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  1. Idk if it's just me but recently when I've been playing, the game crashes at random. Had it happen a few times, thankfully I try and save as often as possible
  2. I'm wondering why the platinum is listed as 80% of people having it, but on profiles it's not nearly anywhere close.
  3. The ranger stance makes the game significantly easier. Even on captain difficulty it was pretty easy. The game is only really hard if you use the other stance. I don't even know if you can legitimately beat the final boss without using the ranger stance
  4. I'm wondering what the minimum score is to get an S rank in the snake way course in arcade. I got 735k points before but still only got an A
  5. It's wild that someone managed to get the plat in 3 days
  6. I ended up getting the bowling trophy without even getting 3 in a row. It just randomly popped when I was playing the mini game
  7. Is it possible to beat this game without knowing any Japanese?
  8. Anyone have any tips on getting this one?
  9. This will be my first Star Ocean game and was wondering if I need to play the other games to understand this one.