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  1. Unbelievable.
  2. Very impressive!
  3. The trophy guide on this site for AC Valhalla states 100 hrs for completion, but that was prior to the latest DLC being released. The DLC that was released in 2022 added 60 more skill point requirements raising the cap necessary to get the first mastery point (535 skill points to be exact) That was the last trophy I needed and explains why it took me longer to plat. Overall, Valhalla is very easy, it will jist monopolize all of your free time lol. Nothing in this game was difficult. I have not played Origins or Elden Ring yet, but I’m sure others can chime in who’ve played them all.
  4. Viking Legend (Platinum) It took me 128 hrs and I enjoyed every minute of it! Looked stunning on the PS5 on 4K when I was collecting the 784 various items and activities scattered throughout this ginormous sandbox. Settled for the 30 fps during this Quality graphics setting because I really wanted to immerse myself in the gorgeous details; from the vista views to the vivid foliage, there is a lot to marvel at. During the story missions, I would revert back to 60fps since those missions were more combat-focused. I noticed a huge difference with the higher frame rate, especially when you’re raiding villages. Overall, I really really enjoyed getting this plat. Halfway down this journey, I thought I would want to take a break after getting the platinum. Nope! I’m already dialed in on Season One’s DLC and still can’t stop thinking about it.
  5. As of last night, the trophy is still glitched. May someone please post on this thread when Ubisoft has fixed this? I’ll do the same.
  6. Completionist All The Way! (Silver) 784 total items and activities to collect/complete. I had my eye on this trophy from the moment I started so that I could intermingle these tasks with the story missions. Highly recommend doing that to add diversity to the Valhalla experience. I would’ve felt semi fatigue if I waited to do this trophy towards the end. One more trophy to get the Platinum!
  7. Naive question, but does your argument pertain to the Royal edition as well? I tried the demo of Dragon Quest 11 and I thought the turn base system was too slow and boring. I’m wondering if I need to try an action based real-time JRPG to get my feet wet first, then eventually ease into the turn base gameplay. The latest Ni No Kuni to be released appears to fit that mold, right?
  8. Nicely put.
  9. I’m doing Black Ops 2 (PS3) and AC Valhalla (PS5) at the same time. What am I thinking? 🤣
  10. Just play the level from beginning to end in one setting you’ll get it to pop. Avengers was notorious for not rewarding level-based trophies if you started from a mid-point save point.
  11. If I understand your question correctly, there are “kiosks” scattered across every levels at checkpoints. You can save and continue or save and exit at those kiosks. I don’t believe you can just hit pause and save and exit that way. The levels are not long though so it’s not a huge hassle to replay levels if you have to abruptly quit in the middle of your progress. Batman 3 was a fun plat and not glitchy compared to other Lego games, like LEGO Avengers. Avengers made you play the levels from beginning to end to get the “complete level” trophies to pop. Kinda annoying. You couldn’t just resume from a midpoint checkpoint.
  12. Assassins Creed Unity. Over 400 collectibles (294 scattered chests and 128 cockades). AC Valhalla could be a contender, but I’m only in the beginning stages of England. At least these collectibles are more entertaining and less monotonous as AC Unity’s.
  13. Black Ops II (PS3) Trophy: Mission Complete (complete 10 challenges in one mission). So, I have about 150 more challenges to go. What made me proud of this stepping stone, was the mission I achieved this on. I wanted to get the most difficult challenge out of the way for my journey to Platinum. It’s called “Karma” and the one particular challenge that gave me so much grief involves a robotic spider called “Ziggy”. You have to use Ziggy to perform a retina scan in under 60 seconds. It’s operating this machine in a tight venting system. What made it so difficult was using a ghetto generic PS3 controller since my original PS3 controllers all broke over time ☹️ This generic controller has a kind of its own and the joystick responsiveness is so painfully clumsy and unpredictable sometimes. I did this at least 20 times to finally get it done. 59 seconds too!! That means replaying the same mission and watching the same intro over 20 times because there are no checkpoints before that challenge start. I literally had a dream about passing this challenge nights before. The challenge path will probably be forever tattooed in my memories lol. So glad I never have to do that again.
  14. PlayStation Access just released a video entitled, “7 Boring Chores We Inexplicably Love in Games.” I immediately thought of Valhalla, for me personally. There’s something so relaxing, and fulfilling, like the constant striking off of a checklist, in attaining 100% in every region. From collecting all the wealth, to experiencing the diverse mysteries scattered throughout the world. At least there are fun raids to keep the action heavy in this game. I got drained towards the end of AC-Unity because most of the chests were either guarded by mundane guards or placed underground with inconspicuous access points you had to find. Just to mark one of like 400 chests (I vaguely remember how many in Unity) My point is, yes Valhalla is grindy as hell, but I think the scenery, music, and diversity still keeps me immersed. However, on the opposite side of the coin, I can see players also asking themselves, “why the #%^* am I wasting my precious time with this?” Just depends on player’s styles and preferences.