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  1. If you dont have a switch I recommend getting Deadly Premonition on the PS3! It has quirky conversations and a horror aspect to it. Some people find the humor weird but its funny to me! Drink coffee while playing the game helps to get you more immersed haha
  2. Biggest surprise? Playing as a pirate argh matey
  3. Should I worry? I am using a ps4 phat
  4. Hey! My friend watched the old video before and she wanted to try this to lessen the time needed to level up. We got this on the third try but gave up on the $100000 mark because this method can really tire your hands. Recommend a good turbo controller. Its real they havent patched this glitch try it out! Haha
  5. First of all Im sorry for what happened to you Gudger. I checked mine right now and I can still sign in on my my PS3 Slim here on Asia.
  6. I think there are no online trophies for LA Noire in PS3? Can anyone verify it? Thanks!
  7. Yes thank you! I got The Witness for free during the days of play thing, Brothers have it on physical, just bought Oxenfree! Observation and The Last Campire will get that too thanks! Outer Wilds Im still debating about the price but checked the screenshots it looks pretty good! Pretty solid picks Doc!
  8. Got all the Deponia games so I guess my choices were right! Haha Alright Sea of Solitude noted! Thank you!
  9. Can anyone here recommend me some games that are relaxing or mysterious or just like walking simulators on sale? Also games that are point and click like ah alawar games Thank you! And no games with super hard puzzles I get dizzy just thinking about it!
  10. “SH*T MICHAEL! SAINT F*CKING MICHAEL!” Thats real raw emotion right there gotta love it!
  11. Wow! I have a US account so that means I get to keep the themes thanks!
  12. Ok thank you!
  13. My friend noticed this when we were about to play GTA 4 an hour and 30 minutes ago. Mine still worked but psn kicked/logged me out after 30 minutes
  14. Thanks to all who commented and helped but ah where can I find the words where it says they are yours to keep forever? Im looking at the description but it is nowhere to be found?
  15. Will my free PS Plus downloaded themes like in Persona 3 Dancing get locked or disappear when my ps plus expires?