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  1. Use the app called “PS remote play” on iOS or Android to act as controller for your main account. Use two or more alternate accounts on the PS4 with your physical controllers. Now that I think of it, you could probably use a vita instead of a phone, if you have one.
  2. I just used the PS4 edition disc method to get the editions button and I definitely had to deactivate my main (this) account to get it to work. Once I did that my dummy account had the editions button and I was able to do split screen public matches to get dlc 2&5 trophies. I only have 2 controllers, but was able self boost by using remote play as a third controller
  3. If anyone still checks this thread, feel free to add me. I don’t have too many multiplayer vita games at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind having other vita fans in my friend list to see what others are playing and discover new games.
  4. April 2021 and online trophies still work. I questioned my sanity and why I trophy hunt going for the completionist trophy; my only advice for those reading this thread it to break it up over small sessions while watching TV.
  5. I was just online a few minutes ago. Published a level and played a level with someone to get the 2x bubbles. Maybe the server was only down temporarily?
  6. I just bought it from the NA store. It could be that it was removed from your PS plus list; I’ve seen reports of that happening. You could try and restore licenses on the PS4 and see if that works, since it was cross buy.
  7. I love the fast loading times and the controller. The games feel more immersive with the haptic feedback in the controller and for games like Demon's Souls, getting back into the action after your 200th death makes it the game a more enjoyable experience. 😀