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  1. PS3 Backlog Update #5 Completed/Platinum since joining event: - Assassin's Creed 3 - Assassin's Creed Revelations - Assassins Creed Brotherhood - Borderlands GTA 5 was my 1st PS3 game and I was never that interested into Multiplayer so I never even touched GTA online until the server closure was announced. Can't Plat this of course, but that's ok. Even before Run Like The Wind was off the table, the Close Shave trophy was kicking my ass so I didn't bother. Got a few more trophies here to take care of, then I'll move on to something else.
  2. So, in between waiting for my crew to send me an invite in between heist setups, I'm chilling in an open lobby and next thing I knew my cash is going up by the millions, award notifications start popping up and the Decorated trophy pops. So, the good. got a million or so in cash (Ok, nice), near unlimited snacks, ammo and armour and a bunch of completed Platinum Awards that triggered the Decorated trophy (to be fair though, I was already was on my way to getting it legit, probably had 23/24 out of 30 at that point). And I grinded for some of those too, cant believe the time I put in just to get the spinning/flipping car ones. Damn. Now, the BAD. Under the Awards/Heists tab, the Decorated award that counts the Platinums for heist setups and finales says 'Completed'. So does that mean if I get Heist Platinums, its not going to count since the game thinks I've got them done already and wont be tracking them? Id have to track it myself manually too if I were to go for it. So am I screwed? Anyone else encounter anything like this?
  3. PS3 Backlog Update #4 Completed/Platinum since joining event: - Assassin's Creed 3 - Assassin's Creed Revelations - Assassins Creed Brotherhood - Borderlands Cant even remember why I left this unfinished but I'm so glad I came back. Borderlands is still a lot of fun and it took me all of 5 minutes to get a boosting session and get 'They'll tell two friends' and about 10 minutes after that to defeat Sledge in split screen Co-op with another of my characters for my Plat to pop 😀 Moxxi's underdrome was another matter. Easy enough with my OP player but its loooooong since it takes about on average 3 hours per arena. Doable but dull. Looking forward to getting B2 done 🙂 Also, putting Birth by Sleep back in rotation thanks to some feedback by Last Judgment. Not sure if I'll finish it for the purpose of this list but will definitely get to it some day.
  4. yeah, most players would definitely still play the traditional way and clear up tiles fast but considering I got those 4 runs with like minded players in the few hours I played should indicate some players are catching on. Its rare but it will happen. Good luck on your run! 👍😀
  5. This hasn't been posted anywhere yet as far as I can tell A few games on my way to the 20 episode wins trophy and the Plat coupe of hours ago, I won some games on Hex-a-4041 just by running out the clock. Luckily there were a few sessions when enough of the players there instinctively knew that by jumping from the get go and, not running and clearing out the level quick and just staying in the upper levels for a as long as possible, eventually the game would time out and everybody wins. Happened to me 4 times. Its definitely a time out issue. one of the games gave the win when we had just reached the second to last yellow level. The others games higher up. The Slower you go the better. Most games I played still had the usual runners clearing out tiles as fast as they can so this is by no means a common thing to chance upon. Sorry that this might be bit late though since Hex is up for another day or so I guess. But if you're struggling for episode wins, this could definitely help. Not sure if you can farm this if you have a big coordinated group on Discord or whatever but its worth a shot. Happy Gaming Everyone!
  6. Nice! Kudos on you for at least trying to get this legit first before going for the glitch 👍 I had a bit of trouble with the River Styx trophy and knowing what awaited me with Warren Vidic, i chickened and just cheesed it straight away 😀🙃
  7. If you're counting only PS4 versions, then I cant be a good judge of that... there's a lot I haven't done. But if you include PS3 versions, then I would have absolutely have to say the AC Brotherhood Level 50 grind (and the bonuses trophy as well). I've done Black Flag Level 55 and Revelations on PS3 as well but its nothing compared to Brotherhood. It's really in its own league in my opinion. Dude. Sorry you had a tough time with this but I just cheesed this recently on my PS3 using the glitch 🙃 Popped myself out of the wall and just platformed myself out of bounds to the end of level. Took me 10 mins. Thank the Gods for the guys who find this kind of stuff 😀
  8. Haha yeah, that is a pain in the ass... in a really good way 😀 That looks super trippy and interesting. Nice! Thanks!
  9. Finally got Brotherhood! What a slog. That's 6 for me. Rogue is up next, not Unity like I said in my last post 😀
  10. Far : Lone Sails I was very surprised when I checked the # of owners (468)... didn't expect to be quite so low because really enjoyed this one. Bought it off the image and description alone and I wasn't disappointed. There's no Platinum though so that might be a factor. Its a unique side scroller that sees you trying to keep your massive land ship running as you journey across the post apocalyptic desert landscape. You'll be platforming in levels of the ship, keeping the different components of the ship running optimally to either keep it going at a steady pace or to solve the obstacle/puzzles the game throws in your way. It doesn't tell you how you ended up in this situation or where you're going... but that's ok. The journey itself is very satisfying. Really love the art style and the soundtrack as well. As for the trophies, easy for the most part except for 1 which is a 99 minute speedrun. You need a perfect run with very little room for error. Its tense but very doable.
  11. Haha yeah... too rich for my blood just for the sake of completion.... Just kinda have to hope for a miracle and hope for the prices to maybe come down one day... but looking at support for PS3 nowadays I really don't see that happening. But good looking out bro, Thank You! Hmmm... ok... Alright then, will definitely give this a second look then when I've got the time... Thanks for the recommendation!
  12. 'Going Up' just wont pop for me. I've tried many, many times... in the DLC, in the main game... I've even tried deleting my save data and reinstalling... No dice, Spent quite a lot of time on a fairly simple trophy with no results to show for it. Trophy hunting at its finest, right? 🙃 Ok, glitch s a wrong word to use with Black Flag. The Freedom Cry that came with my BF disc installed it as standalone game with its on trophy list which i didn't even realise until I already 100% it. Now, the PS store only has the standalone version on sale. No DLC version. Tried the HK store as well. Same problem with AC3 btw. No trace of the Tyranny of King Washington DLC at all. Scrubbed of the face of the earth apparently especially since the Remaster came out. And I read about a Turkey store exploit but its very complicated so didn't try that. And there's a money issue as well though. I love me some trophy hunting but I'm just not at a place where I'm willing to pump in more money just for the sake of completion. So there's that 😁
  13. PS3 Backlog Update #3 Completed/Platinum since joining event: - Assassin's Creed Revelations - Assassins Creed Brotherhood Oh Boy. The Brotherhood Plat was a very very tedious grind. Between the server issues and player availability, it was quite an ordeal. Yikes. And 96% is highest I can go with this thanks to a glitch. Damn. Taking the easy way out and removing Birth by Sleep from my list entirely. I think I can be honest with myself and readily admit defeat. I know my limits of time and willpower and know deep down and never going to be able to start this 😁
  14. I got mine in Fall Ball. You just have to get one of the opposing teams to have 5 balls while your team has the remaining ball. A little bit more skill based than the luck based method of Jinxed. I did get mine in Season 1 though when there were less obstacles in the way but should be quite doable with squads probably.
  15. This always makes me smile 😀