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  1. Skip this and play the amazing Soma instead!
  2. This looks good! The first half of the trailer seemed...weirdly stiff though. Excited to see more!
  3. Site has been extremely unusable on mobile browsers this last week. Ads seem to bug out and reveal source code, invisible ads cover the whole screen so no matter what you click you're taken to a new tab from the advertiser. 😑
  4. Yeah, I'm more frustrated at the uncertainty and no statement about the future of 6. I'd buy 6 on the switch if they flat out said it was a Switch exclusive, but I really don't want to buy the game on switch if it's coming to playstation in the future. :/
  5. Im so tired of following these stock alert accounts and never getting one. So much waiting, refreshing, and buggy storefronts. I've been trying for a month now and have given up hope. 😑 Was originally just going to wait indefinitely to get one until I can actually walk into a store and just buy one off the shelf, but my ps4's wifi receiver has gone out and I'm going crazy here. 😩
  6. The Spyro collection for sure. 3 easy platinums and a fun game experience as well!
  7. Hey y'all, just coming off of getting this time consuming platinum of this great game, and thought I'd contribute a small tip on this trophy as it seems to be the one most people have issues with. The guide on this site is mostly helpful but it seems to imply you need matching rarities to achieve this trophy. Looking at other sources online, it seems the same sentiment is shared (must have matching rarities of yoshitsuna, 3 robo suits, etc.) This is not true, and this trophy is achievable without constantly resetting waiting to steal matching rarities on multiple items. You just need to get your attack up to 3m, which can be achieved in other ways. My set up was >Perfectly leveled Yoshitsuna (gladiator + double killing item bosses technique.) > 1 Perfectly leveled Robo Suit (gladiator + double killing item bosses technique.) > LV 100 testament > LV 100 Arcadia My rarities on the Yoshi and Robo suit did not match. I used a divine majin who had been transmigrated at LV 2500 - LV 3000 ten times (which gets you a trophy as well if you didn't get it earlier.) and then raised him to LV 9999 after the last transmigration. (Apply all transmigration points to Attack each time...obviously. ) Then I went to the stellar graveyard 1 on the map with the 50% ATK tiles (i believe it's called sphere point or something?) Then, another tip that I haven't seen posted around guides, instead of going for a random enemy, create the worst level 1 Skull you can and take points out of their defense, leaving 1 DEF point. The 10M damage trophy works on friendly fire! 😷 Basically after that just go through with the strategy of casting 5 bravehearts from 5 mages on your divine majin who's placed on the +50% ATK tile, then have your Divine Majin use nightsever on your new sacrificial Skull! Voila! You should have more than 10m damage at that point (I clocked in at 10.5m!) ((also note, you need to skip the battle animation for nightsever for it to count as one hit.)) Also, if it helps, my nightsever ability was at level 20 at that point naturally. Not sure how drastic damage decreases on lower leveled skills, but if you're using your divine majin for everything post game, you should have raised that ability up with no issue after going through the grind of perfectly upgrading your robosuit and yoshitsuna. Hope this helps someone! I was stressing that none of my items had matching rarities and really didn't want to go through the grind of getting them all again, so i think it's worth noting for other people who may be in the same boat that the matching rarities and multiple robo suits are not required. 😬
  8. The trifecta! Ended up platting ratchet & clank, getting into the telltale games (seriously where have I been) and I just finished the first episode of Life is Strange. These have all been great! 😁 I totally forgot they remastered this! I platted the fourth, I played the third back in the day but this might be next on my list!
  9. Thankyou! This was so simple to follow!
  10. Lots of great recommendations on here. Thanks everyone! Have a lot of research to do on these! 😁
  11. Never had a Vita. Thanks though! These are great suggestions, thanks! You just reminded me that I thought Ratchet & Clank would be right down my alley, but never followed up with getting it. I'll check its price on the store!
  12. Having trouble finding good recommendations on casual platinums. Usually, when searching those terms on youtube, you're given lists of 20 minute platinums, usually by Ratalaika Games or softeastasia. But what about just casual, fun platinums? Thinking more in the vein of the Spyro series. 10-20 hours-ish playtime, not too challenging and most importantly, solid fun games. I like to mix it up when trophy hunting, and I'm about to venture into my backlog on a time consuming platinum, so I'd like to throw in a fun simple one before taking the plunge. I bring up Spyro as an example because to me, it is the perfect definition of a casual platinum. Similar example would probably be something like Cat Quest, but the quality of those games are incomparable due to budget differences.
  13. Uh...what? There is no correlation and this is not even close to the same level. Naughty Dog released a finished, playable game despite how you feel about it.
  14. I just checked the twitter trend and literally every single top tweet is directed at CDPR. Guess I'm confused where Sony became the bad guys here for removing something (most likely temporarily) that is probably a huge pain in the ass for them and their service department right now? Edit: Damn, quite the opposite. Overwhelmingly positive feedback towards sony on this. Guess I'm not seeing the right echo chamber.
  15. What L did naughty dog take? A bunch of losers online crying about abby and sending death threats to the voice staff? PR for what? CDPR said people could get refunded through Sony without any kind of agreement with Sony. If anyone needs to be on a PR campaign for their broken shit, its CDPR.