden gem that is! I am in LOVE with this game.
  13. I get the feeling that switchback will have a Western theme with cowboys.
  14. It will release in Japan in September 2022,probably 2023 WW if Idea Factory or another publisher decides to release it.
  15. You don't really need to buy all books. There are a few books that just contain lore and information on NPCs so you don't really need them to progress the story. The dungeon books start from 50 dildi up to 100 if i remember correctly.