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  1. For the Master of the Arts trophy you have to buy all weapon arts from Argo. They will unlock while progressing through the story. All together cost around 3-4milion credits if I remember correctly. But if you have enough money you can buy all of them together, which unlocks the trophy, and close the game. This way you don't spend the money. I did not have enough time to grind for the other trophy yet, but here is what I plan to do: You need a combination of 100 skills and gadgets. You can buy around 15-20gadgets at the shop(I am not sure if more are available elsewhere with a higher skilllevel, but these are the ones I found). For the rest you have to have learned the skills at the same time. As there are only around 60-70 unique skills. You have to unlock rank 2 (or 3) of a few skills (for rank 2 you need 50% proficiency in the rank 1 skill). This step can be done while leveling the weapon proficiency. To unlock all the skills you need enough SP, which you can for example obtain by exchanging medals in the lobby. That's at least what I discovered so far:)
  2. Is your arfasys also rank4? Or did you just forget to mention her? You listed all other 18 characters and there are a total of 19 characters you have to rank up. The Proof of Friendship trophy requires you to watch all the events (minus the bedroom scenes I think), but I don't know why Yui is listed in the description. Eventually she has one event together with Asuna? The Best Friends Forever trophy should unlock as soon as you hit rank4 with your 19th character. Edit: Ok good to know that you also have to do that quest. Congrats for the 2 trophies^^
  3. Yui is not a playable character (at the moment at least^^) and will not be on your friendlist, so you don't have to raise her affection (because there is none xD). The last member who will be added to your friendlist is Bazalt Joe. I can't remember when exactly, but it is very late in the story. Just remember to watch all events of the characters (the green symbols on the map) and you should get an item from your arfasys which allows you to unlock the true ending. Note that even if you fulfill all conditions for the true ending you won't always get the item:/ it is a little buggy. But after you beat the game you can rewind time and return to 20-30min near the end of the story(while keeping your progress). You can do everything you are missing for the true ending at this point. And hopefully you will get the charm/item from your arfasys after you rewind time. I did not get the item when I was there in ng+ so i finished the game a second time, went back in time but still no item. After I restarted the game a few times and changed the difficulty level I finally got the item. You have to beat the final boss 3 times for all trophies so it is not that bad if you miss the true ending the first time (I would even recommend to miss it the first time from a plotwise point of view). As long as you choose "rewind time" after the credits it will be fine, but if you choose "return to titlescreen" you will have to start ng+ and won't be able to go back:/
  4. You have to raise everyone's affection to rank 4, except characters that were added later and dlc characters. At the moment that would be everyone except the 4 Alternative GGO characters: LLENN, Fukaziroh, Pitohui and M, as they were added in patch 1.02. In addition you have to raise the affection of the 5 Fatal Bullet original characters to rank 4 +75% (for all other chatacters 4 with 0% is enough). I don't know if there is a more efficient way, but by reviving a character you gain 5% of the current rank (60revives from 1 to 4, after rank 4 it gives a bit less %). I went to the Gatekeeper boss on extreme difficulty and put my party members on stand by. With this method I was able to get around 5-10revives per minute.
  5. It instantly "omega prestiges" the heroes. Which is basically prestiging with more benefits (Details can be found here). And it unlocks the synergy buffs immediatly. But I don't know if it works for the two prestiging trophies, which would be nice.
  6. Yes you can equip an artifact at level 1. This works for sure for you second character, but I do not know if it is unlocked with no lvl60 character, but I think so. Leveling a character from 1-60 gives you around 30-40million exp which is a nice start. Oh and the trophyguide on this is outdated regarding the exp you need for the artifact, you need around 160million less than what is written here. While playing you can have 5 boosters active all the time. You can use the triple booster where you also boost credits drop and shield supply crate(contain high quality equip, so the leveling becomes quicker). For every hero you get to level 60 you get permanent buff of 10%exp (up to 100% for 10heroes). But this is actually added to you overall counter, so 200% from boosters and 100% from characters gives you 300% bonus exp. Here is the nice part about it: you can omega prestige 4 heroes(Jean Grey, Storm, Psylock and I can't remember the fourth one xD), by buying an item from the shop, it is in the tab "Omega". So you can instantly start with +40%. For the actual leveling. I just rushed through the story, clearing every treasure room and boss scenario room, and ignoring every enemy, except the ones you have to. It took me 2-3hours depending on the character and I was finished after story chapter 6 or 7. And I can only recommend Iceman as he is extremly powerful both defensive and offensive.
  7. Is anyone working on a SAO: Hollow Realization guide at the moment? (I could not find it under the needed or wip lists) If not I would be interested in writing one as my first guide.
  8. Hey, I had no luck (yet) with farming the pure bladestone, if somebody could trade me one, I would really apreciate it! If anyone needs one of the other stones, feel free to message me. (EU, Soul Level 211, PSN-ID: Xamaine) Edit: Only 32 kills later, I got the stone:D