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  1. Is this trophy bugged, I've tried to obtain it a couple of times including following some guides on how to obtain. Does not appeart to unlock! I will admit that the guide was on steam for the PC version, but, unless they've changed anything it should still apply right?
  2. It’s a beautiful looking game, but after an hour of playing I have to admit it feels hollow. I think it will be one of those games I’ll dip into, but I don’t think it was worth the purchase.
  3. Just to clarify further, I believe the new HD PS5 camera will not be compatible with the current PSVR gear, which is why they have included the free adaptor for current PSVR gear. I believe the camera will be used with enhancements to tracking when and if a new PSVR headset is announced, but not 100% certain on that.
  4. Games I would love to see remastered: 1. Tony Hawks Underground 2. Metal Gear Solid 3. Mass Effect Trilogy 4. Enslaved