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  1. Wouldn't this work better the other way around though. Ken is the one with a red sports car while Ryu walks around barefoot all the time cause he cant afford a pair of shoes
  2. Same goes for me too. Sure, there are some, especially the multiple play through or speed run ones, that diminish the experience of the game itself if you put yourself through it. End of the day, that's my choice though. What I really like is that the trophies (and the service that sites like this provide) is a snapshot of my entire gaming history from the time I booted up my PS3. My memory is crap. There are very few specific gaming memories from my PS2 era and beyond that I can remember. But going through my trophy list gives me great flashbacks to every instant of frustration, joy and tantrums down to the very minute, Quite a big pro in my book πŸ™‚
  3. I am not a hardcore gamer. I tend to shy away from games that have a difficulty level I know I wouldn't be able to handle. Give me a mindless grind any day, or an endless, easy collectible marathon and I'm a happy camper. Very relaxing to me. No From software games for me πŸ™ƒ But as I played through Judgement, i tried Puyo very early, lost many times, highest I got was level 6 or something, got 6/10 and thought, nah, don't think I'm gonna get this so went ahead and did EVERYTHING else. Now at the end, right before the final set of missions and my profile says 99.8%. 99.8!!! Wtf. (I also hadn't finished GA labs but I knew that was doable). So I knew I HAD to give it a go. I had to. And for the next few days, that's all I did. Couple of hours at a time, with many, many breaks in between. Hit 14/15 wins a few times, got past 25 twice and was stuck at 9/10 for the longest time. The luck needed for the 3 tower method to work is most times infuriating. I would sometimes even get clobbered at the very first screen, more of than not, the bear would trash me at 7 wins or there was a lady at 11/12 win who would trash me as well. I turned my volume off after a bit because the Bear would let out a Oh Yeah moan like Goddamn Barry White when he gets a chain and utterly destroy me. but then inexplicably, on one fateful run my luck on my 3 tower drops just held up for some reason and I got up 53 wins! 53!!! I hadn't even made it past 30 at that point! So for those still trying of perhaps have given up, I offer a glimmer of hope. This can be done with the right stroke of luck. And a little bit of time, 1 or 2 hours a day with lots of breaks. My only advice is, If you haven't got your 3 stack tower fully set up and you have a pile on your left, limit your tower stack to 2 and focus on getting rid of your left before stacking to 3 again. Those few seconds are crucial. Especially against that damn Bear 😬 Sorry if this is a little long, thank you for reading and Good Luck everyone! πŸ™‚
  4. Cheesecake. Any kind of cheesecake
  5. Goat? My good sir, I would like to disagree with your inclusion of Goat in this list. Sure it has simulator in its name but rather than experiencing the joys of the Goat Life, grazing the grass, being herded by dogs and the like (sorry I don't know what goats do), I instead took the reigns of a homicidal, satanic, psychopath rage monster super goat terrorizing the populace of a poor unsuspecting city. Not exactly the Goat Life. Don't know if Farming Sim has goats? doubt you play them though. Does the Sims have a Farm animal DLC? i don't know, don't play those either.
  6. Ouch. I feel you man. Just got this yesterday. This was my last one and it took me a long while. Its the strictest time requirement out of all of them imo. Just gonna share my experience if it helps - The first turn down the tunnel going down the stairs I felt was crucial especially with the start up boost , Bumping off the walls after that heading into the big hall doesn't really affect (since you're gong fast from your initial boost anyway) - The next turn out of the big hall is crucial as well. There's a sweet spot, a perfect turn at speed you can do.... left of the pillar, out the door an straight up the steps. I recommend doing some test runs so you can get this right. - Then the shortcut though the Asian Zone, I avoided the 2 boosts right after the hall and used my own boost instead right as I got into the straight down the alley into the Asian Zone. - After that, hitting every boost (and the 2 health) should get you through. And yeah, anything 43sec and above per lap probably means you're screwed. Just restart if its not 42 or below. Good Luck!
  7. Couple of mentions of Tomb Raider and Erica which I couldn't agree with more. Spent hours upon hours in Tomb Raider running around picking and dropping off medkits. Gotta say, it was nice catching up on my movie backlog at the same time though. And by the end of the 5th, 6th play through of Erica, the 'story' became a nonsensical glorious mess πŸ™‚ Don't have the Platinum yet, but I'm currently playing Judgement. IIs my first Yakuza game so I didn't know what to expect. But I had to actually learn how to play Mahjong and Puyo Puyo is Kicking. My, Ass. Wtf πŸ™ƒ
  8. I check to guides before I start just to get a feel of what I'll be getting into, so that helps take away some of it. But.... I've been wanting to start Nier Automata for a really really long time now and have always read about how the first one hour or so is difficult and you have to restart over if you die. Which I just know is gonna happen to me at least a few times πŸ™ƒ So every time I think of starting it, I'm like nah... lets do something a little easier. Been going on for years now lol. One of these days...
  9. Lol very very late to the party but this looks like fun and at least gives me some targets to aim for. I'm not a particularly fast gamer so this is as much a challenge to myself to see how I can do. My Card!
  10. I created a 2nd User to access a different region PS Store. Left my PS3 for a while long after that. Not sure if its something I did or not when I logged back in to try and finish Force Unleashed 2. What I found was all my save files were on my 2nd User Account and missing from my original account. Used a USB and managed to transfer most of them over except for few exceptions because of copy protection, one of which annoyingly enough was for force Unleashed 2. Anyone encounter anything like this before? Are there any workarounds to get that save fie from my 2nd User because the only thing I found was a Brute Force option which Ill only try as a really last resort. More Info: When I logged back on, there was something wrong with my Main User Account. The trophies wouldn't sync due to an error and I had to reset the account. Not sure if that's relevant. Help please! πŸ™‚
  11. I for one have got to say am a little bit disappointed at the outcome of this thread. There was a topic a from a while back from a guy who was trying to fix a leaky pipe in his house and we all learnt the ins and outs of the plumbing industry that day. Incredible As a simple consumer of your average run of the mill sliced loaf of bread, I was hoping to learn more of nuances and intricacies of the types of bread I've never had from my favorite trophy hunting site, but that was not to be. Still, bread puns are a nice consolation. Nice! πŸ˜‚
  12. Driving games are not exactly my jam. So NFS sits quietly in my library, unplayed and forgotten. But PS Plus gave me Dirt 5 as well which I impulsively gave a shot at after watching some gameplay. To my surprise, it was fairly enjoyable and I got a not too difficult Plat out of it. So give Dirt 5 a shot before you give up on a whole genre dude. If I can drive into walls every 2 minutes, still have fun and still get away with a Plat, anybody can! πŸ™‚ My only problem with these PS plus games is my % suffers. Ill be waiting a long time for these DLC's to go on sale before I can 100% this and Shadow of the Tomb Raider 😁
  13. Oh God. Uncharted. Played those on PS3 years ago so all the sections just blend together now but one section in particular I remember vividly. Its an enclosed underground chamber of some kind, enemies from all sides and some from a ledge above. And the barricades you can hide behind just get shot through so you cant stay in cover. I think its Uncharted 2. Horrible.
  14. @AJ_Radio brought up Doom's nightmare difficulty I'd like to offer up something similar. Rise of the Tomb Raiders Score attack. I enjoyed my time with the story mode but take away that context and it takes all the joy out of it. And I'm not great at that kind of precision anyway which means I had to use a videos to guide me through. Watch video, pause, play, rinse, repeat. Yikes. Playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider now and expect much of the same with the Challenge Tombs. Double Yikes. Same goes for Days Gone and the Challenge Modes. Enjoyed my time with that story as well. But where RotTR Score Attack was doable with the guides, these Challenge Modes seem damn near impossible for me 😁
  15. This is my experience with Assassins Creed Black Flag on PS3. The Freedom Cry DLC that came with my BF disc installed it as standalone game with its on trophy list which i didn't even realise until I already 100%. So i've got a 100% entry for Freedom Cry and an Incomplete Black Flag entry because there's a Freedom Cry list in there as well! Now PS stores have scrubbed that DLC and only the standalone is purchasable. An option for is the Season Pass (for however long it's still available) but that's too pricey for me. So yeah. They have the option to release DLC's as standalone but I'm guessing that would take away from their sweet sweet season pass profits πŸ˜€