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  1. Is it fixed yet? I want to buy it because halloween is coming and I want spooky vibes.
  2. Most developers who work with Team 17 are not happy. The same thing happened with Pathea, the developers of My time at Portia and the console updates of the game. This is why Pathea now works with another publisher and not Team 17. It sounds like Team 17 is always the problem.
  3. Kim's Convenience been watching it on Netflix non stop!!
  4. Kya Dark Lineage The Sims 2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets The Hobbit Jak and Daxter 1
  5. This is so weird but I have completed the first quest and learned the fireball skill but both trophies didn't pop PS4 version. I'll continue playing just to see if it's a bug or not. ΕDIT: Played 2:30 hours so far. I'm on the quest called Bridge Construction 2 so the trophies are definitely bugged for me.
  6. Indeed. The trophy list is available on other websites but not on here yet. The trophy list looks like it only has to do with the story completion. No grind or anything. Baldo is the italian word for bold and brave
  7. Tomorrow is the release of the long waited video game Baldo, first announced 2 years ago for Switch. I have been checking every hour here for the trophy list but with no luck. It is one of the most anticipated games on my list. The devs said the story takes ~ 50 hours to finish. Who's gonna give it a try?
  8. I own the game on switch and I spent a lot of hours serving npc their favorite dishes but for some reason they won't give me their recipes. I have 10 recipes left and nothing seems to work. Only 82 people own this trophy as of today.
  9. Anyone else having trouble with the curson getting stuck in the menu? You need to close the game and restart it which is a nightmare for the sprinter trophy
  10. For anyone who is having trouble getting the we're in the money trophy (mine was bugged in all 3 routes) Start a NG+ and beat the boss in the Katticus Cave (First time you visit) with a high level group . This boss will give you more than 8 million
  11. The 5million gold possession is bugged. anyone knows how to fix it?
  12. Τy always has 30-35% discount so it's always around 17 euros,I've been following the first one for a year and it never got to under 10
  13. Ok so I figured it out and posting this here in case someone finds it helpful. You get 38 furies from progressing through the story and doing Lola's subquests without missing any also one Fury Dohn is by completing an [IMPORTANT] Quest Rank B .(if you miss any furies during your first playthrough make sure to do so in NG+) The last two furies which will be S-RANK you get it 1: During NG+ at the shusekoo's tower (FLOOR 39) 2: ON NG+ Be ''popular'' aka have an S-RANK QUEST, go to dasuhiro plains and the fury will be there Have fun (:
  14. It's nice to know that they still care about the game! Lovely!
  15. Omg you're a doll! Thanks