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  1. Yeah, this one is hard and arguably not very good. I'm not sure if it's harder per say than Vs Castlevania though as the clock is definitely on your side in this version. I wouldn't say it's the worse castlevania game I've played. That would probably go to Castlevania the Adventure. In that games case the difficulty was more with the precision platforming the character moves fairly slow as well and the side scrolling hurts my eyes. Anyway HCs difficulty comes from the cheapness of the enemy spawns mainly but you can learn the patterns at least in the earlier levels. It might even be easier than some of the later stages in Dracula's curse which are down right unfair. With HC I played the JP version which comes bundles in. In that version you can refill your health bar using the options button. I don't know if that also works in the EU and US versions. But it definitely does not work in high score mode. Either way I assume this is related to game credit. Also I'm not sure how that impacts continues but your score resets after a game over so my recommendation is to abuse save states while going for most of the score based trophies. But yeah this game doesn't suck but it's fairly middle of the road all things considered. It's also weird that in this game you can get drops that change your main weapon as well. Swinging around a ball and chain was neat. As far as subweapons go, holy cross brings the smack down and clock it god tier as it helps you avoid infinite respawning bats. Last thing worth mentioning is that in nearly every boss fight smaller enemies will keep on spawning during the fight. Which is cheap and lame. So yeah, this game is ok. Better than castlevania the adventure. Worse than bellmonts revenge. Easier than Dracula's curse but harder than bloodlines. I got all the trophies done for this in a couple of hours and I suck. You need 30K score to be able to register on the leader board in high score mode. I just wish the price was more reasonable here. At 10 bones a peace, this is hard to justify unless you want to get every CV trophy or your are a big fan like me. But hey when isn't that the case when it comes to Arcade Archive games? Anyways those are me thoughts.
  2. This And this: See wiki article for confirmation that this is indeed a castlevania game: Should probably also be in this series: Not sure if a game can exist in more than one series at a time though. If you had to choose between the castlevania series and the arcade archive series, I think the current designation is more appropriate.
  3. UPDATE: OK so I swapped the drives between my old and new PS3. And now both drives are working again. I suspect the old drive just had an issue with the magnetic spindle. I've heard reports that sometimes these can get weaker over time and removing them and reattaching them can provide a temporary fix. I wasn't able to confirm this until I put both the new and old PS3 back together again. But my newer drive has an issue with the eject spring though. It doesn't dump the disk as fast as the old one. So I might end up swapping them back and putting in the magnetic spindle from the new drive into the old one which might be more reliable. As for why the new PS3 is miraculously starting up again? I've got no friggen clue. Maybe it was just dusty or something. Oddly enough the warranty seal was already voided so perhaps the old owner had done stuff to it prior. TL;DR my new PS3 is not as shreked as it used to be. But still pretty shreked. Mean while my old PS3 that was never shreked is now able to run shrek. Either way I have the platinum. But it's nice to know that eventually I'll be able to play Castlevania Lords of shadow #1 which never saw a digital release.
  4. Update #2 electric boogaloo: Ok so I'm super glad I just marathoned shrank because now the PS3 with the working disk drive seems to be completely wrecked. While playing some castlevania HD the video just stopped and now I can't see any video when it's switched on. Yep I definitely won't be able to write a guide for this game. Shrenk killed my new PS3
  5. Ok now to give the game some credit. It is competently made for what it is. A co-op puzzle brawler. There was careful thought put into it. The puzzles were interesting. I just wish the combat had a bit more depth. I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time. I had fun overall. Even if my intentions were to do this for the memes
  6. Ok so I had to buy another PS3 to play this game. My old one's disk drive just died. The new one's drive isn't far off by the looks of it. The first few times I tried to load up the game the PS3 glitched out like crazy. So I did what any sane person would do when they got this beautiful game finally working. I marathoned the whole thing. Played for 10 hours straight. Sleep be damned! Sorry friends, but it looks like you'll have to rely on 10 year old guides from other sites. Some useful guides I followed are: Redacted (sorry apparently we aren't allowed to link to guides on other sites). I don't want to get banned. I will say that the trophy descriptions are fairly self explanatory in this case. The guide can help clarify what item upgraded to prioritize and the locations of some tricky treasures etc but yeah have at it. Sorry I am not stronk enough to provide a truly modernised guide that would do papa Shrek and this beautiful masterpiece justice. But my PS3 is weak, it could barely handle the power of Shrek long enough for me to get the plat. Let alone to record footage and do screen captures for the treasure locations. Happy hunting friends. Happy Shrek. Shrek is love, trophies is life!
  7. UPDATE So I've played the game now. Here's my thoughts. This is an FMV game where you just make choices and the story continues. You can think of it as a very basic visual novel in some ways. So there is music in the game that doesn't sound half bad and isn't ear grating. Like the musicians knew what they were doing. This is probably the most enjoyable part of the game. The non musical segments are bad. At times laughably bad. Which I guess is the point? I know people tend to find things to be so bad it's good when the creator sets out with genuine intent to make something good when the end result is otherwise. This is definitely not the case here. They seem to have set out to make something cringey and low budget and that's exactly what these segments come off as. But it's not painfully unfunny. It's just unfunny for the most part. It did make me laugh at the absurdity of the situation I was in. Like a "oh what am I doing? This is so stupid? Haha awkward" kind of way. Perhaps alcohol and a few friends might make this better. That being said it wasn't really boring. As trying to make sense of this bizarre plot kept me mildly entertained. The quality difference between the musical and non musical segments is honestly jarring. The audio quality is even better. Perhaps a different group of people worked on the music for the game. That could explain why the alien has a masculine sounding voice in the song and is voiced by the female lead in the non musical segment afterwards. Guest talent is mentioned in the credits so that could be what it's referring to. AFAIK no names are given for the creators of the songs so who knows? Either way I don't really want to stir up controversy over that, it was just something I noticed and wanted to mention. I think it's ok to hire talent for that if you need to and if it was in their contract not to be credited to the songs then that's fair enough. Who's honestly to say without more context? Do I regret my purchase? Hmmm... It was a $6 platinum. The game offers about 1 hour worth of content. I did laugh a couple of times. The music is genuinely not awful. It's unfunny but not painfully so. It was definitely unique. That's for sure. I didn't hate it.... So if you are in the market for a cheap easy platinum but don't want to have the Cat D or turbo burrito on your list but would rather experience something unique then wait for this to go on sale. It's regular retail price is $20. Which is not worth it. At $6, it is comparable and I'd say better than turbo burrito. Still bland but a unique and slightly interesting kind of bland. Do I think this deserves as much hate as it got in this forum? Everyone has a right to their opinion. Fake reviews is bad. But the game itself seems harmless enough when it's priced fairly. I don't think it really mocked any marginalised groups, was culturally insensitive or made use of harmful stereotypes. But I could have missed something and if I have I sincerely apologize. So yeah 4-5/10 when priced at $6, 3/10 when priced at $20. For reference, the burrito is like 1/10. That is just cynical transactional garbage that has literally no intention of entertaining you. At least Totally Normal Journey tries to entertain you. Again just wanted to reiterate I don't support the behaviour of what the developer has allegedly done. My intention here was to review the game on its own merits and separate the art from the artist. I'm not here to defend anyone. This was just my experience. My opinions are my own. I'm not a robot. I'm 28 years old and my favourite colour is blue. I hope you all have a wonderful day
  8. Yeah I already purchased. TBH my curiosity has its limits and I think those limits are spending more than $7 AUD on a meme(?) game 😉
  9. The fact that a game or series of games illicited that much of a response from steam, certain individuals and the developers... Makes me actually want to play it for myself. Yes it might might shovel ware, yes it might be awfully crafted and hot garbage. Who's to say? I haven't played it yet. But even a bad awful game that was made with some creative intent, is better than the transactional garbage like the jumping burrito turbo edition. Where every week 10 - 20 new lists pop up. Maybe this will be something different. Still probably bad, but at least it will be different bad that is clearly worth talking about... I mean why else are we here? FWIW I'm in no way supportive of fake reviews or any of the other things the developer has allegedly done. But I'm going to separate the product from the producer and see for myself.
  10. I actually had to buy another PS3 because shrank broke my original ps3's disk drive. For the past few months I've been saying as soon as I've platinumed all the soulsborne games I will play it. I'm now very close to being finished with Elden Ring which is the last one on my list. So my profile is about to get shreked
  11. I think the site owner and the mods have a right to have their vision for what the site is and the level of quality the information presented on said site fully realised. If they want to have curated and carefully informed completion timings rather than democratically and easily gamed voting based values, then they are allowed to do that. It's their site. This topic has been raised before and they have decided against it. You have a voice, they have listened and said no. That's all their is to it. If there's a feature that's important to you that's not available here. With all due respect, you can always go elsewhere for that information. I think the idea that PSNP is meant to be the trophy website that's all things to all people is a bit unhelpful. Different trophy tracking websites have their own strengths and weaknesses that align with the vision of the respective site owners. For example, the rarity based trophy scoring and friend based leaderboards are some really awesome features that are available on true trophies. These are things I'd love to see available on PSNP but I can appreciate that the site owners have not implemented these features for various reasons. I may not agree with those reasons but I can appreciate that neither of our views are purely objective on these matters and am willing to respect our differences. Yes you may have seen an alternative approach that works somewhere else. But that's not definitive proof that it's objectively better. Different approaches have their own merits which I think is worth considering and appreciating at times like this. Happy hunting and all the best 🙂 TL;DR we live in a society.
  12. I think those get a bit of a pass because they aren't 1/10 in difficulty and take 3-20 hours to complete. But I guess by that logic the assassin's creed games and any ubisoft open world could fit into this category. I think there's an underlying assumption in that by EZPZ the OP means grubby plats/lists that are effectively pay to win from a leader board perspective that offer little intrinsic value beyond that.
  13. I'm with the mods on this one. Voting is really subjective and I think it's more valuable to weight opinions based on the expertise of the person involved. The guide writer is that person. There is already a comment option on guides where readers can offer feedback to the author on matters such as this. I have used people's feedback to adjust the timing on my guides. As for difficulty, I have advocated for a guide to be written about certain factors that can influence a difficulty score with references. I think there is still value in something like this to provide useful suggestions on how to rank a games difficulty. As much as I love democracy, I think this is one of the areas where it may not be directly applicable.
  14. I mean 300 hours if you don't use backup saves to see all the endings in one playrough. For most people this will be an 80-100 hour play. Less even with optimised builds. Like I get it, you sound like you like to do a blind playthrough first before you look at the trophy guide. That's fine and all. But come on mate, you can't have it both ways. Either have a semi spoiled run and use back up saves or play this magnificent game for 300 hours. As for missable stuff I think this is one of the more lenient souls games. Compared to DS3 requiring NG++ and DS 2 with all those gesture NPC quests that were very easy to fail at I think this is a relatively straightforward souls list. Some are even saying this is one of the easiest souls games. With the stake of Marika's you don't even have to skum save to avoid runbacks most of the time.
  15. GOTY21 Castlevania Advance Collection Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Trophy Guide Castlevania Advance Collection Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Gameplay Guide Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinoob Toy Story 3 - The Collector & Gold Stars Guide by Lil-Gameboy123 DLC Guide Aliens: Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted DLC Trophy Guide by NCSFan001 Descenders - The Grand Tour DLC Trophy Guide by Arcesius-7 Retro Enthusiast Dante's Inferno - EA Community Trials Guide by Mertkaykay and coregamer1998 Dirt 2 Trophy Guide by Berendsapje New-Age Enthusiast Dirt 5 Trophy Guide by OverlordofRacing Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Original Content Alan Wake Remastered Trophy Guide by FIDO1337 Tormented Souls Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Formatting Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Windbound Trophy Guide by Trapswitch