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  1. Why cry about one freakin' trophy? Just redicilous.
  2. I agree with you. Most important thing in game is that it works without fear of crashing and huge bugs. Mafia 2 has crashed many many critical moments when it definetly should not. On top of that they didn't do much for graphics. Graphics are just terrible! Compared to Mafia 1 remaster the first one was remastered beautifully and all worked smoothly and nice. I think that they just got tired with remastering Mafia 2 and cutted pretty much all corners they could cut. It's quite odd that the original PS3 version worked like a train without any huge problems.
  3. You are right, but the award is not misleading in any way. Thinking with common sense, changing the team will of course invalidate the previous changes. This is the case in almost every driving game where cars, motorcycles, etc. are tuned. Even in real life, a driver can't take the development work done on the engine, aerodynamics, etc. with him to the next team.
  4. I don't think they are annoying. At first I didn't like that idea at all but later I started to enjoy watching junior races and the system is quite rewarding too. Of course for those who wants to get all right now it seems annoying when you can't get platinum in few hours or so. There are alot games where you can get platinum in one sitting. It seems like people don't have patience anymore. It shows everywhere we look.
  5. I do agree with you. This game is fantastic! It has great controls, it has really good sound world, good story, it's easy if you want it to be, it's quite challenging if you want it to be and it's entertaining. Even if it's got pretty rough graphics, it doesn't matter at all. It's a great example of spot on-game.
  6. Yeah, it truly is. I've always felt that Spa is one of the hardest tracks to drive but this game tought me that I can handle it quite well after all. It just needs a good focusing.
  7. Hello, I'd advice to choose Bentley 2018 for this trophy and just drive and adjust setups. Firstly I'd lower ABS and Traction control as low as you can hanle it. Also getting aero right is important.This took me about twenty laps to complete. I'm not any kind of PRO and I'm playing with a gamepad but I can share my setup which I managed to archive this if it helps you?? Ok, we are not talking about archieving the track under 2:25. Forget what I wrote.🤭
  8. No, it's kinda moire effect especially in the grass, bushes and trees. It shows basically all over the place in cockpit view but no with other driving views, not even in dashboard view. No other game has showed that kind of faulty patterns. I can't explain it otherwise but it's really annoying. It bothers me because I like to play in cockpit view in generally.
  9. I'm asking about weird pattern on the wind screen when you are driving with inside camera. It's strongest when driving Swedish stages. Have someone else noticed this? I didn't notice it in PS4 version.
  10. In my mind WRC10 is easier to drive with controller than WRC9. It very much depends which car are you driving. That difference is huge woth different cars. I had trouble to find good settings too but managed to find those eventually. Now driving feels actually quite enjoyable. At first I thought that this game was designed to the wheel only but you really can manage with conrtoller too. It just takes time to learn it.
  11. What do you think of this game? Did it made you think about things more than another games? Does it come to your mind often even if you haven't played it a while? Do you think that games can effect to your acts and how? I'm asking these things because it really had me thinking how other acts influences to other. Some acts and happily most of them are good but then is wars and other bad things that tells that we are actually too selfish. I started to play this right before the Russia attacked to Ukraine. When the attack happened I started to think about this game. The game (and of course the war hits me like a train. I'm sad, a bit stressed and angry how brutal we can be. Hope you understand what I'm saying.
  12. I'm struggling with this too. I chose the easiest setting but the driving is still way too difficult for me. I don't know if driving steering wheel handles but with the pad the car handles very bad. Even if I have tried to adjust the setting, nothing works. It's just sad how a good game series have managed to spoil the whole thing or is this series nowadays just for pro drivers only?
  13. Hey there. The ten hour trophy is not cliched. It takes about 3 hours to play. Ten hours is the game time, not a real life time. Just don't use the caravan at all. 👍
  14. Ok so I'm not stupid or totally blind. There's just not same options that PC gamers have so this is just garbage. You wrote that you have already written about these problems and nothing changes so there's no point for me to write Kunos anymore. So this developer just don't seem to care. They just keep on pushing PC games to consoles and rips whole games to almost unplayable. This could be interesting game IF it work properly and options were better. I'll try to play it with the options that I have now even there's nothing to adjust the way I want.
  15. I've googled this a long time and all writings seems to lead to PC topics. Where I can adjust inside FOW? Another camera adjustments would be nice to find also. I've searched and searched but I can't find nothing. This game has very strange menus overall. Button configurations are poor. It would be nice to set turning head left and right to right stick but it's not possible. Already I'm sick of this and I've not even started to play this properly. 😲