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  1. Thankyou! This was so simple to follow!
  2. Lots of great recommendations on here. Thanks everyone! Have a lot of research to do on these! 😁
  3. Never had a Vita. Thanks though! These are great suggestions, thanks! You just reminded me that I thought Ratchet & Clank would be right down my alley, but never followed up with getting it. I'll check its price on the store!
  4. Having trouble finding good recommendations on casual platinums. Usually, when searching those terms on youtube, you're given lists of 20 minute platinums, usually by Ratalaika Games or softeastasia. But what about just casual, fun platinums? Thinking more in the vein of the Spyro series. 10-20 hours-ish playtime, not too challenging and most importantly, solid fun games. I like to mix it up when trophy hunting, and I'm about to venture into my backlog on a time consuming platinum, so I'd like to throw in a fun simple one before taking the plunge. I bring up Spyro as an example because to me, it is the perfect definition of a casual platinum. Similar example would probably be something like Cat Quest, but the quality of those games are incomparable due to budget differences.
  5. Uh...what? There is no correlation and this is not even close to the same level. Naughty Dog released a finished, playable game despite how you feel about it.
  6. I just checked the twitter trend and literally every single top tweet is directed at CDPR. Guess I'm confused where Sony became the bad guys here for removing something (most likely temporarily) that is probably a huge pain in the ass for them and their service department right now? Edit: Damn, quite the opposite. Overwhelmingly positive feedback towards sony on this. Guess I'm not seeing the right echo chamber.
  7. What L did naughty dog take? A bunch of losers online crying about abby and sending death threats to the voice staff? PR for what? CDPR said people could get refunded through Sony without any kind of agreement with Sony. If anyone needs to be on a PR campaign for their broken shit, its CDPR.
  8. 2,141 - Teehee! Thats actually what I've been working as of late. Decided I'm not going to get any new games until I can get my hands on a PS5 so I've been tackling my backlog and seeing just how much I can increase my completion rate until then. When i first joined this site, I was at 35%. Now I'm at 43%! I'm hoping I can get to 50%+ before a restock I dont have to fight for.
  9. Final Fantasy Type-Zero I'm mainly happy I got it because this game was sitting at 1% since 2015 and I had no idea why I wasn't into it at first. I had a lot of fun with it, very refreshing for a final fantasy experience. Makes me wish they'd make a game with this battle system on next gen!
  10. Yeah, I have no problem playing games online yet PSNOW's streaming service was still absolutely shit and unplayable. I can't get better internet in my area, so its pretty pointless to me. Though downloading games however is a great feature, and I had no problem with that obviously during my time with it. But it didn't help me much because the main games I wanted to play were on PS3 and used streaming. 😐
  11. would love you to make a video guide on this! always find them really helpful 😌
  12. Really interested to see how they do the battle system with a controller. Personally, I'm really excited for it, the only thing I dont like about the original is the gameplay...😅
  13. Answered my own question, but no, saving and loading does not effect the completion trophy. But on top of that, found out that this trophy can be completely cheesed. I experimented with my X2 playthrough and used passwords to mop up every trophy, put myself at the last stage with everything unlocked with passwords, beat the boss, and the trophy popped. Haven't seen anyone else talk about it, so thought it was interesting to note. Don't know if this also applies to X1 and X3 as I played those regularly, but I'm going to assume they behave the same as they also use the password system.
  14. Specifically the “complete each game not on rookie” trophies. I saved a game and then loaded it but only realized after it’s using a password system. Does that then void the complete trophy? If you can’t just jump to the end with a password to get it, I’m assuming passwords would invalidate it even if you were loading your game?
  15. Time is definitely a major factor to me. When i think of an "easy" platinum, I'm thinking of a game that doesn't take very long with low skill level. A game can be extremely easy, but if it takes 100+ hours to platinum, I would rate it on a higher difficulty. Most recent example for myself is Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White witch. The game is super easy, any skill level can get through the story no problem. But the requirements for the platinum were such a sluggish grind, I would never recommend it as an "easy game to platinum." When filling out an alchemy list to (almost) completion involves extremely rare material drops in high volumes, yeah...that aint it.