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  1. My body is ready for a 4k trilogy remaster haha but seriously if they said they are also having the trilogy in ios and Android, Im not really enthusiastic with the remaster.
  2. Thank you for the tips! But just to verify as long as I connect to the internet timestamps should work even if my cmos battery is dead?
  3. Ooohh I see sorry for my english. What I did was boot the PS4 which wasnt connected to the internet and my clock didnt sync. So that means my cmos battery is dead? Hence the missing timestamps? I think your second paragraph describes what happened to me! Thanks!
  4. Hello! I lost my internet connection and I was playing a game offline which is Layers of Fear. I was doing this on an alternate account and after about three to four trophies that popped I immediately looked at my trophy list and there were no timestamps! It was blank so when I tried to use data on my phone just to connect to the internet and sync, I tested to see if the blank trophies would show their time but nope it didnt show up. So basically what I did next was after connecting to the internet and playing til a trophy popped and it showed a valid timestamp. Now Im worried if my cmos battery is worn out? I was using an unregistered psn account but then used my second account to just check if the trophies still dont have any timestamps. Does anyone have any idea on this? Thanks
  5. So thats why the avatars were in my PS App! Ah delete them yes but redownload them from the psn store? Or in my download list?
  6. Dont worry! Sony changed their stance in the last minute! The PSN store is still available on the PS3.
  7. Hello all I recently bought PS Plus on my US account and I remember there were PS Plus exclusive themes on the PS3. So I tried downloading some of them but after finishing and looking at my theme sertings, they were corrupted data. So after that I tried to buy the PS Plus Dead Rising 2 avatars that were bundled for 0.99 dollars and I installed them all one by one. After that I tried to change my avatars but they werent there in my account management when I wanted to change my avatar. So I went to my PS App to see that the avatars were there thankfulky but not in the PS3. Was this a known bug before or it happened just lately?
  8. Hello this is confirmation of the guide here in PSNprofiles that when I got the third and final underground mission in the northern area the messenger trophy popped!
  9. One game at a time. I want to immerse myself fully so I can understand the lore and story of the game, If I get bored I download a game on the app store like pokemon go if the game becomes repetitive or grindy just so I can go on playing haha
  10. Nope no news of any shutdown for RDR. If they are going to shutdown RDR then Rockstar might start with GTA 4 first. But eventually they will shutdown the servers in the future so try to get the trophies early.
  11. If you dont have a switch I recommend getting Deadly Premonition on the PS3! It has quirky conversations and a horror aspect to it. Some people find the humor weird but its funny to me! Drink coffee while playing the game helps to get you more immersed haha
  12. Biggest surprise? Playing as a pirate argh matey
  13. Should I worry? I am using a ps4 phat
  14. Hey! My friend watched the old video before and she wanted to try this to lessen the time needed to level up. We got this on the third try but gave up on the $100000 mark because this method can really tire your hands. Recommend a good turbo controller. Its real they havent patched this glitch try it out! Haha
  15. First of all Im sorry for what happened to you Gudger. I checked mine right now and I can still sign in on my my PS3 Slim here on Asia.