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  1. So, assuming this doesn’t autopop?
  2. Did you really need an essay to say you won’t play the game because there’s males.😐
  3. DLC

    I agree, just wish the controls were as solid. maybe it’s just me, but square doesn’t always register, most noticeable when rolling. Most unfortunate when having to grapple. 😅
  4. #125 - Finally got my Disgaea 5 Platinum. NGL - I was SO sick of this game by the end (255 hours). I was pretty convinced I was going to leave this platinum empty but by the end of my regular playthrough, I only had two trophies left, so I felt like I owed it to see it out. If only I knew those two trophies would be another 100hour runtime Anyways - glad its over. I love Disgaea, but get burnt out when it gets to post game content. I think the next Disgaea game I play, I will promise myself not to feel the need to platinum. I had this same battle with D1 like two years ago lol.
  5. I always restart. Not really out of choice but because my aging brain has a really hard time retaining the majority of games I stopped. Jumping in is overwhelming - I have no idea where I'm with inventory, abilities, controls, plot......its just better to restart when I actually feel the desire to dedicate a play-through.
  6. I'm fine with this, curious to see how much it memorializes the current rankings. If all the people who played these games to get to the top still have those games, but they are unavailable to people who haven't, it pretty much stalls everything upward of 5-10,000 forever. Also curious if they are just mitigating their presence on the store, or if its actually an outright ban. I predict the games will still be allowed to be made and farmed, just not part of the storefront? IDK - seems very unlikely a business would restrict income (even if 1.99) on "gamer morals" alone. 🤔
  7. Right? Star ocean 4 plat is on my envy list of trophies but good god I can’t be bothered.
  8. Good, the open world in ff15 didn’t do it any favors. I also have yet to play a game that an open world complements a good narrative.
  9. I think I just witnessed a public execution 😂
  10. I’m actually really enjoying it. I’m not a fan of Fortnite and the closest I got to enjoying a BR was realm royal but this one feels much more personalizable plus I love the setting so I’ll continue playing! there’s definitely some things I’d like to see them improve on moving forward but I’m still having fun and that’s all that matters to me.
  11. I get the mindset but this implies that all failed platinums come from the same grain - someone who wants to hide an inability to achieve something. However, there are many reasons why someone would want to delete a game from the account. Perhaps there were unobtainable trophies they were unaware about. Perhaps they don't have a strong enough online connection/no friends to play online with a game that has online required trophies? Perhaps it was one of those games they played 10 minutes of and hated - but a trophy popped because they pressed start. Maybe their ex lived with them at one point and used their account and played games the owner would never touch (a very personal reason lmao). IDK - this is a feature i've wanted but kind of got over ever having. Its just not that big of a deal to me anymore. I would LOVE to be able to turn trophies off easily for games I don't want trophies to pop for though. This is a fair and reasonable assessment tbh.
  12. If they're given more liberties than some of these Disney IP's they chose for 3 then I really don't care - just make the plot and pacing good. The most disappointing thing about KH3 was all these webs of plot points were supposed to be closed this "arc," however - what we got was a game where the majority of the time/plot was spent rewatching disney movies with a lore/plot blitz in the last hour. A lot of the impact of the ending of KH3 was lost (IMO) by feeling more like a 15 minute fever dream.
  13. Really hoping the announcement doesn't come with too long of a development timeline. The potential release date leak is exciting considering the validity of the rest of the leaks, and KH3 had a lot of development team issues which caused the lengthy release. Hopefully with a dedicated team they can actually give this franchise the attention it needs. The wacky plot is one thing - how long this saga has taken place is another. I would like some kind of conclusion before I'm 60 years old. 😂
  14. Incantation based mimic with urgent heal >>>
  15. Thank you!