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  1. Hi friends,

    I've recently got into guide writing and was wondering if anyone has started working on a trophy guide for this game. While the spider man games are notorious for being "straight forward" platinums that require little help from a guide, I think there are a few trophies in this list where a guide could be useful. For example, where and how to farm the 100x combo (there's a couple of tricks you can do to make this a cake walk), and where to farm the take down trophies.

    Has anyone started working on a guide for this game? If so I'm happy to help collaborate on this and ease the load.

    Otherwise, I can start writing the guide and add any people who want to contribute.

    Keep me posted


  2. Hi friends,

    I have a trophy guide for this game that waiting for review staff. Currently I've got the difficulty set to 4/10 and a time to platinum of 10 hours. Does this seem reasonable?


  3. 4/10

    The trophies that people may consider the most difficult are:

    Sniper: While your mileage may vary on this one, if you follow a guide and stand in the right spot on the balcony you should be able to get this fairly difficulty.

    Two by two, blue on blue: This one takes a little bit more setup and you may fail this multiple times. Though again if you follow a guide and have a solid plan you should be able to get this after a few tries.

    Pushing the Envelope: If you leave this trophy to last, you should know where all of the roof cavities and vents are. These will allow you to avoid most of the supervisors throughout the game. For those few times where you do need to take some out, hold a sharp object in one hand, fire a portal behind them at point blank range and you should be able to get the kill without needing to be super accurate. As for Adam in the last level, if you follow a guide and lock him in the power room, it's a cake walk.

    Overall, I didn't have too much difficulty with this game. If you play smart, you should be able to get this platinum without too much stress. The skill based trophies aren't too difficult. Hard mode isn't that hard.

    I've actually got a trophy guide that is waiting for review.


  4. Hey friends,

    I've got a guide for this game awaiting review. While most of this game is straight forward there are few quirks like how to get the not missable trophies after finishing the story, acing the Ryerson shuffle and becoming a graffiti legend.

    Currently I've put the difficulty as a 4/10 and a time to plat as 10 hours. Normally I would refer to the trophy difficulty poll on playstation but there are only two responses on that poll.

    Do these values seem reasonable?