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  1. I just went to Walmart like a week ago. They had a couple of copies of the game on that shelf with a bunch of different PS4 games. I remember seeing them. Hopefully your local Walmart has some too!
  2. I have no issue with that. I feel like developers shouldn't be forced to put a PS5 game on the PS4.
  3. That's a win for the fans. They will probably try doing the same thing in a couple of years. I like buying my games physically, but I am glad to hear they changed their mind after backlash. I guess thats shows they listen to the fans!
  4. That makes sense. I was wondering why there was a spike in platinums for this game.
  5. Considering that this year doesn't include a really grindy trophy, it should be pretty easy!
  6. I'm a huge fan of the GTA series. I really want this plat. If you are a fan of the series then go for it.
  7. Dang, you must be a hardcore trophy hunter to do that. It does help that a lot of PS5 games out right now are upgrades/remasters of PS4 games, so you can just upload your PS4 save and it will auto pop all of the trophies. But I still think it is impossible.
  8. TLOU 1 is tied to be my favorite game (besides GTA San Andreas). This remake doesn't make any sense to me. Why can't they just remaster it for PS5?
  9. Honestly, I think TLOU Part 2 is over rated
  10. Hey guys so I talked to a moderator about the unobtainable trophy for GTA 5. They said that if I earned that trophy, it would be eventually flagged and the game will be whitelisted. Which I think means that it won't count toward the leaderboard. I would assume that this would apply to the Big Leagues trophy.
  11. I like the cast so far. I hope to god this is a good show. It would have been really cool if they got Hugh Jackman to play Joel. But we don't always get what we want.
  12. Personally, I'm not for stacking so I buy all my games on PS5. Unless it is a game that I like a lot and I want to platinum it twice. But you can do whatever you see fit!
  13. I love the Arkham games, so I don't really mind do all of the dlc stuff. I hope that I can do Origins in like the next month so I don't have to worry about the servers for that game going down.
  14. Wow, that's one way to put it! If I am going to do the game, I'll have to do it soon because it is only going to get harder like fall guys.
  15. Loved this game. Hopefully, they make a sequel!