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  1. I did everything I beat the players in a full table, tried to do a 1 vs 1 but the scrap for Walton’s Gang Outfit wont unlock for me need help on this I have the GOTY edition
  2. Oh before I forget if the DLC is in my downloads list via account management even if the ps3 store closes, will I still be able to download them to my PS3?
  3. Sorry to hear that but ok will check the region code too for that!
  4. Ok thank you for the very detailed answer!
  5. Hi guys! I was planning on buying DLC to get a 100% completion on this game but I only saw Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition in PSN with the DLC on it. Will the DLC work on my physical version?
  6. Hello everybody I bought Watchdogs DLC for PS3. Then when going to download I canceled it. Then I go back to the screen and it says its purchased. Now if psn closes for the ps3 will I still be able to download any game/dlc which has purchased on the side of the game /dlc? Thanks.
  7. Yeah look for the download list via account management then look at the games you downloaded and pick tales of monkey island. That should do it
  8. Did you download using your transaction history?
  9. Signed the petition just saddened that I never gotten to playing the PS3 early due to studies and work but hey at least we have xbox to thank for
  10. Hi! As we all know PS3 would be shutting down its psn servers so I already downloaded a few free themes on my PS3 But there are also hidden themes that are free as well. I found out that these games have static themes on my US account Final Fantasy X/X-2 Final Fantasy Lightning Returns Silent Hill Homecoming While Catherine has free wallpapers that you can get also. Are there any more free themes/wallpapers not listed on the free sections that I can download as well? Can you post here so I can get to downloading them thanks
  11. Will making a petition to sony make a difference?
  12. Hi this is off topic but maybe sony is trying to kill PS3 Vita and PSP stores in browsers? Yesterday I can still see dlc on games in the Ps3 whenever I log to safari on my ipad. I tried today and it redirects me to the new store? Maybe they are killing this feature than just closing the stores on the PS3 Vita and PsP?
  13. Personally ill put on my tin foil hat and wait for March 31. On April 1 I can breathe a sigh of relief if there was no announcement or anything. I just hope that the “unverified source” isnt Jim Ryan haha....
  14. Man the wait for the announcement is killing me. Well if they dont announce anything by the end of March it would mean that the rumors arent true which is a good thing.
  15. Last time when we had problems with psn going down it took them a good 3-4 days before they could address the issue. People would complain of slow or no connections but they would say that its the playstations fault you need to rebuild database without acknowledging that its psn’s fault. They really need to address this so at least we can be ready for what will happen in the future. I just started my trophy hunting for PS3 and I have a ton of PS3 games I havent touched yet.