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  1. For anyone on the fence, get this game! I started it last night with my gf and we absolutely love it! It’s beautiful on the PS5, the story is captivating, and it’s refreshingly original. So glad I saw this post and went for it!
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I just started this a few days ago. It’s already a huge improvement over AC II. I’m enjoying the story too much (Act 5 so far) to be worried about the 100% synchronization, but will be cognizant of your post. Cheers
  3. Thx for the response. Looks like I’m going to re-prioritize my backlog by playing the PS Plus Extra games in my lineup first before tackling the others. Here’s a link explaining it for others who are confused like I was at first 🤣 https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/06/psa-ps-plus-extra-premium-games-removed-from-service-arent-yours-to-keep-forever
  4. So, I upgraded from Essential to Plus Extra last month and added 5 highly-anticipated games from that list to my queue. Should I rush to play those games next in my backlog with the possibility that they can yank those Extra titles off at a future date?
  5. Thanks to all that have contributed so far. A lot of good material for me to reconcile. Either way, I’m looking forward to all of these titles!
  6. I’ve never played a From Software game before, or any souls-like game. I took a leap of faith and bought the following: -Bloodborne -Dark Souls III -Demons Souls Remake (PS5) -Elden Ring -Sekiro -The Nioh Collection (PS5) I have zero experience with these types of games. I know they are going to be difficult; but I’m ready to step up my game eventually and graduate to this next level. Which one do I start to get my feet wet and why? Feel free to rank the order if you wish. Any input is appreciated from the community here. Thank you! BTW reading about world tendencies in Demons Souls is slightly intimidating because it’s confusing and obscure to me.
  7. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PS5) Completed 135 various challenges and collected 225 mini kits across 45 levels. My 7 year old son got fatigue halfway thru, so I had to grind the remainder. Currently, we have exactly 500 Kyber Bricks and need 700 more. Fortunately, those are fun to do on co-op because the game offers so much variety in terms of locations, activities, characters, and side missions. Replaying levels on free mode is always a redundant task, that’s the case with all Lego games. We did enjoy the story mode more than the previous Lego games too. A ton of boss battles, clever punchlines, and stellar graphics too (for a Lego game, right?!) This is the Valhalla of all Lego games!!! If you hate collectibles, avoid this game. If you’re weird like I am, add the new Star Wars to your resume because it’s the best one by far, especially the PS5 version.
  8. Here’s a good tip. Go a few rounds not even shooting the cannon. Just use your eyes to scan the planes for their scheduled routes. Yes, it’s fast, but they make the same paths every play thru, which means all you have to do is memorize their placements. Only when you are confident of the planes placements, should you go live and start firing. Zooming slows you down, so I only zoomed when the three large planes that enter formation appear on the screen from the right side. You can restart as often as you like, as long as you don’t progress too far on that section, so that’s a luxury! If it was a Black Ops II challenge, you’d have to start the level completely over which is hair pulling. Please don’t give up! I’m a casual gamer, so if I could pull this off, I know you can. It’s the only hard challenge and the rest are straightforward, except for some of the stealth requirements. You have some annoying collectibles but the guide on this site make it a breeze. You got this!
  9. Not confrontational at all. Well said actually. Admittedly, I get way too trophy-centric and I’ve lost the meaning of playing a game merely to enjoy it as a simple pastime activity. Definitely my loss. Returnal is a terrific example. The game looks phenomenal! It’s available on PS Plus Extra and I should engross myself in that title. I’ve been avoided it for the wrong reason and I own that due to a mental barrier that I won’t be able to plat it. I’m a casual gamer, not a “true gamer” so I don’t know what I’m trying to prove lol?
  10. Moderator: May you please move this topic under “PlayStation Network” please?
  11. I’ll start. Returnal on PS5 because the RNG with the collectibles sounds maddening. Black Ops III and IV on PS4 because Black Ops II was enough for me. I love the COD campaigns, but the Multiplayer and Zombies trophies make me turn the other cheek. What are yours?
  12. This is wonderful news! I was about to start this immediately after the Assassins Creed Ezio Collection, but this can wait until ‘23 now 👍 thanks for sharing, OP
  13. Battlefield I (PS4) Platinum +100% DLC Picked up the Battlefield 1 Premium Edition for $10 a couple months ago. It was a steal! Dogfighting, blowing up zeppelins, epic tank battles, a fascinating story line, and all the memorable MP battles make this a strong recommendation. I got my &@$ kicked most of the time when I played with randoms! Rest assured, the MP community is very friendly and the base game servers are still very active. However, the DLC servers are not. Operation-related DLC trophies take a lot of coordinating since you need at least 20 players to start. It’s like herding cats getting everyone on at the same time, especially on an international timezone, but when it goes live, it’s magical lol. I’ve met a few cool friends on this journey too. The campaign on hard is easier than COD games IMO, so it’s a good entry level platinum for beginner FPS games. Missions are diverse and the sound effects are fantastic. Definitely my favorite World War game to date.
  14. What a great idea! I’ll follow and post after I’ve accumulated some in the future