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  1. This has been a fascinating experience. I did not expect be taken on a journey today of someone's adventures on the road to fixing a leaky shower while casually browsing through trophy hunting forums, but here we are. The end is near. May your showers leak no longer, my friend.
  2. RustyBacon13, Pimp my Sidearm 😎
  3. PS3 Backlog Update #2 Completed since joining event: - Assassin's Creed Revelations
  4. Signing up! Just got the Plat for Revelations so well into Disciple territory. Also, have the Freedom Cry standalone. Going to try and finish Brotherhood, then get started on Unity & Syndicate. My Plats: - AC 2 (PS3) - AC Revelations (PS3) - AC 3 (PS3) - AC Black Flag (PS3) - AC Unity And the Freedom Cry standalone (PS3)
  5. Yeah, this glitched for me as well. Didn't know about chapter replay method so I just did it in the open world. Must have shot like 50+ deer before it finally popped. No idea if the game was trying to send me a msg or what. Just keep slaughtering those deer, should pop eventually πŸ™ƒ
  6. I don't generally play a lot of Multiplayer but on a recent run to Plat this, one of the players gave me a gun with an electric mod and what seemed like 9mil ammo or something ridiculous like that. I know you have firearm mods and I understand that much but how do you get the ammo count to max out that high? Is this something you can do in Multiplayer/Arena later? Again, I've only played a bare minimum of this for the trophies so I was quite surprised getting this gun. On a related note, doesn't this make the Arena trophies relative easy though? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm assuming that having a one hit kill weapon with pretty much as much ammo I can waste would make Arena a cakewalk? Can any of you confirm this? Also, it sucks that I can't share my new found toy from my low level character that I only used to get to Act 1 with my Level 50 character that I finished the game with. Sucks. πŸ˜’
  7. Hey there... Where did you see the DLC being sold? Was this on the US Store? Just thought I'd see if I could clear some of my PS3 backlog but I cant seem to find this DLC anywhere? there seems to be support for every other AC game except 3 since the remastered came out. it seems to have been scrubbed from existence. Cant find an answer about this anywhere. πŸ˜’
  8. Completely forgot to post my progress, but finally my First Update! Having avoided MP all these years, pleasantly surprised to find it was quite more manageable and less hassle than I thought it would be. Glad I decided to do this! Here's to a few more forgotten Plats I've left for far too long πŸ™ƒ AC3 is probably the best i can get it to though, as the DLC doesn't seem to exist anymore πŸ˜’
  9. I was quite surprised to see this in my ultra rare list as well. I'm not great at fighting games but the option to save the game and keep continuing as long as you have enough FM to keep going makes this quite tolerable. And there's more than enough FM to splurge with once completing the easy survival runs. i did with Birdie and even though my combo skills are deplorable, the ever dependable heavy jump attack and the follow up and his very easy to catch V skill special got me through to the end without much hassle. Maybe this was harder when the game first came out, but surprising more people don't have this since it was free on Ps Plus. I'm guessing the initial batch of players never revisited this since its launch.
  10. My 2 minor gripes 1. Forced animal cruelty The 'Shoot 15 deer in the heart' trophy seriously glitched out for me. I must have shot 40-50 deer at least, fast travelling from spot to spot, roaming the map over and over chasing this trophy. I'm not sure why the game did this to me or if I was doing something wrong, forcing me to spear innocent deer through the heart in the vain hope that this time, maybe this time, this final deer will the last one I have to mercilessly slaughter. It seemed to take forever. Add that to multitude of cute little bunny rabbits I poisoned or set on fire and I was seriously questioning this game's agenda after a while. Thank Zeus that the squirrels didn't offer hides so they were spared at least. Didn't feel bad about the bears though, cause, you know, they're bears. Wait, why am I affected by the butchering of video game wildlife again?πŸ™ƒ 2. Shock Attack or the never ending debate of trophy completion vs. game enjoyment I've really enjoyed these past 2 TR games (haven't played Shadow yet). Narrative and Gameplay, really satisfying for me. But Score Attack is a real bummer though imho, Essentially making you play the entire game again with focused objectives without a narrative to tie it together. Seems kind of stress inducing. I've only played 2 so far so i could complete the Baba Yaga DLC but I'm dreading the thought of doing another 24 of these while trying to get a max score for the trophies. I love my open world games, I'll run around, picking every possible thing up, cleaning up every trophy I can get on the way and on more than one occasion, have gotten the last trophy of the game and the Plat at the same time. Fun!. This, not so much fun. Not sure why the Score Attack wasn't a DLC and a separate trophy list 😐 3. Blood Ties Not sure about anyone else but I really, really enjoyed this. It's pretty much a glorified story mode but it really fleshes out Lara and her parents story. Outstanding voice acting all round. Very well done I thought ☺️ Thanks for reading! Happy gaming everyone!
  11. Have you played the Baba Yaga DLC yet? There's a fair bit of coin throughout the whole campaign. And as the link above suggests, lots of houses in the Lost City has stuff everywhere. Last one, but a bit of a longshot, looting enemies sometimes nets you coins as well. I've noticed The Deathless more often than the usual grunts. You could grid enemy encounters if all else fails. All in all, 36 coins shouldn't take too long. Good luck!
  12. Lol, yeah she's usually the first one to go, deservedly so. So as soon as I've got enough points, I restart to make sure i get her. Since she never has to get up close and personal, I pretty much keep her for the rest of the game. Oh and if I cant get her, my second choice is Bossk. Those grenade launchers are super fun and equally as devastating when used correctly.
  13. I would second Iden Versio as well. Just using her primary weapon together with its alternate fire, as long as you don't let it overheat, you can pretty much have a very consistent rate of fire. I wouldn't even touch her Pulse Cannon, her primary is so devastating. There a few chokepoints too. A notable one is the Jabba's Palace tunnel (the last Command Post). Massive kill count once you know how to use her. At times like those, there is no more grind. Just pure, fun, mass slaughtering of rebel scum at it's finest. Helped me level up super fast too.
  14. Just finished the 1st Deponia game. Fun game and an easy Plat in a single playthrough but just have a quick look at the guide because there are 2 puzzles that have to be done correctly on the first try. Havnt tried the next 3 Deponia's though.
  15. Nice! Thanks! πŸ‘